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What is Engineering Data Management (EDM)?
An information system that maintains the details of all engineering data while the product is in the design and concept phase.
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2014-12-18 What's hot at IEDM 2014?
The 2014 International Electron Devices Meeting proved that Moore's Law is still alive. The event was a victory lap for Intel, which gave more details on the 14nm finFET process.
2005-09-27 Strained silicon to take IEDM spotlight
With high-k dielectrics apparently delayed beyond the 45nm node, this year's International Electron Devices Meeting will focus on second-generation strained-silicon techniques as the main pathway to faster transistors.
2005-12-09 NEC touts nanobridge, 45nm feats at IEDM
NEC has announced an enhanced three-terminal Nanobridge switch that will be the basis of a novel form of FPGA. The so-called cell-based IC is expected to be one-tenth the size of the equivalent FPGA.
2002-12-12 Intel, IBM joust 90nm technology at IEDM meet
Intel and IBM each came to the 2002 International Electron Devices Meeting claiming logic performance leadership at the 90nm.
2010-11-26 IEDM zooms in on energy saving
One keynote speaker will argue that the biggest potential for energy savings lies in the way we use our available energy, and that state-of-the-art power semiconductors and circuitry can help reduce losses along the entire electrical energy chain.
2002-12-17 Flash gets a quantum makeover at IEDM
Research at the University of Tokyo and at Advanced Micro Devices Inc. dangles the possibility of using quantum-well technology to breathe new life into Flash memory.
2003-10-13 E-textiles, robot 'skin' among advances at IEDM
The upcoming International Electron Devices Meeting will explore the range of potential applications for crystalline organic semiconductors.
2010-12-14 Chipmakers keep secrets at IEDM
Few papers provided clues on vendors' plans at the 2010 International Electron Device Meeting (IEDM). In place of clear presentations on plans for 22-/20nm plans, rumors abounded, with many believing the leading-edge foundries will extend bulk CMOS.
2006-01-16 Brute scaling not the answer, IEDM hears
Designers look beyond brute transistor scaling to organic semiconductors and carbon nanowires.
2001-06-01 The new century of high-density functional circuits
With every "electronic" product getting smaller and more powerful, manufacturing will need more innovation, denser interconnect schemes and better tools to meet the challenges ahead.
2005-12-08 Saifun presents four-bits-per-cell flash
Saifun presented their Quad NROM technology, which is said to be the first flash memory technology that can store four bits per cell.
2006-09-12 Qimonda engineers to report 58nm DRAM
Engineers from Qimonda AG are set to report on a 58nm DRAM manufacturing process technology at the International Electron Devices Meeting on December.
2014-12-19 IBM claims PCM non-volatility not necessary
Ron Neale gets down to the nitty-gritty of IBM's invited paper at IEDM 2014. IBM has stated that for PCM, non-volatility/data-retention is no longer needed.
2006-01-16 Freescale upends thinking on transistor channels
A research scientist proposes a transistor with a silicon channel structure resembling a T turned on its head.
2009-01-01 Engineering education beckons changes
More calls for a change in engineering education surfaced during the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM).
2012-12-11 Endurance of flash memory boosted to 100M cycles
Macronix International is set to present a paper on boosting the cycling endurance of flash memory through thermal annealing at the upcoming International Electron Devices Meeting.
2005-01-17 Cell shrink extends SRAM
Silicon scaling is alive and kicking--as researchers come up with an SRAM cell area of 0.143?m?.
2015-10-05 Using 16nm FinFET as a resistive memory device
An IEDM paper is set to demonstrate that hafnium-dioxide high-k dielectric material, which is used in the high-k metal gate (HKMG) of a 16nm FinFET, can also be turned into a ReRAM device.
2004-12-17 TSMC, NEC, Renesas, Toshiba describe novel MRAM cells
At the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) here this week, NEC, Renesas, TSMC and Toshiba are expected to describe competitive cell structures for new and emerging MRAM devices.
2008-12-17 Tech firms detail high-k developments
IBM, Intel, TSMC and the NEC-Toshiba duo are expected to present papers on 32nm processes with high-k and metal gates at this week's International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM).
2008-12-19 Tech firms deliberate shift to 450mm
Panelists at the IEDM agreed to disagree about the future of fabs, including the shift towards 450mm plants, which could cost a staggering $10 billion if or when these giant facilities get built.
2008-12-25 Studies address process variability issues
CMOS device process variability remains one of the most acute problems facing the semiconductor world, particularly at the 45nm node and beyond, according to presenters at the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM).
2013-12-11 Recognizing the issues with phase change memory
There are about half a dozen papers on phase change memory (PCM) devices at IEDM 2013, and most deal with known reliability problems associated with PCM.
2012-12-17 Panel: No single approach in future of ICs
A group of experts at IEDM debated about the various technologies in semiconductor miniaturisation, with FinFETs being just one of many approaches.
2015-10-26 More info on FinFET ReRAM unveiled
A full paper is due to be presented on a 1Kb memory array of devices using a 16nm logic FinFET manufacturing process at this year's IEDM coming up in December.
2012-12-14 IBM showcases 3D server chip stacks
IBM has showcased its techniques for stacking 45nm processors at IEDM. The company's techniques could give the processors significant performance and power gains.
2008-12-23 Coming soon: Universal memory
A slew of promising "universal memory" technologies were unveiled at the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), but don't look for mass adoption anytime soon.
2015-06-23 What's inside 1Xnm planar NAND?
Double patterning has become mandatory for making the 16nm node NAND flash and the memory makers use a self-aligned double patterning for the active, control gate, floating gate and bitline patterning.
2006-11-30 Under circuit void makes thinnest chips
The Institute for Microelectronics Stuttgart has developed a method to create IC die that are just 20?m thick, claiming them as the world's thinnest silicon chips.
2015-10-12 Tunnel FETs operate at 0.4V using CMOS
Foundry SMIC manufactured the complementary TFETs that show potential for ultra low power applications such as the Internet of Things as a result of its low voltage operation.
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