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What is IR radiation?
Infrared (IR) radiation is an electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength longer than that of visible light, but shorter than that of radio waves (between 750nm and 1mm). Applications include target acquisition and tracking by the military, remote temperature sensing, short-ranged wireless communication, spectroscopy, and weather forecasting.
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2005-02-14 Zilog IR solutions power latest electronic gadgets
Zilog Inc. has announced that its Crimzon IR family of 8bit solutions is powering one of the latest electronic gadgets, the TV-B-Gone.
2004-09-22 Zilog IR ROM MCU consumes 6mW
Zilog rolled out of its new Crimzon ZLR32300 IR ROM MCU family that is 100 percent software compatible with the company's current Crimzon family of OTP IR MCUs.
2005-07-07 ZiLOG attacks IR remote control market with its new 8bit MCUs
ZiLOG disclosed it is adding two new series of devices specifically targeted at low-cost infrared applications.
2003-01-27 Xilinx, IR ship motor control design platform
Xilinx Inc. and International Rectifier has released the Accelerator motor control design platform.
2009-05-04 Wireless specs vie to replace IR remotes
The recently ratified Bluetooth 3.0 specification defined the Unicast Connectionless Data (UCD) function putting it in direct competition with RF4CE, the wireless remote control specification that merged with the Zigbee Alliance efforts to replace IR remote controls.
2007-02-16 Wide-band IR sensor targets code learning apps
Vishay has released a device that implements a wide-band IR sensor for code learning and IR extender applications.
2007-01-15 Vista-compatible IR remote control unit rolls
SMK Corp. has announced the development of an IR remote-control transmission/reception unit for PCs running on Microsoft Windows Vista.
2008-09-12 Vishay sweetens IR takeover bid to $1.7B
Amid lowered forecast by some and a sudden slowdown for discrete semiconductors, Vishay Intertechnology has increased its bid to acquire International Rectifier for $1.7 billion.
2003-03-25 Vishay IR receiver operates down to 2.4V
The TSOP34838SS1A IR receiver module from Vishay Intertechnology is capable of operating on supply voltages down to 2.4V.
2004-04-27 Vishay IR receiver modules provide up to 5.5V
A new series of miniaturized surface-mount IR receiver modules from Vishay provided a variable supply voltage range from 2.7V to 5.5V.
2002-07-25 Vishay IR receiver has 15m controlling distance
The TSOP5700 IR receiver module has a data rate of 20Kbps and a controlling distance of 15m.
2004-08-10 Vishay IR emitters offer improved radiant intensity
Vishay developed a new family of high-speed infrared emitters that offer outstanding levels of radiant power and intensity.
2004-08-05 Vishay IR emitters improve optical efficiency
Vishay disclosed that its two new infrared emitters are optimized with an 850nm wavelength to improve the optical efficiency of CMOS camera illumination systems.
2008-10-08 Vishay eyes beefed up IR takeover plan
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. is mulling over plans to boost the price of its $1.7 billion offer to acquire International Rectifier Corp.
2008-10-15 Vishay concludes bid to gain IR
Vishay has terminated its offer to acquire all of the outstanding shares of International Rectifier Corp.'s common stock for $23.00 per share in cash and will be returning tendered shares to their holders.
2015-03-06 Tower develops IR sensor for Intel's 3D camera
The near infrared light sensor is used for depth sensing by Intel within its RealSense, which has a 3.5?m pixel size and flaunts a global shutter.
2004-09-02 Touchscreens utilize IR technology
The new touchscreens from Touch International use infrared technology that provide a stable, maintenance- and calibration-free solution.
2009-01-26 Tiny IR receivers come in 3 versions
Vishay Intertechnology has expanded up its optoelectronics portfolio with a new series of ultra-miniature SMD IR receivers for remote control systems.
2007-04-03 Tech enables IR propagation in optical films on silicon substrate
The Tokyo Institute of Technology and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd today have jointly developed a technology that enables the propagation of IR light through an optical crystal film on a silicon substrate.
2007-03-08 South Korean IR LEDs enter China market
Moksan Electronics received a big order directly from the Chinese government for indoor lighting products for over 6,000 buses in time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
2005-08-09 Small IR LEDs enable infrared sensing for portable devices
Touted as one of the smallest surface-mount IR LEDs available, the new TT electronics OPTEK Technology OP200 IR LED, packaged in a 0805 size, enable design engineers to incorporate infrared sensing into portable electronic devices.
2006-05-24 Single-chip IR controller eliminates USB dongles in TV apps
SMSC's SIO1049 could eliminate USB dongles in most high-end TV and entertainment appliances that rely on IR-to-USB conversion.
2006-11-01 Silicon IR detectors promise smallest pixel
ULIS, a developer of uncooled IR detectors, announced its 25?m family of amorphous silicon IR detectors, including the UL 02 15 2, UL 04 17 1 and UL 03 19 1.
2005-06-02 Sigrity tools focus on IR drop analysis for packages and boards
Sigrity introduced early this week two standalone tools customized for analysis of voltage drop, or IR drop, on packages and PCBs
2008-05-23 Serial LCD Nexus with IR repeater
An LCD display is a good addition to a product but monopolizes an entire port of the PSoC device. In applications where pin resources are limited, a single TX8 block and a single pin is used to control display of text.
2012-10-30 Semtech IR decoder enables high-resolution sensing
Semtech's SX95xx capacitive touch platform enhances ECO mode in home electronic devices and supports high resolution sensing.
2002-09-25 Sarcon signs IR sensor contract to Sarnoff
Sarcon Microsystems Inc. has awarded a production contract to Sarnoff Corp. for its high-performance MEMS infrared sensor array.
2003-07-21 Sanyo, IR form joint venture company
Sanyo Semiconductor and International Rectifier have agreed to a form a joint venture to design, develop and market, electronic motor drive power modules.
2009-02-03 RF remotes: Move over, IR
If some major CE makers have their way, the next generation of remotes will be based on RF technology, whose growth curve is just beginning, but is forecast to show a 55 percent CAGR through 2014.
2013-01-31 Rectifiers from IR promise to ease design, cut cost
The IR1169 SmartRectifier ICs are geared for flyback, forward and half-bridge converters used in AC-DC adapter, PC, server and telecom SMPS applications.
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