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2006-08-21 IP core speeds design of Interlaken-based networks
Three major electronics firms have teamed up to develop the first FPGA-based Interlaken IP core aimed at accelerating the design of network systems applying the Interlaken protocol.
2011-03-28 IP core requires no off chip DRAM
The 1080p H.264 encoder and limited decoder is based on the new Compressed Frame Store technology.
2005-11-03 IP core replaces up to 16 ASICs
RF Engines introduced the first, fully flexible 64-channel DDC core for use on FPGAs
2010-12-10 IP core products round off company offerings
Imagination Technologies' POWERVR VXD392 decoder and POWERVR VXE382 encoder support H.264 MVC, WebM, stereoscopic 3D and UltraHD.
2011-10-17 IP core implements 3D graphics in SoC design
Xylon's logi3D 3D is geared for Xilinx ZynqTM-7000 Extensible Processor Platform.
2008-09-05 IP core enhances capacity of next IEEE standard
IPextreme has announced what it claims as the industry's first synthesizable IP core that will manage the upcoming IEEE 1149.7 standard. This will be in volume production by early 2009.
2006-03-23 IP core enables single-chip, closed-loop control systems
Actel introduced CorePWM, a flexible PWM intellectual property IP building block for D/A conversion, designed for the company's nonvolatile FPGAs
2007-03-07 IP core enables one-chip H.264/MPEG-4 codec
Techno Mathematical has developed the industry's first H.264/MPEG-4 intellectual-property core to offer a one-chip encoder/decoder LSI solution
2010-09-02 IP core enables NVM interface running at 3.12Gbit/s
Arasan Chip Systems Inc. reports that it has developed the ultra high speed (UHS)-II PHY IP core, a memory interface being finalized by the SD Association.
2009-01-23 IP core enables next-gen 40Gbit/s systems
Lattice Semiconductor has announced the availability of its 40Gbit/s Serdes framer interface, Level 5 (SFI5) IP core, which uses 17 Serdes channels in the LatticeSC/M devices, including the Lattice SFI5 soft IP core, and enables flexible and high-performance, next-generation 40Gbit/s systems.
2006-06-02 IP core eases implementation of MOST bus protocol
Altera's MediaLB IP core eases the implementation of MOST bus protocol for automotive infotainment apps.
2011-05-02 IP core boasts up to 10Gbps video over IP
Xilinx has released the Broadcast Real-Time Video Engine Targeted Design Platform and the SMPTE2022 IP core that speed up hardware development to process high quality video and deliver it at rates as high as 10Gbps over IP.
2006-02-13 IP core aimed at telecom, networking apps
Xilinx Inc. announced the availability of its compliant x1, x4 and x8 lane LogiCORE PCI Express IP core targeted for telecom, networking, storage and video applications.
2011-06-14 IP building blocks accelerate analog design
Magma Design and Fraunhofer Institute aim to improve analog design and development through their collaboration on the Titan FlexCells models.
2004-05-14 inSilica, GDA ink Gigabit IP license deal
inSilica Inc. and GDA Technologies Inc. have signed a license agreement for 10 Gigabit (XGEMAC) and 1 Gigabit Ethernet MAC IP cores
2009-08-13 Innofidei tapes out CMMB IC with Chips&Media IP
Chips&Media Inc. announced that Innofidei Inc. completed its China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting (CMMB) single-chip design tape out.
2005-03-01 Imagination offers 'super-threading' Meta processor IP core
The Metagence division of Imagination released the Meta 122 IP core, the latest version of its multi-threading processor, which is intended for use in multi-function consumer entertainment.
2010-05-31 Imagination licenses GPU core to Renesas, TI
Imagination Technologies has signed a multi-use license agreement with Renesas Electronics and Texas Instruments for Imagination's POWERVR SGX Series5XT multi-processor core
2006-10-05 IBM processors, IP cores address heat issues
IBM unveiled low-power versions of its RISC-based microprocessor line and P processor cores designed to reduce the problematic heat issues in data centers and embedded systems.
2009-08-11 HKSTP, IBM ink PowerPC IP core tie-up
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp. (HKSTP) and IBM Corp. have signed an agreement to make the latter's PowerPC SoC IP available through HKSTP's new Secure Virtual IP Chamber
2010-11-10 High-res display controller IP core is 4K digital cinema ready
Evatronix SA has just introduced its next generation high-performance display controller, the DISPLAY-CTRL-4K. This Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) compliant IP core accommodates resolutions of up to 4096x2160 pixels with 24 bits/pixel color depth, yielding 60 fps at full HD resolution.
2006-01-05 HD-video decoder core reduces silicon area
Imagination Technologies is presenting its latest HD-video decoder core and a full range of digital video image enhancement technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show 2006 in Las Vegas
2009-02-12 HD video IP core supports mobile apps, DTV
Video core technologies developer Chips&Media will showcase its latest pre-configurable HD video codec IP core at International IC-China Conference and Exhibition in Shanghai, China from March 9-11.
2009-01-14 HD H.264 encoder IP core targets surveillance
EyeLytics has announced the immediate availability of a Main Profile HD H.264 Encoder IP core for the surveillance market.
2009-02-23 Graphics IP cores aim at entry-level handsets
Imagination Technologies Group plc has announced the first core in a family of vector graphics processor IP cores. The series is known as VGX, and the first core is the VGX150, which extends the reach of the company's graphics IP to entry-level handsets.
2003-05-12 GDA offers HyperTransport IP cores for ASICs, FPGAs
GDA Technologies has announced the availability of a comprehensive set of HyperTransport IP cores for ASIC- and FPGA-based solutions
2004-02-23 GDA IP cores suit ASIC, FPGA implementations
GDA Technologies has announced that it will be offering a comprehensive set of AS IP cores for both ASIC and FPGA implementations
2004-04-30 GDA IP cores based on RapidIO technology
The GRIO controller IP cores from GDA Technologies are fully compliant with the Serial and Parallel RapidIO specs
2003-09-18 GDA IP core supports switch, root complex solutions
GDA Technologies Inc. has introduced the GPEX PCI Express IP core that provides the computing, networking, and communications industries an enabler for development of silicon-based products supporting PCI Express architecture.
2007-04-16 GbE IP core puts 1000Base-T functions in SoCs
TranSwitch announced the availability of its GbE PHY IP core that puts 10Base-T, 100Base-TX and 1000Base-T functions in SoCs.
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