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2013-06-13 Research unveils large-scale production of III-V nanowires
Researchers from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea, and University of Illinois, developed the large-scale heteroepitaxial growth III-V nanowires on a Si wafer.
2002-06-20 Mass production technology of large size III-V compound semiconductor expitaxial wafers for microwave devices by MOVPE
This application note describes the mass production techniques for large diameter MOVPE wafers for microwave devices.
2010-02-17 Intel sees III-V-on-silicon as 2015 transistor option
Intel director of technology strategy Paolo Gargini said that the inclusion of III-V materials is a 2015 transistor option that could deliver either 3x the performance of silicon at the same power consumption.
2012-03-15 Imec, Riber continue team up on next-gen III-V CMOS
Through the collaboration with Riber, Imec can integrate the power of UHV-systems into state-of-the-art semiconductors production equipment on large diameter wafers.
2013-11-07 Imec demos III-V FinFET devices on 300mm Si wafers
The devices enable continual CMOS scaling down to 7nm and below, and also enable new heterogeneous system opportunities in hybrid CMOS-RF and CMOS-optoelectronics.
2014-06-17 III-V MOSFETs rival Si-based transistors
The transistors are fabricated with indium-gallium-arsenide atop an indium-phospide substrate. They possess 20nm gate lengths, 0.5mA per micron width on-current and 100nA off-current when operating at voltages similar to Si.
2015-06-23 IBM highlights III-V FinFETs on silicon substrate
A method similar to Imec's, IBM's process begins vertically then coaxes the InGaAs to turn horizontal and inward, eliminating lattice mismatch defects it was making in the vertical column growth pattern.
2014-09-03 Samsung funds research for 7nm
The South Korean tech giant is financing Pennsyvania State University's work on III-V, which explores FinFET fabrication using the combination of silicon and indium gallium arsenide.
2011-02-09 Researchers devise way to grow nanolasers on silicon
Researchers have found a way to grow indium-GaAs nano-pillars vertically. The technique can be used in mass production of robust on-chip structures for optical interconnects, sensors, among others.
2011-11-29 Partnership targets space-based solar tech
Fraunhofer ISE and Azur Space will develop and produce multijunction solar cells based on III-V semiconductors.
2005-02-15 Kopin forms LED venture with investors in Taiwan
Kopin Corp. has formed a joint venture company with strategic and financial investors to establish LED operations in Asia.
2003-10-30 Spire method obtains U.S. patent
Spire Corp. announced that they have secured a U.S. Patent on a method for implanting aluminum oxide in GaAs and other III-V semiconductor wafers.
2006-04-14 Philips Lumileds, Toyoda Gosei share LED patents
Toyoda Gosei and Lumileds Lighting entered an agreement, which allows the two companies to use each other's patents for specific technologies in Group III-V semiconductor LEDs.
2012-04-05 Micro-loop mirror design ups silicon chip performance
Integrated Si/III-V lasers can take advantage of low-loss silicon waveguides, while addressing the problem of low light emission efficiency that silicon devices typically have.
2002-01-08 Intense Photonics partners with IQE
Optoelectronics company Intense Photonics has entered into a strategic partnership with IQE plc, an outsource supplier of III-V epitaxial wafers.
2002-01-18 GCS secures $17.5M in equity funding
Global Communications Semiconductor Inc. (GCS), a III-V compound semiconductor foundry service provider, has raised $17.5 million in Series D equity funding.
2004-07-08 French groups combine for opto, semis research
French telecoms to defense groups Alcatel and Thales have formed a joint research laboratory that will focus on optoelectronic and semiconductors devices based on III-V process technologies.
2008-10-01 Fraunhofer ISE touts new solar cell efficiency record
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems have claimed a European efficiency record of 39.7 percent for a III-V semiconductor multi-junction solar cell.
2003-01-29 Xanoptix stacks chips to create hybrid ICs
Startup Xanoptix Inc. has developed a wafer-scale manufacturing process that allows silicon die, optical semiconductors, and compound semiconductors such as GaAs and InP chips to be stacked into 3D structures to create hybrid ICs.
2014-12-18 What's hot at IEDM 2014?
The 2014 International Electron Devices Meeting proved that Moore's Law is still alive. The event was a victory lap for Intel, which gave more details on the 14nm finFET process.
2015-10-12 Tunnel FETs operate at 0.4V using CMOS
Foundry SMIC manufactured the complementary TFETs that show potential for ultra low power applications such as the Internet of Things as a result of its low voltage operation.
2016-03-21 TSMC unveils silicon plans
TSMC will enable silicon interposers larger than 1,200mm21.5x the reticle sizeat 7nm to enable giant 2.5-D stacks of logic and memory for the next gen of Cowos- chip on wafer on substrate.
2005-03-22 Trikon expands market focus amid Aviza merger
Troubled Trikon Technologies Inc., which is in the process of being acquired, plans to expand its focus in the chip-equipment business.
2002-04-01 TranSwitch funds Optix's PHY designs
Optix Networks Inc. said a minority investment by TranSwitch Corp. involves a strategic alliance that includes product planning, joint engineering, and an OEM agreement that will see TranSwitch sell Optix products under the TranSwitch label.
2014-09-12 Toshiba TFETs promise MCUs ultra-low power edge
The TFETs are fabricated using a quantum tunnelling principle to achieve ultra-low power LSI operation as a substitute to the conventional MOSFETs.
2012-12-13 Study: InGaAs alternative to silicon at 22nm
MIT researchers claim their indium gallium arsenide transistors can challenge silicon at 22nm.
2003-05-29 Spire acquires Bandwidth Semiconductor
Spire Corp. has acquired semiconductor foundry Bandwidth Semiconductor LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stratos Lightwave Inc.
2008-09-19 Solar power: The next major energy source
Photovoltaic technology offers a secure domestic power source. Here's a look at the technology that is free from the leash of the oil industry, low in maintenance, high in modularity and scalability, and the only technology capable of meeting the world's long-term energy needs without emitting greenhouse gases.
2008-11-13 Solar markets: Highlighting PV technology
It has been shown that solar energy harvesting will soon go mainstream, but it's not clear which of the many diverse technologies vying for dominance in this emerging market will take precedence.
2011-04-19 Solar cell maker claims new efficiency record
Solar Junction uses its proprietary adjustable spectrum lattice-matched technology in its cells in order to optimally partition the solar spectrum for maximum efficiency and reliability.
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