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2004-11-02 JTAG test adjunct to focus on Gbps nets
ASSET InterTech will soon be offering the capability to test 1Gbps to 10Gbps serial buses on PCBs.
2002-12-06 ispLever starter kit
This application note describes the uses and the contents of the ispLEVER starter kit for ISP CPLDs.
2004-06-01 IP mobility ensures seamless roaming
The wireless emphasis has shifted to "connecting the dots" by allowing seamless roaming between wide- and local-area networks.
2003-05-27 In-circuit and in-application programming of the 89C51Rx+/Rx2/66x microcontrollers
This application note describes the three methods that can be used to program the Flash code memory of the 89C51Rx+/Rx2/66x families of microcontrollers.
1999-06-29 Implementing in-system programmable Flash memory with 8bit CISC microcontrollers
This paper presents the advantages of utilizing Flash memory after it is programmed and soldered into a product for PROM and EPROM applications.
2000-03-20 Implementing in-system programmable Flash memory with 8-bit CISC microcontrollers
This paper describes the Flash memory device that offers tremendous benefits to embedded 8-bit CISC microcontroller designs.
2002-12-16 Gigabit nets slowed by security
Massive amounts of outward-bound LAN traffic and gigabit interfaces to the service provider or Internet are wreaking havoc on network managers responsible for network security.
2003-08-18 Future-proof your broadband gateway designs
Through a little due diligence, a designer can do much to ensure gateway longevity in the face of rapidly evolving networking options.
2002-04-18 Fishing for B2B application performance
This application note illustrates a network system accessed by fishermen, businessmen and distributors capable of easing the communications problems for small and B2B transactions.
2004-09-17 Dialog Semi, Carl Zeiss partner on integrated VGA camera
Dialog Semi and Carl Zeiss have developed an integrated VGA camera with an image sensing processor, flex module and 20-pin connector.
2005-10-20 Design-for-test analyzer validates boundary-scan
A product called DFT Analyzer from ASSET InterTech promises to reduce manufacturing and test costs when it debuts early next year.
1999-06-29 Design of multi-channel modem for remote access server
This paper describes a scalable architecture, in terms of hardware and software, using Motorola's powerful digital signal processor DSP56303 for multi-channel modem (MCM) application in the remote access server.
2003-06-16 Convergence in broadband gateways
The sheer number of broadband subscribers in Asia is creating some remarkable market dynamics for broadband connections.
2004-11-16 Cognitive radio: An opportunity lost?
CR technology offers the opportunity to recover a large spectrum of network environments and puts it to good use.
2000-05-03 Bridging ADSL line driver challenges
ADSL technology is rapidly being adopted around the world by various Internet service providers (ISP) and local exchange carriers (LEC) for the purpose of providing high speed data communications over twisted pair phone lines. This article describes the ADSL technology in detail.
2000-08-30 AVR910: In-system programming
This application note shows how to design the system to support in-system programming. It also shows how a low-cost in-system programmer can be made, that will allow the target AVR MCU to be programmed from any PC equipped with a regular 9-pin serial port.
2007-01-04 Autonet Mobile to turn cars into 'Wi-Fi hotspot'
Hoping to carve out a niche by bringing in-vehicle Internet connection, Autonet Mobile Inc. plans to deliver a wireless service that can turn cars into Wi-Fi hotspots.
2004-01-16 Atmel IC offers 33Mbps data transfer rate
Atmel Corp. has expanded its AT17F family of FPGA configuration memories with the release of the AT17F16 device.
2004-04-01 Ask not for whom the phone rings
As voice communication transitions from circuit- to packet-switching, the market is into an inflection that will change telephony profits and definition of telephone service.
2004-10-13 Winbond unveils new image signal processor chip
Winbond Electronics Corp. has recently announced its new image signal processor (ISP) LSI for 1.3- to 3-megapixel camera modules applied to mobile handsets.
2008-04-04 TI tips 8Mpixel camera coprocessor for handsets
TI has expanded its OMAP processor portfolio with its OMAP-DM510 coprocessor that enables 8Mpixel still images and DVD-quality video capabilities in mobile phones using an embedded ISP and video processors along with an ARM processor.
2001-10-03 ST9 Flash programming
This application note gives guidelines to program the ST9 Flash devices depending on these programming situations: in the manufacturing line (ISP); in the development laboratory (with the EPB); and in the field (ISP).
2007-02-20 Silicon Hive powers MagnaChip image sensors
Silicon Hive, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV, has agreed to supply its HiveFlex ISP 2200 processor to MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd.
2000-09-05 Programming cascaded configurators
This application note describes the mechanism of in-system programming (ISP) of multiple devices and the implementation of an example design.
2008-09-25 In-system programming ProASICPLUS devices
To decrease time-to-market, designers often use in-system programming (ISP) FPGAs.
2004-12-02 C code for interfacing AVR to AT17LVXXX FPGA configuration memories
This app note describes how to in-system-program (ISP) an Atmel FPGA configuration memory using an Atmel AVR microcontroller; and how to bit bang a two-wire interface (TWI) using port pins on an AT90S8515 AVR microcontroller.
2015-06-29 9 out of 10 households to have Wi-Fi by 2019
The proliferation of connected devices runs parallel to heavy ISP infrastructure investments designed to provide higher bandwidth speed and the budget to market it to subscribers and prospects.
2014-02-28 3MP camera supports optical zoom up to 10x
Equipped with a built-in ISP and 3.0MP image sensor, e-con's camera supports 720p and 1080p streaming at 60fps and 30fps respectively.
2008-01-02 Winbond intros new the 8bit controller series
Winbond Electronics has announced its Rich series of 8bit controllers: the W79E217, W79E227 and W79E225.
2005-07-21 VoIP market to hit $4 billion by 2010, says report
The North American voice over IP (VoIP) is on the brink of a phenomenal growth spurt over the next six years, driven by the pervasiveness of broadband Internet access and the availability of low-cost VoIP services, according to Frost & Sulllivan.
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