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2002-03-05 Infineon unveils ATM, packet over VDSL solution
The company has announced the release of the 4bVDSL standard-compliant ATM over VDSL solution and the PoVDSL packet over VDSL solution, enabling telecommunications equipment that offer the highest possible broadband transmission rates.
2003-03-18 Infineon ships low power 10GbE transceiver
The company has begun shipment of its TenGiPHY single-chip transceivers for use in 10GbE WAN or LAN PHY devices.
2003-03-07 Infineon QAM-VDSL chipset transmits at >100Mbps
Infineon Technologies AG has unveiled the VDSL5100 QAM-VDSL chipset for various VDSL apps including Ethernet over VDSL and ATM over VDSL.
2002-02-22 Infineon launches SIM, basestation controllers
Infineon Technologies announced the release of new versions of its SIM-card and basestation controllers, aimed at providing users with enhanced capabilities on their GSM and UMTS service.
2005-04-04 Infineon claims major power efficiency for ADSL2+ chipset
Infineon introduced an ADSL2+ chipset targeted at DSLAMs and digital loop carriers that incorporate Class D line drivers.
2006-08-16 Implement broadcast video infrastructure
PLDs will play an increasingly important role in the digital buildup of the broadcast industry infrastructure.
2011-06-03 IEEE releases 802.3bfTM Ethernet support
The Ethernet support for time synchronization protocols, IEEE 802.3bfTM-2011, has been ratified by IEEE as an amendment to the IEEE 802.3TM Ethernet standard.
2003-11-14 IEEE fails to break UWB deadlock, de facto spec looms
In a vote, the IEEE 802.15.3a task group failed again to break the deadlock over which proposal - the Multiband-OFDM Alliance's or a competing plan backed by Motorola and XtremeSpectrum - will form the basis for a short-range, high-rate data comms link.
2008-12-24 IEEE approves powerline baseline standard
The IEEE's P1901 working group approved Dec. 19 at a meeting in Kyoto a set of baseline technologies powerline nets, breaking a two-year deadlock.
2013-12-18 IEC: Universal charger for notebook computers to cut e-waste
The IEC Technical Specification opens the way to a significant reduction of e-waste related to power supplies and will allow the use of a single external charger with various notebook computers.
2011-02-08 IEC, e8 unify charging standards to speed global EV rollout
Key stakeholders agree that a successful worldwide EV roll-out can only take place once global standardization is achieved and market fragmentation due to incompatible charging systems is eliminated.
2015-10-29 IDT sol'ns to streamline network synchronisation compliance
The 82P339xx-1 products are composed of IEEE 1588-compliant software and SMU chips that offer a complete telecom network synchronisation solution for IEEE 1588 and synchronous Ethernet.
2011-08-08 ICs provide advanced voice features, low power consumption
Silicon Labs' data modem ICs tackle the need for voice and M2M communications for security and home automation systems, smart utility meters and set-top boxes.
2005-04-28 IC 'drives' signal conditioning at SMPTE data rates
National Semi is sampling an HDTV serial digital cable driver and adaptive cable equalizer that it claims deliver the industry's lowest power and highest ESD protection to the video production equipment market.
2004-12-15 IBM researchers discover servo control method for optics
IBM Corp. researchers from the company's server division and Thomas J. Watson Research Center have collaborated on an unusual project to bring the advantages of phase-locked loops to wavelength domains.
2007-05-15 I/P converter IC enables multivideo input
Seiko Epson Corp. has developed the S2S65P10 I/P converter IC for multi-video input that is ideally suited for equipment such as surveillance and vehicle-mounted cameras.
2013-07-17 Hybrid TV tuner offers 350mW power consumption
MaxLinear's MxL661 tuner is based on the company's "Super Radio" technology and features software programmable radio frequency to intermediate frequency delay.
2009-10-12 Hybrid tuner integrates LNA, tracking, loop filters
The hybrid digital/analog tuner uses runs on 400mW in a 5mm x 5mm 32-pin QFN package.
2010-09-07 Huawei, China Mobile pass 10G GPON test
Huawei completed a 10G GPON full-service test with China Mobile over a live network, showing that its solution is both backward and forward compatible and can support any service and scenario.
2009-11-26 HSPA success in APEJ paves way for LTE
IDC expects a select group of 3G operators to pioneer investment in LTE, seen as the all-IP migration path to 4G.
2006-03-01 HSDPA boosts 3G network's capabilities
HSDPA offers theoretical data rates of up to 14Mbps and reduced latencies to support real-time applications. It also introduces a number of techniques that let network operators use and manage their valuable radio spectrum more efficiently.
2011-02-16 HomeGrid Forum, ZigBee Alliance to extend partnership
The HomeGrid Forum (HGF) and the ZigBee Alliance have agreed to extend their collaboration on the ZigBee Smart Energy standard development.
2008-05-02 HomeGrid Forum seeks standard for networking digital content
Infineon Technologies, Intel, Panasonic and Texas Instruments have banded together to establish the HomeGrid Forum, which which aims to promote a single, next-generation standard for networking digital content, such as movies, music and pictures, over home wiring.
2011-05-09 HomeGrid Forum pushes for tech
The HomeGrid Forum endorses draft specification providing clear direction and timeline for evolution of technology with MIMO enhancements.
2010-09-22 High-speed Ethernet optical transceivers unwrapped
Opnext, Anritsu team up to bring high-speed Ethernet solutions to market
2009-01-09 HDMI readies for home networks
HDMI Licensing LLC announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that it is nearly finished writing a specification for the next generation of the HDMI interconnect used to link a wide range of digital TVs, STBs, Blu-ray players and digital video recorders.
2006-01-26 Handheld Ethernet analyzer accelerates VoIP turn-up
Agilent Technologies announced a voice-over-IP test kit for its existing N2620A FrameScope Pro handheld Ethernet performance analyzer.
2012-05-10 Guard PoE systems from lightning surges, electrical hazards
Read about evidence-based design methods that protect PoE equipment from various electrical hazards.
2007-11-22 Growing MoCA foothold drives call for home-net standard
As the Multimedia over Coax Alliance increases it foothold with a handful of service providers, a new standards effort and a startup are responding to a call for next-generation gigabit home networks.
2008-08-15 Group readies standard for 100G networking
Around 30 vendors took their first giant step toward defining a standard for long distance networking at 100Gbit/s.
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