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2004-01-16 ABC Taiwan coils have up to 220?H inductance
The SB3506 series of power choke coils from ABC Taiwan Electronics has an inductance test frequency of 100kHz/0.1V.
2006-06-14 Wirewound inductor achieves 47H rating
Taiyo Yuden's LBMF1608 wirewound chip inductors are touted as the first devices to achieve a 47H inductance rating in a 0603 case size.
2006-06-14 Vishay adds 2525-footprint inductors to IHLP line
Vishay is extending its IHLP family of inductors with new devices in the 2525-size footprint that promise to offer inductance values from 10H to 0.56H.
2001-08-27 Testing inductors at application frequencies
This application note discusses accurate measurement of coil parameters at the application frequency.
2006-06-02 Techniques to improve ZVS full-bridge performance
This design guide provides techniques for improving the zero voltage range on the ZVS full-bridge converter.
2005-10-14 ST's new Hybrid BJT/MOSFETs deliver speed and power
Touting a breakthrough in high-voltage, high-switching applications, STMicroelectronics' new hybrid emitter-switched bipolar transistors (EBST), particularly suited to industrial three-phase auxiliary power supplies and single-ended primary inductance converters (SEPIC), boasts the industry's best combination of low forward voltage drop, high blocking voltage, and fast switching speed.
2005-10-21 ST offers the best of BJT and MOSFET in one single transistor
ST introduced a family of hybrid EBST designed for industrial three-phase auxiliary power supplies and Single-Ended Primary Inductance Converters (SEPIC) used as power factor pre-regulators in industrial lighting apps.
2015-06-10 Spotlight on position sensor tech for hydraulic cylinders
Position feedback sensors for hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders have used one of three traditional technologies: magnetostrictive, variable resistance and variable inductance sensors.
2002-04-22 SPICE models for power electronics
This application note explains the process of creating SPICE models for power electronics, particularly transformers.
2004-06-10 Silvaco rollout includes mixed-signal simulation
During the Design Automation Conference, Silvaco will bring a new mixed-signal simulator, a full-chip RC extractor, a harmonic-balance simulator, an inductance extractor and a soft-error modeling tool.
2003-11-03 Move beyond the legacy of IR drop
Chang warns SoC designers to move beyond the IR-drop legacy and its oversimplifications.
2015-01-16 Modelling package parasitics within IBIS
Package parasitics can be modelled within an IBIS file using a number of methods that differ in their complexity and accuracy. Here's a brief look at these methods.
2002-04-22 Keep your switch mode supply stable with a critical-mode controller
This application note presents a solution as well as an explanation to the problem why a vast majority of low-power, portable flyback switch-mode power supplies operate in the discontinuous area.
2003-12-26 Greek EDA startup offers RF design tool
Helic SA has launched an inductance-modeling tool that the company says will slash development costs for wireless transceiver designs.
2015-03-19 Grasping capacitors, ripple and self-heating
Ripple can be a necessary design function, and the considerations can be quite straightforward. In this article, we will take a look at ripple ratingsor how to cook a capacitor.
2012-10-30 Diodes releases miniature package for mobile devices
Diodes has introduced its first 6.0V Zener and switching diodes to be provided in the 0.6mm x 0.3mm x 0.3mm format.
2002-05-06 Designing high-performance flyback converters with the HV9110 and HV9120
This application note describes two different circuits developed to show the flexibility of flyback converters built with the HV91XX family PWM ICs.
2002-02-16 Designing electronic equipment for ESD immunity
The first of two parts, this technical article exhaustively discuss the essential requirements for preventing and fighting ESD in electronic equipment.
2002-06-16 Current sensing for energy metering
This technical article discusses how a digital integrator can be used to condition a signal output from a Rogowski coil current sensor to an appropriate level for high-current energy meter applications.
2015-06-23 Comparing position sensors for hydraulic cylinder feedback
Know the strengths and weaknesses of magnetostrictive, variable resistance, and variable inductance sensors for hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders.
2008-12-22 Compact inductor handles up to 1MHz frequency
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released a new IHLP low-profile, high-current inductor in the 2020 case size, offering an ultralow 3mm profile with a wide inductance range and low DCR.
2002-05-14 Common mode chokes: WCM 501 series
This application note describes the features of West Coast Magnetics' 501 series common mode chokes.
2002-09-20 Circuit models for plastic packaged microwave diodes
This application note discusses the measurement and establishment of circuit models for SOT-23 and SOD-323 packaged diodes.
2012-09-24 Circuit board design for IF/RF feedback amps
Read about the key components of PCB design for amplifiers such as LMH6521 and LMH6522 DVGAs.
2011-09-21 Broadband inductor touts up to 40GHz return loss
AVX's range of broadband inductors delivers low insertion loss, flat frequency response
2005-02-09 Wayter power inductors rated at 55A
The new series of surface-mount high-current power inductors from Wayter Electronics features an inductance range between 150nH and 440nH.
2005-01-05 Wayter chip inductors suitable for reflow soldering
Wayter Electronics announced the general availability of its new series of chip inductors that feature an inductance range between 0.12?H and 560?H.
2005-12-28 Vishay ships power MOSFETs in PolarPAK package
Vishay is shipping the first two power MOSFETs to be offered in its innovative PolarPAK package, which uses double-sided cooling to reducing thermal resistance, package resistance, and package inductance for a more efficient, faster switching power MOSFET.
2002-11-12 Vishay inductors saturate to 84A
Vishay has expanded its Dale IHLP high-current inductor family with the addition of new devices that extend the inductance range up to 10?H.
2010-03-11 Surface-mount inductors deliver 1?H to 100?H
From Gowanda Electronics comes the SMP1210S series of surface-mount inductors, which combines high current, shielding and small size with inductance values from 1?H to 100?H.
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