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2011-01-20 Research firm sees dramatic growth for low-power wireless
The landscape for low-power wireless technologies is forecast to alter dramatically over the coming years, driven by a combination of emerging application areas and new low-power RF solutions.
2006-09-21 Infineon power semicon biz outperformed global market, reports IMS Research
IMS Research recently reported that Infineon Technologies AG's power semiconductor business outperformed the global market, which expanded by 0.6% to $11.35B, and achieved a revenue growth of 11.6% in 2005.
2010-05-26 IMS: NFC ready to take-off this year
The NFC market has encountered a number of false dawns since its inception over six years ago. But 2010 finally looks like the year when NFC will finally take-off, according to IMS Research.
2011-07-20 IMS: MHA semiconductor market will be worth $2B in 2012
According to IMS Research, the IC market in major home appliances (MHAs) will reach over $2 billion in 2012 due to the increasing shipments of global units in China, India and Latin America.
2011-05-16 IMS: Competition fierce for top 10 power chip vendors
IMS Research reveals the top 10 suppliers of power management and driver IC in 2010, with Texas Instruments holding the No. 1 spot. However, competition remains fierce in the power IC industry.
2003-06-13 IMS reveals possible trend for optoelectronics industry
The 'classic' optoelectronic components market has ever since been dominated by U.S.- and Japan-based corporations. However, over the last few years, hundreds of low-cost manufacturers have emerged mainly in the Greater China region.
2004-03-17 IMS Research: Integrated Digital TV market to reach 116 million
Although the sales of integrated digital TV (iDTVs) have been slow, shipments are expected to accelerate strongly from 2005, reaching 116 million units in 2015, according to IMS Research's latest study, entitled
2004-03-22 IMS Research sees light in ASIC market
After two years of troubled IC markets, and a continued trend to increased ASSP and FPGA use, some companies have quit the digital ASIC business.
2010-12-08 IMS Research sees entertainment devices go Over-the-Top
Over-the-Top (OTT) services have become very popular in the past year and will only grow bigger considering the connectivity of home entertainment and portable CE devices, says IMS research. Over-the-Top (OTT) services have become very popular in the past year and will only grow bigger considering the connectivity of home entertainment and portable CE devices, says IMS research
2011-05-19 IMS highlights automotive navigation trends
An IMS Research report highlights two key trends in the OE automotive navigation head unit market over the next eight years, embedded navigation solution and connected navigation head units.
2011-01-20 IMS forecast: PV installations to reach 20.5GW in 2011
IMS Research estimates that new solarPV installations grew by 130 percent to reach 17.5GW in 2010, confirming the firm's earlier prediction back in Q3 10 that newly added global capacity would hit 17GW.
2003-08-14 General purpose processing poised for growth: IMS
According to a recent study from IMS Research, the world market for general purpose 16/32/64-bit MCUs, non-compute processors, and DSPs is forecast to grow from $9.5B in 2002, to almost $16B in 2007.
2004-01-14 Automotive sensor technology to further shine: IMS
The automotive sensor technology is expected to continue growing throughout the decade, according to a new IMS Research report.
2003-11-11 Asia-Pacific to lead growth of STB markets: IMS
According to the latest IMS Research study, the worldwide market for digital set-top boxes is poised for growth after a slow 2002 period.
2006-07-06 VoIP processor offers 'first' complete IMS solution
Mindspeed Technologies has announced its seventh-generation Comcerto VoIP processor that promises to deliver the industry's first complete IMS solution
2012-07-31 Report says Japan will lead market for wireless power tech
The report from IMS Research points to mobile phone carrier support, in-box packaging and deployment of wireless power infrastructure as the main reasons for the rise in cable-free charging.
2012-08-10 Rapid demand projected for wearable technology
IHS forecasted that by 2-16, the wearable technology market will exceed $6 billion, as the penetration of the technology in many applications is set to rapidly increase.
2013-08-14 Power supplies in medical space to grow by $100 million
A recent report from IMS research observed that the the power supplies business used in medical applications remained resilient, growing by 4.0 per cent.
2013-03-20 Power adapters to grow by $2B despite charging decline
Driven by new applications, the power adapter market is set to grow by $2 billion despite a forecasted drop off in shipments of cell phone chargers.
2003-08-11 HDTV, iDTV markets experienced growth in '02
Demand for integrated digital TV receivers and high-definition TV receiver sets has increased significantly in 2002.
2012-07-27 Global PV inverter market to grow 23% this year
IMS revealed that the global PV inverter market shrank marginally in terms of revenues in 2011, but is predicted to return to growth in 2012 and hit almost 32GW
2003-12-22 European digital TV market sees recovery
2006-10-11 Consumer apps drive power semicon market growth
Consumer applications will boost global market growth for the power semiconductor industry based on the latest annual study by IMS Research.
2006-10-06 China's digital STB revenue to reach $893M in 2010
Digital STB revenues from the Chinese market increased an estimated 77 percent in 2005, according to a new report published by IMS Research.
2003-08-05 China to overtake Taiwan in notebook PC manufacturing
China is projected to replace Taiwan as the world's largest notebook PC production base by the end of this year, according to IMS Research.
2004-05-18 Cellular TV service springs to life
Advanced cellular data services, increased terminal capabilities, and the launch of digital terrestrial TV broadcasting in many countries, are just some of the drivers that have created a market for TV over cellular services.
2006-11-02 Bluetooth devices to hit 1.5 billion units by 2010, says report
The number of systems shipping this year with Bluetooth could double the 250 million units sold in 2005 and hit 1.5 billion units by 2010, according to IMS Research.
2013-02-01 Analyst: Poor AC drive sales to improve thru 2016
IMS Research predicted that worldwide compact AC low-voltage drive sales will climb to $3 billion in 2016.
2006-08-10 446 million watching TV on phones by 2011
Nearly half a billion people will be watching TV on their cellular handsets by the end of 2011, forecasts IMS Research.
2006-09-20 WCDMA to drive mobile capex, study says
Though GSM is the dominant cellular technology, WCDMA will account for the lion's share of capital investment by mobile operators in 2012, said an ABI Research study
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