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2014-10-13 RF probes offer mechanical reliability for semicon test
The Z1 boasts an insertion loss of about 30Ghz at -1dB, while Z0 is ECT's ultra-high bandwidth series featuring 1.5mm test height of and 0.60nH of inductance that touts an insertion loss of 40Ghz at -1dB.
2002-01-04 Pulse miniature chip inductors come in 0805 housing
Housed in an industry-standard 0805 housing, Pulse Engineering's miniature RF chip inductor family features high inductance, high current rating and low dc resistance.
2011-06-28 Power inductors offer 8.18 x 8.64mm footprint
Vishay Intertechnology has launched its IHLP low-profile, high-current inductor in the 3232 case size that offers high-efficiency and a wide range of standard inductance values.
2011-12-02 Power inductor touts heat rating current up to 9A
The SRP4012 Series has an inductance range of 0.22-1.5?H and saturation current up to 10A.
2003-04-16 Package efficiency: A boost to power MOSFETs
DirectFET technology has radically reduced package resistance and inductance, and facilitated a large reduction in the thermal resistance.
2005-06-08 Optimizing the MAX3656 output network for long laser leads in GPON/GEPON ONT application
This app note discusses the impact of the increased inductance in more detail and illustrates by simulation and lab measurements a compensation network that provides excellent gigabit operation with large amounts of lead inductance.
2006-07-05 New power inductors eye notebook PCs, LCDs
The new surface-mount power inductors from Trio Technology feature an inductance range from 0.1 H to 8.2H,, and impedance range from 0.6 milliohm to 40 milliohms.
2006-07-05 New 2525-footprint inductors feature 3mm profile
Vishay's added to its IHLP family of low-profile, high-current inductors new 2525-footprint devices offering a height profile of 3mm and inductance values from 22H to 1H.
2004-08-02 Mixed-signal simulation tool supports Linux
Silvaco's mixed-signal simulator, RC inductance extractor and soft-error modeling tool all support Linux under a new GUI.
2008-05-21 Low-cost inductor promises 'highest' rated, saturation current
Vishay Intertechnology has released a new toroidal, high-current, high-temperature inductor that offers what is touted to be the highest rated and saturation current, and the lowest inductance and DCR.
2009-06-05 Low ESR capacitors deliver high peak voltage
Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products has released a complete line of film capacitors offering low inductance, low equivalent series resistance (ESR) and low dissipation factor while providing a high peak withstanding voltage.
2005-08-03 LinkCom inductors eye laptops
LinkCom announced the availability of its new series of high-inductance power inductors that are rated at either 0.5?H or 1?H, and features a maximum DC bias of 20A or 25A
2006-06-26 LGA capacitor offers very low ESL
AVX developed a land-grid array capacitor that offers extremely low equivalent series inductance.
2006-09-26 IRC adds 20W and 35W devices to power resistor line
TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division has extended its MHP series power resistors with 20W and 35W devices, providing design engineers with high-power, low-inductance devices in transistor-style packages.
2008-12-22 Insight into inductor current
The design of the main power inductor in a switching power supply provides many challenges to the engineer. Not only must an inductance value be chosen, but also how much current the inductor can handle, the winding resistance, mechanical factors etc.
2005-09-23 Inductors can handle up to 30A
The new series of high-power inductors from Epcos covers the inductance range from 0.5?H to 3.92?H and can handle currents up to 30A.
2002-08-16 Inductor line cites low price, wide range
Low-cost inductors from TT Electronics' BI Technologies Magnetic Components division features high current-handling capabilities, wide inductance range, and low dc resistance.
2000-12-08 How to deal with leakage elements in flyback converters
This application note reviews the magnetic and electric models of two- and three-winding transformers, discusses how to extract the inductance values of these models by measurements and calculations, and demonstrates how to feed a SPICE model.
2008-12-25 High-current inductor housed in ultralow package
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released the high-current IHLP-2020BZ-11 inductor that offers an ultralow 2mm profile, with a wide inductance range and low DCR.
2013-08-29 High power SiC diodes enable flexible layout options
IXYS' SS150 and SS275 series high power silicon carbide diodes are packaged in a low inductance, surface mount DE Series package and are available in 600V, 10A and 1200V, 5A configurations.
2014-11-12 GQFN package shrinks devices by up to 60%
Aside from reducing package size, the grid array flat no-lead package also enables improved electrical performance through lower inductance and capacitance.
2012-12-24 ESD protection diodes support high-speed data lines
Toshiba's DF6D7M1N (2bit) and DF10G7M1N (4bit) realise multiple diodes while maintaining the signal quality achieved by the low-inductance flow-through layout.
2014-07-09 element14 announces latest power devices from KEMET
Some of the devices included in the release are the Tantalum T545 and T521 series devices, MPL series of power inductors with high inductance and ESD-R series of EMI cores.
2015-04-24 EDA tool reduces design time for FinFETs
The Calibre xACT claims to quickly and accurately extract parasitic capacitance, resistance and inductance for IC designs including digital, custom, analogue and RF.
2008-01-28 Device integrates power MOSFET, Schottky barrier diode
TAEC announced that it has expanded its line-up of MOSBD devices, which integrate a power MOSFET and a Schottky barrier diode onto a single die to save board space, increase power efficiency, and reduce wiring resistance and inductance.
2002-03-01 Darfon chip capacitors suit high-speed circuits
The company's 0508 and 0612 low-inductance chip capacitors feature an X7R dielectric and are designed for use in high-speed circuits such as microprocessor decoupling in computers and servers.
2002-06-25 Cooper SMT power inductors take high-speed telecom tack
The Coiltronics brand of HC7 surface-mount inductors from Cooper Electronic Technologies targets voltage regulator modules with higher-speed-mode applications that require lower inductance, lower voltage and high current.
2016-03-01 Compact driver board from Wolfspeed targets SiC MOSFETs
The CGD15FB45P1 features a direct-mount low-inductance design and furnishes six output channels and an isolated power supply, as well as short-circuit, overtemperature and undervoltage protection.
2003-04-04 Coaxial cable fits TV receivers, DVD players
The Q-866A coaxial cable of Shenzhen Yifeng Electronics Co. Ltd exhibits a conductor resistance of 34 milliohms and an inductance of 3H.
2014-05-27 Capacitor implants power up load boards
Multitest has placed single capacitors close to the device under test, and added the capacitance core between the power and the ground layerdecreasing loop inductance in the power delivery network.
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