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2003-02-17 C&D pulse transformer exhibit 1kVrms isolation
C&D Technologies' 786 series of miniature pulse transformers offers inductance values up to 10mH.
2003-04-01 C&D surface mount inductors handle 2.1A
The 2300 series of miniature bobbin wound, surface-mount inductors from C&D Technologies offers nominal inductance values up to 100?H.
2008-06-11 Bondwire design gets Helic touch
Greek EDA company Helic SA is launching a bondwire layout and inductance modeling tool called VeloceWired.
2004-05-26 AVX/Kyocera capacitor arrays offer 15pH ESL
AVX/Kyocera has launched low-inductance capacitor arrays that utilize up to four separate capacitor sections in one ceramic body.
2010-02-05 Automotive MOSFETs deliver dual-sided cooling
International Rectifier has released the AUIRF7739L2 and AUIRF7665S2 automotive DirectFET2 power MOSFETs that deliver exceptional power density, dual-sided cooling and low parasitic inductance.
2002-06-05 ATC chip inductors offer lead free terminations
The WL series of HF wire-wound chip inductors from American Technical Ceramic Corp. is available in inductance values ranging from 1nH to 1.25H.
2003-09-12 ABC choke coils rated at 20A
Suitable for automatic SMD equipment assembly, the SP1205 series of SD type shielded SMD power choke coils from ABC Taiwan Electronics Corp. features a 0.30?H to 1?H inductance range.
2002-10-24 A 5GHz - 6GHz switch using low-cost plastic packaged pin diodes
This application note describes a new design for an SPDT switch in the 5GHz to 6GHz range using PIN diodes in a low inductance SOT-23 package.
2001-04-19 A 5-6GHz switch using low-cost plastic packaged PIN diodes
This application note describes the design and performance of a SPDT switch covering a 5GHz to 6GHz frequency range utilizing low-cost PIN diodes in SOT-23 packages that use a low-inductance internal lead configuration.
2009-11-25 15nH IGBT modules target AC/DC converters
Semikron has developed a low-inductance 1200V Semitrans IGBT module series for use in AC/DC converters in the 20kW to 300kW power range.
2003-09-18 Yoto Coils RF choke has 50mA to 1A current
The R20x6 RF filter choke coil from Yoto Coils Electronics Co. Ltd features a diameter size of 4-by-15 to 10-by-60.
2002-11-04 Yageo MLCC suits dc motor, data line apps
Designed for high-speed data line filtering apps, Yageo's X2Y series of MLCCs is available with capacitance values from 10pF to 1?F.
2008-02-19 XPhase chipset delivers AMD CPU power solution
IR has introduced the IR3514 and IR3507 XPhase chipset for AMD parallel and serial VID (PVID and SVID) processors.
2014-11-14 Worst practices for DDR memory testing
There are some things to watch out for when testing DDR memory deviceswe call them worst practices. These can adversely influence measurement accuracy or even wreck your probing setup.
2002-01-18 Wolfson audio chips occupy less footprint vs. SSOPs
Widely used in portable audio designs, the WM8711 stereo DAC and WM8731 audio codec are now offered in a QFNP that offers one-third the footprint of existing SSOPs.
2008-07-21 Wirewound power inductors claim low DC resistance
Taiyo Yuden Inc. has introduced the NR6028 series of 6mm x 6mm x 2.8mm height (max) wirewound power inductors for DC/DC converter choke coil applications in LCD/plasma TVs and other flat panel displays.
2005-12-05 Wirewound chip inductors pack performance in small package
Taiyo Yuden offers a new wirewound chip inductor series that is said to simplify designs, reduce part count and lower BOM costs by combining two devices into a single 3218-size package.
2007-11-15 Wire-wound inductors load 3A at 10?H rating
Taiyo Yuden has unveiled the NR6045T series of wire-wound power inductors for DC/DC converter choke coil applications in LCD/plasma TVs and other flat-panel displays.
2005-01-10 When bad packages kill good PCBs
How to avoid packaging problems in off-the-shelf ICs and FPGAs, and ASICs.
2006-03-16 What-If tools for everyone
Here is a comprehensive tool set providing an iterative, what-if analysis that engineers can run before PCB layout begins.
2007-09-17 Weigh power, heat factors in new resistors
Resistor manufacturers are now addressing demanding requirements by beefing up their power lines to offer more power and better heat dissipation in same-size or smaller packages.
2002-01-09 WEDC MCP for embedded control apps packs RISC processor, SSRAMs
The WED3C741016M-400BX multichip package combines a PowerPC 7410 AltiVec RISC processor with 2MB SSRAM L2 cache, and is aimed at embedded control applications where density and performance are required.
2002-05-01 VSIA releases SI spec for IP-block integration
VSIA has released the initial version of a signal integrity extension to the specs to help intellectual-property suppliers communicate signal integrity data to IP integrators.
2005-05-02 Voltage-mode control curbs power issues
Learn practical recommendations for designing voltage-mode control synchronous buck converter based on technology advancement.
2010-07-05 Voltage to current conversion
Voltage controlled current sources (or VCCSs) can be useful for applications such as active loads for use in component testing or torque control for motors.
2012-11-26 Vishay's battery shunt resistor boasts 100?? resistance
Vishay's WSBM8518 Power Metal Strip touts moulded enclosure with a four-pin connector and features 36W power capability.
2002-12-23 Vishay wirewound inductor eliminates EMI in PCs
The IMC-2220 series of wirewound, molded, surface-mount inductor from Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. is designed to eliminate EMI in power lines for PCs, telecommunications, appliances, and other electronic devices. Measuring 5.6-by-5mm with a 5mm profile, the inductors serve as drop-in replacements for industry-standard 2220 (or metric 5650) devices.
2002-12-09 Vishay ships smaller RF diodes
Vishay Intertechnology has introduced an RF Schottky diode and four RF PIN diodes in a surface-mount, 2-pin SOD523 package.
2002-12-13 Vishay rolls RF transistors in smaller packages
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. is offering its RF transistors in a new 3-pin SOT490 package that occupies a footprint of 1.6-by-0.85mm.
2013-04-10 Vishay rolls film snubber capacitor for direct IGBT mounting
The MKP386M features a wide capacitance range from 047 to 10?F, high-temperature operation to 105C, and seven voltage ratings from 700 VDC to 2500 VDC and 420 VAC to 800 VAC.
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