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2007-10-10 XLoom weaves optics solution for Infiniband
XLoom Communications has rolled out a new optical module to migrate CX4 copper interconnects to 100m over standard optical fiber for a broad range of data center systems.
2004-04-13 Tsinghua University selects InfiniBand switch fabric
National Tsinghua University of China has selected InfiniCon Systems Inc. to supply a 10Gbps switch fabric for a 128-node, InfiniBand-based cluster.
2004-03-16 Sun hedges on Infiniband as system interconnect
Opportunities for server blades are growing fast, but so are issues like managing, cooling, and picking the right interconnects for this emerging category of densely packed systems, said computer executives at the Server Blade Summit on Wednesday (March 10, 2004).
2008-02-18 Sun grooms Infiniband for Ethernet face-off
Sun Microsystems expects to get a jump on Ethernet developers later this year when it releases its first Infiniband products capable of natively handling networking, storage and clustering jobs.
2002-02-13 Stratos rolls out Infiniband-compliant optical transceivers
The company's SFF 2x5 and SFP InfiniBand optical transceivers operate at 2.5Gbps and are intended to provide better I/O performance in heavy-traffic environments such as servers, remote storage devices, and within multiprocessor systems.
2002-05-20 Stratos RJ Format optical transceivers meet Infiniband specs
Stratos Lightwave Inc. has announced the shipment of its RJ Format of optical transceivers that comply with the Infiniband standard, and are intended for use in heavy-traffic environments.
2003-04-02 Sky offers computers based on Infiniband
SKY Computers Inc. has introduced its latest Smart family of products based on the Infiniband architetcture standard.
2002-02-01 RedSwitch kit speeds InfiniBand product development
Positioned to provide testing and troubleshooting solutions for InfiniBand product designers and manufacturers, the product development kit (PDK) features the HDMP-2840 switch chip.
2008-06-19 QLogic boasts 20Gbit/s Infiniband card
QLogic Corp. finally rolled out its first 20Gbit/s Infiniband adapter card.
2002-03-05 Primarion to license reference design for Essential InfiniBand products
Primarion has signed a memorandum of understanding to license the Primarion PX5120 skip-free retiming repeater chip reference designs to Essential, a developer of InfiniBand adapters and switches.
2013-07-03 PCIe card from PLX to undercut Ethernet, Infiniband costs
PLX Technology's system is essentially a 96-port PCI Express Gen 3 switch that can deliver connections running at the equivalent of Infiniband QDR among a rack full of servers and storage arrays.
2006-11-16 iSCSI gains Infiniband's support
The Infiniband Trade Association has added support for iSCSI to its specification as part of its plan to expand use of the interconnect from computer clustering to storage networking.
2002-05-27 Intel drops plans for InfiniBand silicon
Intel Corp. has abandoned plans to provide InfiniBand silicon and will instead rely on third-party host control adapters that will be tied to future Intel server chip sets using the I/O standard.
2002-01-01 InfiniBand: Thinking outside the box design
This technical article discusses how the InfiniBand switch fabric architecture can help solve tomorrow's bandwidth-hungry system requirements not provided by traditional network methods.
2010-12-01 InfiniBand-based chipmaker buys fabric manufacturer
Mellanox Technologies Ltd is acquiring Voltaire Ltd for an estimated $218 million.
2005-12-12 InfiniBand-based ATCA blades meet the open standards
Diversified Technology's ATC5232 and ATS2148 ATCA blades will provide an InfiniBand-based fabric for blade systems using the ATCA open-architecture standard.
2000-12-01 Infiniband requires design trade-offs
Primary players in the computer industry are developing the Infiniband architecture as the next generation of server I/O, with the intent of eventually replacing PCI.
2003-01-23 Infiniband receives push for embedded apps
A trio of companies has launched an effort to make Infiniband the preeminent interconnect fabric of embedded systems.
2010-06-07 Infiniband gears for 50-100Gbit/s links
The Infiniband Trade Association is adding new 50- and 100Gbit/s milestones to its road map, claiming its members will deliver products for them by early 2012.
2010-05-25 InfiniBand fabric suite offers adaptive, dispersive routing
QLogic Corp. has released the InfiniBand Fabric Suite (IFS) 6.0 management software package that incorporates virtual fabrics configurations adaptive routing and dispersive routing.
2004-09-01 Infiniband delivers flexibility
Infiniband as a backplane technology offers new flexibility that allow for rapid remapping of applications.
2004-01-15 IBM, Topspin forge InfiniBand agreement
IBM and Topspin Communications have formed a five-year agreement under which IBM will have the access to Topspin's server switches and software for use across its eServer and TotalStorage product line.
2010-10-20 IBM integrates Mellanox InfiniBand switch systems
Mellanox Technologies Ltd announced that its IS5000 line of 108 and 324-port modular 40Gb/s InfiniBand switches with robust latency performance, are now offered through IBM's iDataPlex and Intelligent Cluster product lines.
2003-05-29 ESD Protection Infiniband Data Lines
This application note discusses the importance of ESD protection and suppression for Infiniband products such as server, adapters, switches, storage units, and the like.
2010-04-21 Converged network fuses Ethernet, Infiniband
Taking a step forward in the race towards converged networks, a trade group announced a capability for layering Infiniband's low latency features on top of Ethernet.
2009-02-19 Chip supports Infiniband, Ethernet, Fibre Channel
Mellanox Technologies Ltd's BridgeX chip will power a family of gateway systems Mellanox will sell supporting 40Gbit/s InfiniBand, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 8Gbit/s Fibre Channel.
2002-02-27 CATC unveils world's first InfiniBand 4X protocol analyzer
Claimed to be the world's first analyzer for the Infiniband 4X protocol, the IBTracer 4X, shortens engineering development cycles and reduces the costs of developing InfiniBand-based semiconductors, switches, routers, and software.
2003-08-18 Cable transceiver simplifies InfiniBand, CX4 interconnects
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX3983 cable transceiver that extends the interconnection distance of InfiniBand and 10Gbase-CX4 Ethernet links.
2006-11-28 Cable assemblies triple DDR InfiniBand reach
W. L. Gore & Associates has introduced an innovation in high data rate cable assemblies that promises to more than triple the reach of DDR InfiniBand cables as well as reduce their size and weight for enhanced flexibility and ease of routing.
2004-05-12 Banderacom moves away from Infiniband
NetEffect Inc., formerly known as Banderacom Inc., is emerging from the still-smoldering Infiniband initiative to retarget its efforts at the remote DMA extension of the 10Gb Ethernet spec.
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