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2007-03-27 Optek, IRC develop LED design kit for solid-state lighting
TT electronics' Optek Technology and IRC Advanced Film Division have developed a LED design kit that combines IRC's Anotherm technology and Optek's IR and high-brightness LEDs.
2006-11-30 LEDs on IRC's Anotherm replace conventional lighting
TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division's Anotherm technology is being specified for a variety of high-brightness LED illumination and display applications, providing lighting system design engineers a cost-effective replacement for conventional lighting sources.
2007-09-13 IRC, OPTEK offer LED lighting solutions
TT electronics' IRC Advanced Film Division and Optek Technology have developed an LED microsite, showcasing their broad range of solutions to solid-state lighting challenges.
2002-10-25 IRC TaN resistors tout high precision
IRC Inc. has enhanced the performance of its TaN precision resistor chips with tolerances of 12 percent and absolute TCRs to 110ppm/0C.
2007-08-29 IRC rolls out precision voltage divider
TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division offers their precision chip voltage divider with either TaNFilm technology for precision performance or tantalum ultride technology for ultraprecision and high-stability circuits.
2003-03-04 IRC resistor line offers power ratings up to 3W
TT Electronics' series of IRC resistors boasts power ratings up to 3W.
2006-08-04 IRC makes LED assemblies with Anotherm substrate tech
IRC Advanced Film Division offers populated LED assemblies using its Anotherm substrate technology, which can be used in a variety of high-brightness LED display applications.
2006-05-11 IRC extends resistance range of wire bondable chip resistors
TT Electronics IRC Advanced Film Division has extended the resistance range of its bondable chip resistors for medical electronic applications to 1 megaohm.
2007-04-24 IRC expands resistance, size of thin-film resistors
IRC has expanded the specifications and chip sizes of its precision chip resistor product line targeting precision circuits in instrumentation, industrial applications, medical equipment, computers, power supplies and telecommunications.
2006-04-05 IRC develops RoHS-compliant resistors
TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division has developed RoHS-compliant versions of its resistor products.
2006-09-26 IRC adds 20W and 35W devices to power resistor line
TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division has extended its MHP series power resistors with 20W and 35W devices, providing design engineers with high-power, low-inductance devices in transistor-style packages.
2010-04-26 Calibrating the 16MHz IRC on the MPC5510
This application note describes a method that can be used to re-calibrate the 16MHz internal reference clock (IRC) against an external crystal without the use of any external components such as signal generators or oscilloscopes.
2006-11-22 Wirewound resistors target consumer products, appliances
TT electronics IRC Wire and Film Technologies Division releases a series of molded and conformally-coated wirewound resistors and combination resistor/fuses. The SP and SPP series resistors may be used in fusing and general-purpose application for power supplies, motor controllers, televisions, consumer electronic products and appliances.
2006-08-28 Wirewound resistors suit military, avionics systems
TT electronics IRC WAFT Division said its new RB/RBR Series wirewound resistors meet or exceed the stringent reliability requirements of the military and avionics industries.
2006-11-24 Wire-bondable devices come in silicon and ceramic
IRC's new family of surface-mount, wire-bondable devices consists of resistors, network arrays, capacitors, multitap chip resistors and divider networks on silicon and ceramic.
2005-09-06 Termination networks deliver ESD protection to memory busses
Designed to terminate high-speed memory busses, TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division has introduced a new series of termination and ESD protection networks.
2005-11-08 Silicon resistors provide stability for hybrid circuits
TT electronics introduced a series of wire bondable chip resistors with extended resistance range to 400 kiloohm.
2005-07-11 Resistors operate in harsh environments
TT Electronics IRC Wirewound and Film Technologies Division offer a series of power wirewound resistors with lead-free vitreous enamel coating, which allows the resistors to withstand harsh environments and high temperatures.
2005-05-25 Resistors double power ratings
IRC now offers economical wirewound devices that are rated at double the power dissipation of traditional axial-leaded packages.
2005-08-05 Resistive devices withstand up to 200C
New TaNFilm high-temperature product lines from TT electronics IRC Advanced Film help maintain critical electrical characteristics in high-temperature applications.
2006-03-30 Precision resistor rated up to 20kV
The CGH/CMH high-voltage power resistors from TT electronics IRC Wirewound and Film Technologies Division provide voltage ratings up to 20kV.
2006-05-12 Power resistors feature flameproof construction, overload handling
IRC's new power wirewound resistors with high-temperature ceramic shells and power ratings of up to 60W provide design engineers a flameproof solution that can handle overload.
2006-07-26 Power resistor has high-stability film resistance elements
Designated the MHP Series, the 50W power resistor from TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division features high stability film resistance elements.
2006-11-29 Open-air resistor suits automotive current sensing
IRC provides automotive design engineers a power current sense surface-mount resistor with enhanced thermal characteristics.
2004-10-29 New substrate provides 'instant on' heat for auto apps
TT Electronics developed a tubular aluminum substrate resistive technology that delivers tightly controlled instant on heat with greater than 95 percent efficiency.
2006-01-27 Microwave circuits improve performance
TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division upgrades its thin-film microwave circuit capabilities with polished ceramic substrates that offer a reduction in propagation delay and in-circuit transmission line losses.
2006-11-27 MELF resistors offers up to 2W surge ratings
Designed specifically for surge and pulse applications, TT electronics IRC Wire and Film Technologies Division's family of power MELF resistors feature extended performance capability with ratings up to 2W.
2007-02-02 Fluid heating tech rolls for windshield washers
TT electronics IRC WAFT is providing vehicle design engineers with an instant heating technology for automotive and transportation windshield washer applications.
2006-10-06 Cylindrical resistors approach wirewound performance
TT electronics IRC WAFT Division's HSF series (for surge/pulse applications) and SMC series (for high thermal cycling circuits) cylindrical resistors are said to approach wirewound performance while providing a cost savings.
2005-09-20 Current sense resistors save board space with new config
TT electronics IRC Wirewound and Film Technologies Division has developed a "tight-pitch" version of its open air, metal element current sense resistor (OAR series) with ratings as high as 3W in a reduced PC-board footprint.
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