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2015-06-15 Will the ISSI-Cypress deal be completed?
While Cypress and ISSI briefly reunited on the dance floor on Wednesday, Thursday the latter released a statement announcing it had entered into a further amendment with Uphill Investment Co.
2005-04-14 SMIC, ISSI-Shanghai develop EEPROM technology
Semiconductor Mfg Int. Corp. (SMIC) and Integrated Silicon Solutions Inc.-Shanghai (ISSI-Shanghai) has developed a high reliability EEPROM technology.
2004-02-06 Nu Horizons, ISSI extend distribution partnership
Nu Horizons Electronics and ISSI have announced the expansion of their product service and distribution agreement to extend beyond the scope of North America.
2008-07-02 Mobile SDRAM rolls from ISSI
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has introduced the first members of its PowerSaver Mobile SDRAM family with 128Mbit, 256Mbit and 512Mbit Mobile SDRAMs offered in x8, x16 and x32 configurations.
2015-01-12 ISSI, Spansion to offer Flash sol'ns for car, industrial apps
The licensing deal gives ISSI access to Spansion's HyperFlash memory and HyperBus technology portfolio, as well as access to MirrorBit technology in Spansion's foundries.
2002-06-03 ISSI, Signia ink licensing agreement for Bluetooth products
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has entered into a product licensing and manufacturing agreement with Signia Technologies, wherein ISSI will manufacture Bluetooth products developed by Signia.
2010-11-24 ISSI to provide long term supply of RLDRAM 3 memory
ISSI has just announced that it is working with Micron Technology, Inc. to be an alternate supplier of Micron's third-generation reduced-latency DRAM. RLDRAM 3 memory offers a long-term solution for high-bandwidth, reduced-latency memory needs that are being demanded by networking standards such as 100 Gigabit Ethernet.
2002-02-15 ISSI to buy CAM startup Purple Ray
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has agreed to buy Purple Ray Inc., a startup developing content-addressable memory chips.
2005-01-28 ISSI to acquire ICSI in Taiwan
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. (ISSI) has reached an agreement to acquire Integrated Circuit Solution Inc. (ICSI) in Taiwan.
2004-09-14 ISSI SRAMs tailored for mobile, battery back-up apps
The new IS61WV6416LL and the IS63WV1024LL from ISSI are designed for mobile and battery back-up apps .
2002-10-03 ISSI SRAMs reduce power rating in half
Integrated Silicon Solution's IS61LV12816L and IS61LV2568L 2MB ASRAMs feature an access time of 8ns, while consuming <50mA active power.
2004-01-13 ISSI SRAM suits high speed networking, telecom apps
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. (ISSI) has announced a 300Mhz version of its 18Mb No-Wait and standard synchronous SRAMs that is targeted for use in high speed networking and telecommunication applications.
2002-05-23 ISSI ships MCPs in Fujitsu's FBGA technology
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has announced the shipment of a family of stacked multichip packaged (MCP) modules that uses Fujitsu Ltd's FBGA packaging technology.
2002-12-30 ISSI serial EEPROMs feature cascadable address lines
The IS24C128 128Kb, 2-wire serial EEPROM features noise suppression, low power consumption, and cascadable address lines to provide up to 512Kb of memory space.
2002-12-19 ISSI serial EEPROM features cascadable address lines
The IS24C128 128Kb, 2-wire serial EEPROM features noise suppression, cascadable address lines, and 512Kb of memory space.
2002-11-07 ISSI rolls automotive DRAMs, SRAMs
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has announced a new line of DRAM and SRAM devices targeted for the automotive market.
2002-06-11 ISSI rolls 64Mb SDRAM
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has introduced the IS42S32200A 64Mb SDRAM that operates at clock speeds of up to 200MHz.
2008-02-25 ISSI readies first PSRAM line
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. (ISSI) offers samples of the 4Mbit IS66WV25616BLL and the 8Mbit IS66WV51216BLL Pseudo SRAMs (PSRAMS), the first members of its PSRAM product line.
2007-03-29 ISSI puts up sales offices in Singapore, India
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has put up new sales offices in Singapore and Chennai, Indiabringing a total of 12 ISSI sales offices in Asia.
2011-01-27 ISSI purchases China fabless chipmaker
Integrated Silicon Solution has signed an agreement to purchase privately owned fabless chipmaker Se En Integration Holdings for approximately $20 million.
2003-06-20 ISSI pseudo SRAMs show wider voltage range
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has introduced an ultra-low power PSRAM line with the release of the IS32WV16100 and IS32WV16200 devices.
2002-10-17 ISSI MCP combines Flash, PSRAM
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has released two MCPs that combine a 64Mb NOR-type Flash memory with a 16Mb or 32Mb PSRAM.
2010-01-13 ISSI forms separate ASSP company
Shanghai Zhang Jiang Science & Technology Investment Corp. will invest $3.75 million in the new company, dubbed Giantec Semiconductor Inc.
2003-02-26 ISSI fields CAM chip, preps search algorithms
ISSI has unveiled a unique CAM technology that can search for multiple packet addresses simultaneously.
2003-11-06 ISSI establishes sales offices in India
U.S.-based Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. (ISSI), a provider of advanced memory solutions, has opened marketing and sales offices in India.
2002-08-28 ISSI enhances serial EEPROM
ISSI has has added features to its IS93C46A 1Kb Microwire Serial EEPROM including increasing the clock rate up to 2MHz and providing Schmitt-trigger inputs to reduce the noise interference.
2015-06-29 ISSI endorses Uphill over Cypress
The ISSI Board of Directors has recommended to its stockholders to vote for the adoption of the Uphill Agreement after Cypress failed to beat Uphill's offer of $23 per share.
2002-04-10 ISSI deploys SigmaRAMs on 0.135m CMOS process
Claimed to be the first SigmaRAM devices to be manufactured using 0.135m CMOS with copper process, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc.'s SigmaRAM SRAMs consume 500mA during operation and are available in three different R/W protocol.
2004-08-16 ISSI chief looks beyond SRAMs
A better year in the SRAM market isn't putting Jimmy Lee at ease.
2002-03-21 ISSI asynchronous SRAMs operate up to 10ns
Integrated Silicon Solution's new line of 1Mb and 4Mb asynchronous SRAMs operate up to 10ns, and is targeted at applications requiring high-speed operation with low-power consumption.
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