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What does IGBT stand for?
IGBT stands for insulated gate bipolar transistor. Invented by C. Frank Wheatley Jr., IGBTs combine the simple gate drive characteristics of the MOSFETs with the high current and low saturation voltage capability of bipolar transistors. Hence, IGBTs have lower on-state voltage drop with high blocking voltage capabilities in addition to fast switching speeds.
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2003-06-27 Use Gate Charge to Design the Gate Drive Circuit for Power MOSFETs and IGBTs
This application note discusses the use of Gate Charges to Design the Gate Drive Circuit for Power MOSFETs and IGBTs
2000-05-04 Use gate charge to design the gate drive circuit for power MOSFETs and IGBTs
Designers unfamiliar with MOSFET or IGBT input characteristics begin drive circuit design by determining component values based on the gate-to-source or input capacitance listed on the data sheet. The application note provides gate-charge specifications for power MOSFETs.
2002-07-17 STMicro IGBTs withstand 10ms shortcircuit
The K type of IGBTs from STMicroelectronics is suitable for use in motor control equipment and HF inverters that require short-circuit protection.
2008-06-10 Space-saving photocoupler drives IGBTS, MOSFETS
Toshiba America Electronic Components has announced the TLP700, a driver photocoupler that is optimally suited for direct gate driving of low power IGBTs or power MOSFETs.
2008-05-01 Save energy with next generation IGBTs
For industrial applications, with state-of the art inverters, special optimized types of power semiconductors are needed. The new 1200V IGBT4 generation combined with improved emitter control diodes from Infineon provides three optimized chip versions for low, medium and high power IGBT modules that are designed for the needs of modern inverter concepts for different applications.
2002-08-08 Remade power package toughens IGBTs
Powerex cites a trio of new technologies in its Mega Power Dual optimized power package as critical to the improved electrical, thermal and physical characteristics of its IGBTs.
2003-06-30 Protecting IGBTs and MOSFETs from ESD
This application note discusses how to protect IGBTS and MOSFETs from ESD and how HEXFET users can implement and benefit from similar ESD control programs.
2000-12-01 Protecting IGBTs and MOSFETs from ESD
This application note discusses how HEXFET users can implement and benefit from International Rectifier's ESD control programs.
2001-04-20 Performance comparison of the new generation of IGBTs with MOSFETs at 150kHz
This application note presents data collected from the operation of IGBTs in a hard-switched, double-ended feed forward converter switching at 150kHz. It also makes a comparison between these IGBTs and similarly rated MOSFETs in the same circuit.
2012-05-21 Non-punch-through IGBTs cut losses 20%
Microsemi?s NPT IGBTs use the company?s Power MOS 8 technology and target
2009-04-13 New IGBTs promise lower saturation voltages
IXYS Corp. has expanded its GenX3 IGBT portfolio to 1,200V. These new IGBTs are manufactured using IXYS' GenX3 IGBT process and use IXYS' advanced technology to provide lower saturation voltages, lower switching losses and higher surge current capabilities.
2003-01-28 Ixys ships 1.7kV IGBTs
Ixys Corp. has announced the availability of a new line of IGBTs to provide a solution for applications requiring 1.7kV power switching.
2002-01-07 IXYS driver IC controls high-current power MOSFETs, IGBTs
The IXDD415 is a high-speed, HF CMOS MOSFET/IGBT driver IC that has two driver channels, each capable of 15A peak into a capacitive load.
2002-07-25 IXYS chips drive large-volume, midrange MOSFETs, IGBTs
IXYS Corp.'s dual 2A MOSFET/IGBT driver (IXD402) and single 9A device (IXD409) are optimized to drive large-volume, midpower-range IGBTs and MOSFETs with inverting or noninverting configuration.
2013-06-18 IR rolls 1200V IGBTs for motor drives, UPS apps
The IR's new IGBTs leverage IR's field stop trench ultra-thin wafer technology that delivers lower conduction and switching losses and are packaged with a soft recovery low Qrr diode.
2003-06-03 IR NPT IGBTs can operate up to 175C
The IRGIB7B60KD, IRGIB10B60KD1, and IRGIB15B60KD1 from International Rectifier are 600V non-punch-through IGBTs that are housed in TO-220 packages.
2013-02-13 IR IGBTs utilise trench thin wafer for lower conduction
The 40A IRGP4640D, 50A IRGP4650D and 60A IRGP4660D IGBTs utilise trench thin wafer technology to offer lower conduction and switching losses are suitable for a wide range of switching frequencies.
2005-01-21 IR IGBTs include enhanced 25A HEXFRED diode
IR rolled out a 600V non-punch-through IGBT co-packaged with an enhanced 25A HEXFRED diode capable of operating at switching speeds up to 150kHz.
2003-10-20 IR IGBTs improve industrial motor drive performance
International Rectifier has introduced a pair of 600V 50A non-punch-through (NPT) discrete IGBTs for motor drive apps in D2Pak and TO-220 packages.
2014-05-16 IR announces 600V trench IGBTs in various packages
The IRxx46xx series devices target small motors and loads to industrial applications such as uninterruptible power supplies, solar, induction heating, industrial motor and welding applications.
2002-08-02 IR 600V IGBTs target motor drive apps
International Rectifier has introduced a series of new 600V non punch-through IGBT Co-Packs designed for appliance an industrial motor drive applications.
2008-03-19 IGBTs trim power dissipation by up to 30%
International Rectifier introduces a family of 600V insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) that reduces power dissipation by up to 30 percent in UPS and solar inverter applications up to 3kW.
2005-03-16 IGBTs reduce switching losses
STMicroelectronics disclosed that its new series of PowerMESH IGBTs has been optimized for use in home appliance motor control, power factor correction and induction heating apps.
2006-05-03 IGBTs reduce power dissipation up to 60%
International Rectifier introduced four 600V insulated-gate bipolar transistors that are said to reduce power dissipation in inverters by up to 60 percent.
2009-05-27 IGBTs pack fast switching, low conduction loss
IXYS Corp. has expanded the XPT IGBT module product range towards higher power density, smaller footprint packages.
2008-05-15 IGBTs feature lifetime-control techniques
STMicroelectronics has introduced IGBTs that use efficient lifetime-control techniques to reduce energy loss during turn off.
2011-09-07 IGBTs feature 20C50A current range
The 1200V IGBTs from IR promise a reduction in switching and conduction losses while delivering higher system efficiency.
2012-10-18 IGBTs aimed at appliance motor drives
The IRGR4045DPBF and IRGS4045DPBF use IR's thin wafer Field-Stop Trench technology that claim to cut switching and conduction losses to deliver higher power density and efficiency at higher frequencies.
2010-10-19 German alliance puts IGBTs to work in kitchens
Germany funds research into IGBT use in induction cookers
2013-07-22 Gate Driver IC drives MOSFETs, IGBTs operation up to 600V
IXYS's IX2113 High and Low Side Gate Driver IC boasts a 700V absolute maximum rating, providing additional margin for high voltage applications.
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