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2008-08-06 Solar projects top Indian IC prospects
The Indian government is reviewing a dozen proposals worth $23 billion under its IC and electronics manufacturing policy to determine which are eligible for an incentive package announced last year
2007-11-06 India to rev up manufacturing with IT incubators
The Indian government set to establish several IT incubators in the country to attract investment and boost its electronics manufacturing.
2008-04-07 India IC policy pulls in $16B manufacturing proposals
Electronics and chipmakers in India are looking to work with the government to pull together proposals for establishing a chip fab, an LCD plant and solar manufacturing facilities
2007-05-23 India eyes piece of IC manufacturing market
Already a major player in the global software development and services outsourcing industries, India is now gearing up to compete with the rest of Asia in the chip manufacturing market, stated a Reuters report
2007-09-06 Delayed IC policy cost India an Intel plant
The India government's delayed announcement of its IC policy had prompted Intel to look for another plant site, particularly in China and Vietnam.
2006-10-16 Taiwan seeks chip partners in India
A 19-member team from the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association recently visited India's silicon hub in Bangalore to explore partnerships in chip design and embedded software with its counterparts in the sub-continent
2006-11-07 Intel presses India to release IC policy
Intel Corp. will delay a decision on whether to locate test, assembly and manufacturing facilities in India until the government announces a semiconductor manufacturing policy
2007-02-26 India outlines long-awaited IC policy
India's long-awaited semiconductor manufacturing policy has been disclosed, paving the way for the country to make its mark on the global semiconductor map
2006-11-08 India expediting IC policy announcement, assures government
Seeking to mollify a frustrated chip industry, the Indian government says it is expediting its efforts to announce a national semiconductor policy as soon as possible
2007-03-26 India counts on IC policy to attract foreign investments
The Indian government said it expects its new chip policy to attract more than $5 billion in manufacturing investments over the next three years
2006-09-05 Taiwan checks out India for possible chip partnerships
A 19-member team from the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association visited India's silicon hub to explore partnerships in chip design and embedded software with its counterparts in the sub-continent
2007-06-01 Is India the next China
Can India, like China, become the next silicon success story? This seemingly simple question sparked an industry debate since India unveiled in March new financial incentives designed to lure chipmakers to the subcontinent
2008-05-09 Indian IC ecosystem ready for takeoff
Top executives from the Indian and global chip industry believe the semiconductor ecosystem in the country is poised for takeoff.
2008-02-22 India still years away from launching global brands, experts say
Although its design industry will continue to flourish, India has a long way to go before it can begin offering global electronic products, said speakers at the annual Vision Summit in India
2008-06-16 India preps Karnataka as next IC hub
Inspired by Bengaluru's success in attracting semiconductor and embedded design companies, the government of Karnataka will develop its own semiconductor and electronics manufacturing blueprint.
2006-12-19 India IC consumption set to double, analyst says
Driven by communications, India will see its IC consumption more than double by 2010, according to an analyst at In-Stat
2008-10-20 India dreams beyond software
India is looking into developing the hardware design and manufacturing expertise needed to expand beyond its historic dependence on software development
2007-04-16 Incentive scheme to lure chipmakers to India
India has unveiled its much-awaited Special Incentive Package Scheme, hoping to attract investments in IC plants and other technology-manufacturing industries
2011-06-28 Global IC sales to grow 5.4% this year
The Semiconductor Industry Association has announced that the global semiconductor sales forecast will reach $314.4 billion this year.
2006-10-24 Frustration mounts over delayed India semicon policy
The delay in India's semiconductor policy is reportedly causing mounting frustration among stakeholders and potential investors
2006-05-11 IC centers remain afloat despite China's rise
Despite the country's exponential growth and reputation as a low-cost manufacturing base, policy and human resource shortfalls are likely to prevent China from eclipsing the traditional centers of the semiconductor industry for the foreseeable future
2008-02-28 Analysis: Demise of India's IC manufacturing dreams
India's manufacturing dreams appear to be doomed as SemIndia's $3 billion fab project is likely to die a premature death as will another fab planned by IEMC
2007-04-05 TI taps Indian university for R&D, chip innovation
Although the prospect of setting up a manufacturing facility is far from his plans in India, Texas Instruments CEO Rich Templeton is certainly excited about the Indian semiconductor policy that was announced a few weeks ago
2008-04-28 Tax exemption expiry worries Indian IT firms
The uncertainty about extending the 10-year tax holiday for IT companies have left Indian chip design houses in a quandary.
2008-07-07 SemIndia scouts new partner after AMD deal expires
One of India's chip manufacturing projects, SemIndia Fab, is reportedly seeking a new technology partner after its three-year deal with Advanced Micro Devices Inc. lapsed
2008-05-28 Dubai builds silicon from sand
Dubai is prepping the Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), a multibillion- dollar project with the objective of establishing the country as a leading center for electronics innovation, design and development.
2010-06-23 Analysis: Chengdu takes on hi-tech challenges
Chengdu City is fast becoming the next major biotechnology, chip, LED and renewable energy hub in China, making enormous strides to find its niche in IT and software.
2003-07-29 Outsourcing services put chip designers on edge
The acceleration of overseas outsourcing of information technology services in recent years has some circuit designers worried about the security of their once-sheltered position.
2008-01-02 Taiwan jumps on the 4C bandwagon
Cars of the future will have leading-edge electronic technologies integrated into them that will improve driving comfort and entertainment, opening the door to the so-called "4C" industry and giving new hope for Taiwan's electronic industry.
2013-02-21 SSIA: MEMS to go mainstream this year
In an exclusive interview with EE Times Asia, SSIA talks about the promising market segments of 2013 as well as the impact of Singapore's electronics-focused policies.
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