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2001-09-14 Understanding ITU-T error performance recommendations
This application note explains the ITU-T recommendations on the error performance parameters and objectives of transmission quality in digital networks.
2003-06-29 The digital Video Standard according to ITU-R BT.601/656
This application note lists the digital video standard according to the ITU-R BT.601/656.
2004-11-02 Solution provides ITU-T O.172 jitter accuracy maps, NG SONET capability
Agilent announced what it claims as the first test solution to provide repeatable jitter with ITU-T O.172 jitter accuracy maps and advanced NG SONET capability.
2003-08-15 MT9122/MT9300 ITU-T G.165 Test Report
This application note provides a report on the performance of the MT9122 and MT9300 with respect to the ITU-T recommendation G.165.
2002-11-29 MT9122/MT9300 ITU-t g.165 test report
This article presents the test apparatus, references, definitions of abbreviations of the mt9122/mt9300 itu-t g.165 test report.
2005-05-16 Jitter measurement box performs ITU-T O.172 Standard tests
Grappling with making accurate high-speed jitter compliance tests? Then check out test-and-measurement vendor Anritsu Company's new MP1797A jitter analyzer.
2009-10-12 ITU, Nokia Siemens to keep rural villages connected
The partnership is part of ITU's Connecting Villages initiative to connect the world's rural and remote areas.
2007-12-18 ITU tackles energy efficiency at UN conference
At the UN Conference on Climate Change, the ITU has addressed the delegates on the role being played by the global electronics and communications industry in both causing and potentially lessening energy use.
2003-10-13 ITU show reflects changing telecom landscape
Telecom World 2003 opened October 11, to an unfamiliar yet fully developed industry landscape.
2003-11-07 ITU releases coarse WDM standards
The International Telecommunications Union, which was in the forefront of defining channel spacing for dense wave-division multiplexing networks, has approved a new set of standards this week for coarse WDM.
2004-07-28 ITU pushing to deliver on next-gen network standards
China's largest telecommunications equipment maker, ZTE Corp., was chosen at a Focus Group meeting in Geneva of the Next Generation Networks standardization effort within the ITU-T to draft two of the most important aspects of the NGN.
2007-06-07 ITU nod nudges WiMAX closer to 4G
The ITU looks ready to approve WiMAX as an official radio interface, hinting at the possibility that it could become an approved 4G technology and benefit from the upcoming IMT-2000 Extension Band spectrum allocations.
2006-02-27 ITU approves UWB standard
The International Telecommunications Union's Study Group 1 has approved a series of draft recommendations from an October spectrum-management meeting that gives UWB radio the status of a Global Regulatory Standard.
2007-10-24 ITU approves South Korea's WiBro as 3G standard
The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has included South Korea's homegrown WiBro technology in the international 3G standards, according to a report from
2014-12-09 ITU approves broadband standard
The latest broadband standard is geared to deliver up to 1Gb/s access speeds over existing telephone wires and serves to complement FTTH technologies.
2007-10-23 ITU adds WiMAX in 3G standard suite
The WiMAX Forum recognizes the decision of the Radiocommunication Sector of the International Telecommunication Union to include WiMAX technology in the IMT-2000 set of standards.
2001-05-17 Implementation of Echo control for ITU G.165/DECT on TMS320C62xx processors
This application note describes the implementation of multichannel echo control on a TMS320C62xx DSP core that can cancel echoes with a 4ms to 32ms delay.
2003-10-15 Developing countries to lead telecoms growth: ITU chief
The global communications and information technology industries are in soul-searching mode, the secretary general of the International Telecommunications Union, Yoshio Utsumi, confessed at the opening of the organization's quadrennial TelecomWorld show.
2006-09-29 Despite ITU nod, China IPTV codec's future unclear
A domestically developed audio/video codec known as AVS is being considered as part of a global IPTV standard being drafted by the ITU. Still, some of China's largest companies appear to be turning their back on it.
2002-08-22 Accelink opto-receivers meet ITU-TG.692 standards
Suitable for integration into DWDM systems, the PEM-SR optical monitoring receiver module from Accelink Technologies Co. Ltd meets the ITU-TG.692 recommendation and monitors wavelength from 1,200nm to 1,600nm with -50dBm maximum sensitivity.
2015-12-22 WRC-15 spectrum decisions reach consensus
There was lively interest in and a surprisingly high level of agreement in deliberations around the fate of the 700MHz and sub-700MHz bands during the recent WRC-15.
2004-03-19 What UWB and architecture have in common?
Talking about UWB sometimes is like trying to sing about architecture. Apart from the excitement surrounding the applications, UWB is something that needs to be witnessed to be experienced.
2005-10-03 Voice quality measurement: Understanding VoIP
Network engineers need to understand call-quality measurement techniques to successfully diagnose and manage VoIP problems
2003-07-01 Video coder threads media needle
Digital video thrives in myriad applications; the new H.26L can exploit new techniques to offer better video quality and low latency for real-time video apps.
2006-08-16 VGA LCD panel meets DSC interface standards
Samsung Electronics announced what it touts as the first three-inch LCD panel with VGA resolution that meets industry interface standards for digital still cameras.
2002-10-28 V.22 1,200bps/1,200bps full-duplex call set-up on the CMX644A
This application note describes details on the V.22 wireline communications protocol and pointers on how the handshaking sequence can be achieved with the CMX644A modem.
2002-05-10 Understanding multimedia standards
This application note provides a description of multimedia applications, such as video conferencing, video capture and processing, and other related topics for a reader's fundamental understanding.
2005-01-03 Timing is everything for VoIP success
The only way for VoIP to succeed is to have the right timing--not market timing, but synchronized timing.
2004-04-26 Tektronix tools eye next-gen video compression apps
Tektronix has launched design verification tools for next-generation video compression technologies available on the company's MPEG Transport Stream Test System.
2005-09-22 TD-SCDMA serves as a new battleground for 3G
The technology, which relies on a combination of TDD and synchronous CDMA, offers some key advantages.
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