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What is the ISM band?
The industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands were originally reserved internationally for the use of RF electromagnetic fields for industrial, scientific and medical purposes other than communications.

In general, your communications designs must be able to handle interference in from ISM equipment. The ISM bands are defined by the ITU-R in 5.138, 5.150, and 5.280 of the Radio Regulations.
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2006-07-06 VoIP processor offers 'first' complete IMS solution
Mindspeed Technologies has announced its seventh-generation Comcerto VoIP processor that promises to deliver the industry's first complete IMS solution.
2002-04-29 Virtual Silicon selects IMS test systems for embedded memories
Virtual Silicon Technology has selected Integrated Measurement Systems' (IMS) Orion memory engineering validation test system for design verification of its 0.25?m non-volatile embedded memory cores.
2007-01-16 Tek suite expands support for IMS
Tektronix Inc.'s Dallas-based communications business is launching a comprehensive performance-monitoring and -testing suite for service providers moving to IP multimedia subsystems.
2004-12-27 Super Vision inks licensing agreement with IMS
Super Vision Int. Inc. has signed license agreements with Illumination Management Solutions (IMS) & LED Power for its variable color lighting system patent #4,962,687 and its recently acquired Laidman Technology.
2006-05-01 Security eases migration from UMA to IMS
A purpose-built security gateway that provides network-facing security, robust QoS and massive scalability in a UMS architecture will ensure a smooth migration from UMA to IMS.
2007-10-24 Platform ups VoIP, IMS protocol testing capacity
Tektronix has released Spectra2 XL platform that offers up to an 800 percent increase in load generation capacity for SIP testing and increased capacity for other VoIP and IMS protocol testing.
2004-09-21 Nokia, NEC complete interoperability of IMS
Nokia and NEC Corp. have completed the first phase interoperability testing between the two companies' IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS).
2007-12-07 Nokia Siemens inks NGN IMS deal with Taiwan telco
Nokia Siemens Networks has sealed a deal with Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan's largest telecommunications operator, for the latter's NGN IMS plan.
2009-01-29 NIL, IMS collaborate on nanoimprint litho
NIL Technology and IMS Chips announced that they have started a collaboration on the fabrication of stamps for nanoimprint lithography by combining their electron beam lithography expertise.
2005-06-21 New high-ohmic value resistor from IMS provides lower pricing
IMS now offers a high-ohmic value resistor due to the use of an innovative, high-volume thickfilm printing process that eliminates the typical high cost associated with individually-produced devices of this type
2005-08-29 Motorola, Intel team up to speed IMS roll out
Motorola Inc. and Intel Corp. will jointly create a proof of concept for IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) network functions based on Motorola's AdvancedTCA Avantellis communications server.
2006-09-21 Infineon power semicon biz outperformed global market, reports IMS Research
IMS Research recently reported that Infineon Technologies AG's power semiconductor business outperformed the global market, which expanded by 0.6% to $11.35B, and achieved a revenue growth of 11.6% in 2005.
2010-05-26 IMS: NFC ready to take-off this year
The NFC market has encountered a number of false dawns since its inception over six years ago. But 2010 finally looks like the year when NFC will finally take-off, according to IMS Research.
2011-07-20 IMS: MHA semiconductor market will be worth $2B in 2012
According to IMS Research, the IC market in major home appliances (MHAs) will reach over $2 billion in 2012 due to the increasing shipments of global units in China, India and Latin America.
2011-05-16 IMS: Competition fierce for top 10 power chip vendors
IMS Research reveals the top 10 suppliers of power management and driver IC in 2010, with Texas Instruments holding the No. 1 spot. However, competition remains fierce in the power IC industry.
2009-01-23 IMS unwraps power splitters for broadcast apps
International Manufacturing Services Inc. (IMS) has announced 1W two-way resistive power splitters, available with 50 or 75 impedances that are especially suited for broadcast apps.
2003-06-13 IMS reveals possible trend for optoelectronics industry
The 'classic' optoelectronic components market has ever since been dominated by U.S.- and Japan-based corporations. However, over the last few years, hundreds of low-cost manufacturers have emerged mainly in the Greater China region.
2004-03-17 IMS Research: Integrated Digital TV market to reach 116 million
Although the sales of integrated digital TV (iDTVs) have been slow, shipments are expected to accelerate strongly from 2005, reaching 116 million units in 2015, according to IMS Research's latest study, entitled
2004-03-22 IMS Research sees light in ASIC market
After two years of troubled IC markets, and a continued trend to increased ASSP and FPGA use, some companies have quit the digital ASIC business.
2010-12-08 IMS Research sees entertainment devices go Over-the-Top
Over-the-Top (OTT) services have become very popular in the past year and will only grow bigger considering the connectivity of home entertainment and portable CE devices, says IMS research. Over-the-Top (OTT) services have become very popular in the past year and will only grow bigger considering the connectivity of home entertainment and portable CE devices, says IMS research
2002-05-15 IMS offers chip resistors from 1 milliohm to 0.1 ohm
The ULX-2512 series of chip resistors from International Manufacturing Services (IMS) Inc. are available in values ranging from 1 milliohm to 0.1 ohm with tolerance values of 1 percent, 2 percent, and 5 percent.
2011-05-19 IMS highlights automotive navigation trends
An IMS Research report highlights two key trends in the OE automotive navigation head unit market over the next eight years, embedded navigation solution and connected navigation head units.
2006-02-27 IMS Forum: The Voice of IP Convergence
The International Packet Communications Consortium (IPCC), an international trade association dedicated to the advancement of VoIP over broadband cable, wireline and wireless technologies, announced its transition to the IMS ForumThe Voice of IP Convergence.
2007-07-31 IMS Forum welcomes India's WiPro
Wipro Technologies has joined the IMS Forum, an industrywide body dedicated to the acceleration of IP Multimedia Subsystem application and service interoperability.
2011-01-20 IMS forecast: PV installations to reach 20.5GW in 2011
IMS Research estimates that new solarPV installations grew by 130 percent to reach 17.5GW in 2010, confirming the firm's earlier prediction back in Q3 10 that newly added global capacity would hit 17GW.
2002-06-14 IMS demos SoC solutions at DAC
Integrated Measurement Systems Inc. has put on display its TestDeveloper, BISTMaxx and VirtualTester software products, as well as the Gemini MS SoC tester at the Design Automation Conference.
2006-11-01 IMS day has not yet dawned
While IP Multimedia Subsystem promises to usher in the era of true network convergence, participants at last September's VON conference cautioned that its day has not yet dawned.
2007-02-19 IBM, Nortel raise devt of IMS infrastructure
IBM and Nortel Networks are expanding an existing joint development pact on IP multimedia subsystems to cover new software integration and new facilities to carry out joint interoperability testing.
2003-08-14 General purpose processing poised for growth: IMS
According to a recent study from IMS Research, the world market for general purpose 16/32/64-bit MCUs, non-compute processors, and DSPs is forecast to grow from $9.5B in 2002, to almost $16B in 2007.
2003-08-19 Credence IMS Vanguard targets digital, logic ICs
Credence Systems Corp. has introduced the IMS Vanguard 250 engineering validation test system for digital and logic ICs.
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