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2008-09-03 Intel helps boost India WiMAX services
Intel Corp. and India telecom carrier Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) have partnered to promote WiMAX-based broadband access in India
2008-12-19 India awaits WiMAX-ready notebooks
Intel Corp. is working with Indian service providers and device manufacturers to help bring WiMAX-ready notebooks and netbooks to the India market segment mid-2009.
2009-02-27 WiMAX's massive network: 430M people
WiMAX service providers are now offering networks covering 430 million people, or POPS, globally and are on a path to nearly double to 800 million people by the end of 2010, according to the WiMAX Forum
2010-02-24 WiMAX set to cover 1B people by 2011
WiMAX service providers now offer networks covering more than 620 million people (or POPS) in 147 countries and are on pace to surpass one billion by the end of 2011
2008-10-28 WiMAX market sees high growth in India
The WiMAX Forum forecasts that the Indian WiMAX market including devices will be worth $13 billion in 2012
2008-09-18 Wireless firm targets to bridge WiMAX, LTE
Continuous Computing Inc. has unveiled a hardware and software suite to allow network operators to upgrade from 3G to 4G wireless broadband.
2006-07-04 WiMAX subscribers to reach 13M in India by 2012
According to research firms Maravedis Research and Tonse Telecom, there will be 13 million WiMAX subscribers in India by 2012
2006-11-17 Spectrum conflict delays WiMax in India
India could miss the wireless broadband revolution unless it reallocates spectrum in the 2.5- to 2.69GHz band for WiMax services, the WiMax Forum has warned
2008-02-15 Mobile execs agree on cooperation, disagree over WiMAX, LTE
Cooperation emerged as the theme of Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers' keynote at the Mobile World Congress, but Chambers and another wireless executive each touted separate wireless network technologies as a future standard.
2004-12-16 Intel sets timeline for WiMAX chips
Intel eyes 2006 as a realistic timeline for the rollout of its WiMAX chips
2005-09-30 Intel pledges WiMAX broadband connectivity in Asia
Remarkable efforts in advancing WiMAX wireless broadband are being made by Intel for the massive deployment of its infrastructure in Asia, especially in developing countries
2008-04-23 Intel earmarks $500M for WiMAX deployment in Taiwan
Intel Corp. will invest $500 million in Taiwan over the next five years, with the bulk of the investment targeted for WiMAX, according to Yahoo! India
2006-12-04 India's BSNL teams up with Intel on WiMAX
Indian state-owned service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd is teaming with Intel Corp. in a bid to deploy the country's first WiMAX-based wireless broadband and telecom service
2009-05-29 India wireless test market to enjoy steady growth
A new analysis from Frost and Sullivan stated that the Indian wireless communication test equipment market is positioned for good growth with investments in R&D and infrastructure development, bolstered by growth in the handset market and advent of next-generation wireless technologies.
2008-07-09 India seeks to boost efforts in IP firms
Indian technology companies facing cost pressures from a global economic slump and domestic competition are seeking a way out by boosting R&D investments to develop semiconductor intellectual property.
2008-08-05 India plots 3G, WiMAX road map
Foreign companies will be allowed to bid for 3G and WiMAX licenses in India, according to the spectrum guidelines released Aug. 1
2008-08-11 India green-lights 3G, WiMAX spectrum
After announcing its delayed 3G and WiMAX rollout plans, India's Ministry for Communications and Information Technology has finally approved the release of 3G and WiMAX spectrum to two state-owned telecommunications service providers.
2008-03-10 India gearing up to be top WiMAX market
In 2008, the Indian wireless network equipment market is estimated to reach as high as $120 million, a substantial jump over 2007 that could signify India's emergence as a top WiMAX market, said an analyst with market researcher Maravedis-Tonse Telecom
2007-07-26 India 3G rollout hits road blocks
Bharti Airtel currently offers 3G services in several locations, but the rollout of similar services in its home base India has been delayed
2010-05-25 India 3G auction closes at $15B
India's 3G auctions finally concluded May 19, attracting industry bids totaling $15 billion, almost 50 percent above the government's expectations
2008-03-28 Gartner: Near-term prospects dim for India WiMAX market
In the near-term, the Indian WiMAX market is not very promising,' according to Naresh Singh, principal research analyst for Gartner
2010-07-12 LTE roll-outs, trials gain momentum
ABI Research reported that 132 networks have commenced with LTE trials or commercial launch plans.
2009-04-22 4G hype won't phase out 2G/3G networks
The mobile broadband spotlight is on LTE, WiMAX and 4G, as if 3G is on its death knell and 2G but a distant memory. But the reality of today's mobile data networks are quite the opposite2G dominates, with 3G just coming into its own
2011-08-17 Emerging markets put off by broadband's high costs
According to Ovum, lower GDP per capita and affordability issues continue to discourage consumers in emerging markets such as the Philippines, India and Pakistan to use broadband
2007-06-25 Asian telco giants clash on future mobile tech
Asia's large telcos are looking to new applications to drive revenues, but a debate is raging over whether 3G or WiMAX networks are better suited to support next-generation mobile offerings
2006-06-30 Forum seeks to draw foreign investment in Korea
Speakers at the recent Korea Investment Forum said the country is poised for future growth, making it an attractive investment target.
2009-05-20 China OEMs boom as wireless market slides
Revenues for wireless infrastructure systems fell off a cliff in Q1 09 despite record sales of base stations. Sales are expected to be generally flat over the next four years, forcing a consolidation in which China's top OEMs will rise.
2005-09-06 Asia embraces triple-play apps
Wired and wireless infrastructure investments in Asia have boosted hopes for the thriving arena of triple-play network applications
2005-10-17 Asia embraces triple-play apps
Wired and wireless infrastructure investments in Asia have boosted hopes for the thriving arena of triple-play network applications
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