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What is the ISM band?
The industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands were originally reserved internationally for the use of RF electromagnetic fields for industrial, scientific and medical purposes other than communications.

In general, your communications designs must be able to handle interference in from ISM equipment. The ISM bands are defined by the ITU-R in 5.138, 5.150, and 5.280 of the Radio Regulations.
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2015-09-18 Marvell offers quad-core LTE carrier aggregation platform
The quad-core 64bit ARMADA Mobile PXA1918 SoC is geared to address the growing demands for high-performance R10 LTE Advanced CA smartphones and tablets
2007-11-16 Manage design resources for industrial apps
To better manage design resources and attain economies of scale, OEMs need solutions that enable customization of platforms with common building blocks, so that unique models may require only minor variations in components and/or firmware.
2003-05-09 Mainland China to increase global power supply market share
During the downturn years of 2001 and 2002, the global merchant power supply market fell by about 30 percent, with North America declining by a staggering 38 percent.
2013-04-11 Machine builders beef up servo motors with direct-drive torque
Manufacturers of conventional servo motors are adding direct-drive torque motor modules to their product range so as not to lose customers to other suppliers.
2009-05-26 LTE: A well-designed mobile OFDMA IP solution
LTE is a highly optimized, spectrally efficient, mobile OFDMA solution built from the ground up for mobility, and allows operators to offer advanced services and higher performance for new and wider bandwidths.
2013-05-27 Low-power RF tech to enable next-gen remote controls
IHS said nearly one-fifth of all remote controls will feature wireless RF technology by 2018 that enable advanced technologies not available with current remotes, including voice and gesture control.
2010-03-11 Long road still to e-beam direct-write litho
While multiple development efforts on e-beam direct-write lithography have reported progress, a one prominent lithography researcher claims production tools are still a minimum of five years away.
2007-04-16 Litho woes weigh down semicon industry
The lithography world has suddenly turned upside-down as the industry gets socked by a double whammy: The window of opportunity is slowly closing on EUV lithography for IC production, but the most likely alternativea version of 193nm immersionis proving expensive.
2013-05-24 LED driver sales see robust growth from 2012 to 2015
"Major advances and cost reductions in lamps, luminaires and automotive lighting are spurring the rapid growth of the market for LEDs in general lighting applications," said Stephanie Pruitt of IHS.
2007-03-21 Leading electronics companies form Open IPTV Forum
Nine leading electronics companies have banded together to form the Open IPTV Forum and create a specification for the delivery of IPTV services.
2005-07-15 Kyocera, Pctel to develop software for future 3G phones
CDMA wireless phones and devices maker Kyocera Wireless Corp. and Pctel Inc. will cooperate in developing software for future 3G Kyocera handsets.
2009-05-14 Korean, Taiwan companies toughen LED competition
Competition is stiffening in the global LED market as fast-growing Korean and Taiwan companies threaten to end the long-reign of the top three vendors, according to a market research firm.
2008-05-13 Korea certifies Wireless USB of Wisair
Wisair has announced its Wireless USB solution was approved for distribution in Korea by the Radio Research Laboratory, the certification body under the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication.
2013-04-17 KeyStone multi-core DSPs implement H.265
Aimed to deliver differentiated real-time video infrastructure solutions, TI's C6678 touts eight 1.25GHz DSP cores that offer 320 GMACs and 160 GFLOPs of combined fixed and floating-point performance.
2002-06-29 IT show sees Asia leading in wireless Internet growth
The new communication paradigm emerging with convergence of Internet power with wireless freedom was the dominant theme at CommunicAsia2002.
2009-07-01 Intel-Nokia deal brings mobile, PC, CE convergence closer
The partnership between Intel and Nokia brings the best of both worlds to both companies, and emphasizes the trend of convergence between the mobile, PC and consumer electronics industries.
2007-04-10 Intel Xeon processors target embedded computing
Intel Corp. brought out the first quad-core processors for embedded computingthe Quad-Core Xeon processor 5300 series with extended life cycle support.
2008-02-29 Intel expands offerings for embedded markets
Intel has announced new offerings for the embedded markets: processors with seven-year life cycle support, a new chipset and a carrier-grade server.
2009-09-04 Integrated PLC modem simplifies smart meter design
The new member of ON Semiconductor's PLC modem family suits smart electric automatic meter reading and management.
2013-02-21 Infineon unveils power ICs on 300mm thin wafers
Infineon claim to be the first and only company to produce power semiconductors on 300mm thin wafers.
2006-07-25 Infineon tapes out dual-band UWB transceiver core
Infineon has taped out a dual-band UWB transceiver core that supports all regulatory requirements worldwide, paving the way for universal UWB devices capable of worldwide operation.
2009-06-11 Infineon forms power module JV in South Korea
LS Industrial Systems and Infineon Technologies AG have established the joint venture company LS Power Semitech Co. Ltd, which will focus on the development, production and marketing of molded power modules for white good applications.
2010-02-18 Increasing flight connectivity to boost airline revenue
The number of cellphone handsets, laptops and netbooks sold with Wi-Fi connectivity is forecast to exceed 300 million in 2010, a good sign for airlines that want to offer in-flight connectivity to passengers.
2012-10-11 Incorporating MEMS motion tracking in wearable sensors
Know the impact of next generation wearable sensing devices on the way we track our fitness goals, train our professional athletes, and view our sporting events.
2009-11-27 IBM sets up telecom dev't centers in Asia, South Africa
IBM has opened telecommunications development centers in China, South Africa and Malaysia to provide a broad array of advanced technical skills and specialized offerings.
2010-08-23 Hybrids seen to conquer STB market
Report states that hybrid STBs will dominate shipments worldwide amid strong competition in pay-TV market
2010-09-07 Huawei, China Mobile pass 10G GPON test
Huawei completed a 10G GPON full-service test with China Mobile over a live network, showing that its solution is both backward and forward compatible and can support any service and scenario.
2008-09-12 Huawei fortifies focus on Germany with new center
Huawei Technologies has opened its Innovation and Demo Center in Darmstadt, Germany, enabling Huawei customers and partners to experience, develop and test Huawei's latest solutions.
2009-11-26 HSPA success in APEJ paves way for LTE
IDC expects a select group of 3G operators to pioneer investment in LTE, seen as the all-IP migration path to 4G.
2003-08-26 Hong Kong technology park selects Credence solutions
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp. has partnered with Credence Systems Corp.
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