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2003-05-02 C&D inductors handle 8.1A of current
C&D Technologies (NCL) Ltd has introduced two series of surface-mount inductors that offer current ratings up to 8.1A.
2005-10-20 Bypass or decouple your way to power supply noise reduction (Part 2)
Understand better the dynamics of power distribution.
2005-10-20 Bypass or decouple your way to power supply noise reduction
Understand better the dynamics of power distribution.
2008-07-08 Bus converter outputs 300W at 42A
Ericsson Power Modules' eighth brick sized PKB-NG DC/DC bus converter provides an output power of 300W at 42A.
2006-11-14 Buffer and MUX family delivers fail-safe protection
Micrel announced what it touts as the industry's first 4.25Gbps buffer and multiplexer family with fail safe input circuitry for SONET, Fibre Channel, and Ethernet data and clock distribution.
2016-04-07 Boost functionality of industrial DC/DC converters
Know how modern packaging technology can help improve the performance of industrial DC/DC converters that require more functionality.
2016-02-16 Boost current control for better stepper motor motion
Implementing internal, bi-directional current sensing inside a stepper motor driver IC results in improved motion quality with lower system cost than legacy solutions.
2012-02-15 Boost automotive electrical integration using sensor module (Part 2)
Find out how to properly employ sensor modules in automotives.
2012-06-27 BiSy eSD protection diode tips
Vishay Intertechnology's VCUT07B1-n bidirectional symmetrical single-line ESD protection diode offers notebook computers and smartphones 14pF capacitance in a 1 x 0.6 x 0.38mm LLP1006-2L.
2007-08-24 Bipolar transistors drive MOSFET gates faster
Zetex claims that its bipolar transistors can drive MOSFET gates faster and more efficiently than CMOS IC alternatives.
2002-01-30 BI Technologies surface-mount inductor handles 20A
The Magnetic Components division of BI Technologies has launched a line of low-profile, surface-mount inductors with a closed magnetic-circuit design for high-density PCB assemblies.
2002-04-30 BI Technologies closed-circuit inductors designed with low profile
TT Electronics' BI Technologies Magnetic Components division has launched a series of surface-mount, micropower inductors for use in portable products and other applications where board height is critical.
2002-08-14 BC Components ships chip inductors in 0402 casings
BC Components has announced that it is shipping its new series of multilayer ceramic chip inductors in 0402 casings that feature typical self resonant frequency (SRF) between 750MHz to 4GHz.
2009-07-22 Battery shunt resistor boasts 100?? resistance
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has unveiled a new Power Metal Strip battery shunt resistor that combines a 36W power capability in the 8518 size package with extremely low resistance values down to 100??.
2004-04-29 Bad signals interfere with 90nm designs
Bad signals interfere with 90nm designs.
2005-11-14 AVX's power film capacitor may replace electrolytic devices
AVX Corp. beefed up the temp and voltage operating conditions of its medium power film capacitor family.
2005-08-12 AVX's new thin-film inductor combines high Q, tight tolerance
The new thin-film RF inductor from AVX Corp. offers high Q and tight tolerances with high current handling capability as well as repeatability in a small 0402 case size.
2012-09-06 AVX's multilayer organic technology provides High Q
AVX's new inductors based on a multilayer low loss organic (MLO) technology represent a paradigm shift from traditional LTCC and thin film passive SMD components.
2004-01-14 AVX TransFeed array comes in 0612 package
AVX Corp. has introduced its TransFeed array in the 0612 package.
2002-01-18 AVX passive filters pack capacitor, inductor elements in one chip
The W2H/W3H series miniature ceramic chip components combine capacitor and inductor elements in a single distributed constant circuit filter device.
2004-01-22 AVX introduces upgrades to SpiCAP software
AVX Corp. has released SpiCAP v3.0, an online engineering tool that generates the frequency response and characterizes the company's ceramic chip capacitors based on user inputs.
2013-10-04 Avoiding scope errors (Part 2)
This instalment covers the selection of incorrect probe or its improper use.
2011-05-05 Automotive power MOSFET targets DC/DC applications
International Rectifier has introduced the automotive DirectFET2 power MOSFET chipset optimized for DC/DC applications used in internal combustion engine (ICE) cars, hybrid and electric vehicles.
2010-04-22 Automotive MOSFETs come in compact LFPAK
NXP Semiconductors has launched a full range of automotive power MOSFETs housed in the compact, thermally-enhanced Loss Free PAcKage (LFPAK).
2008-07-04 Audio chip does EMI filtering, ESD protection
The EMIF06-AUD01F2 from STMicroelectronics implements the complete EMI filtering and ESD protection for stereo headset output and external and internal microphones within a flip-chip package measuring 2.42mm x 1.92mm.
2005-12-14 ATI selects Infineon DRAM for notebook PC solution
Infineon announced that its 512Mb GDDR3 graphics DRAM was selected by ATI for use with its Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics processor targeting notebook PCs.
2006-04-04 Aries unveils dynamic burn-in socket for 14-27mm2 packages
Aries Electronics has released a new dynamic burn-in socket for devices from 14mm2 to 27mm2.
2002-10-09 Apache's Tomahawk tool analyzes power, IR drop
EDA startup Apache Design Solutions Inc. has released the Tomahawk-S static analysis tool that looks at power, IR drop, and electromigration.
2004-02-03 Apache tool additions jazz up NSpice simulation
Physical-design-integrity startup Apache Design Solutions Inc. has introduced two new versions of its NSpice simulator: NSpice-PI and NSpice-UBS.
2002-11-13 Apache spices up analog circuit simulator
Apache is introducing a new version of the popular Spice circuit simulator as it seeks to broaden its share of the analog circuit simulator business.
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