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2007-11-22 High-frequency crystal oscillator produces low jitter
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the DS4-XO series of crystal oscillators that support frequency operation from 75MHz to 622.08MHz.
2004-12-13 Gore expands electronics product operation to China
W. L. Gore & Associates Inc. has expanded their electronic products operation into their 80,000 square foot facility in Shenzhen, China.
2007-11-07 Fulcrum enhances 10GbE switches
Fulcrum Microsystems is rounding out its family of 10Gbps data Ethernet switches for the data center with new devices that add on routing capabilities.
2002-12-09 FCI I/O connectors eliminate queues in parallel buses
FCI Communications has released the EyeMax multichannel serial I/O connector system that helps eliminate information queues in parallel buses.
2003-12-08 Emcore converter solution employs fiber-optic devices
The company has released SmartLink, a 10Gbps patent-protected media converter solution that uses fiber-optics.
2002-12-19 EMCORE acquires Alvesta assets
EMCORE Corp. has acquired certain assets of privately-held Alvesta Corp.
2009-02-11 DDR cable assemblies provide 40Gbit/s speed
Molex Inc. has developed DDR cable assemblies that increase system speeds while improving signal quality and lowering overall costs. Based on the DDR specifications by the InfiniBand Technology Group, Molex's LaneLink DDR InfiniBand cable assemblies are suitable for server storage applications including SAN switches, routers and server storage racks as well as RAID devices.
2008-05-07 Crystal oscillators provide frequency margining
Maxim has introduced the DS4M-XO series of crystal oscillators, which supports frequency operation from 100MHz to 300MHz and provides frequency margining in a 5mm x 3.2mm package.
2007-10-16 Connectors herald high density, speed
Tyco Electronics Corp. has released a quad small form-factor pluggable interconnect system that offers three times the density of traditional SFP ports and supports speeds up to 10Gbps per channel.
2003-04-16 Compatibility issue slows PCI Express
PCI best fits all the needs of the desktop space, while PCI-X 2.0 is best for server, workstation, and communications applications.
2003-04-16 Architecture backs up all local I/Os
It is prudent to embrace the range of local interconnect solutions and develop a device architecture that supports a common high-performance interconnect among them.
2014-11-11 A*STAR, Obsidian, Tata join forces for supercomputer project
Three firms hope to advance supercomputing by signing up to connect supercomputers in different geo-locations at a speed of 100Gbit/s.
2006-02-14 6.25Gbps lane managers support PCIe, Fiber Channel
A line of high-speed interconnect chips also referred to as lane managers from Quellan transfers data at up to 6.25Gbps over low-cost cabling or chassis to data center equipment.
2007-05-24 10G Ethernet IC has congestion management option
Jumping on a growing bandwagon of companies fielding chips for 10Gbps Ethernet, Mellanox claims its dual-port ConnectX EN delivers up to 17.6Gbps in bi-directional bandwidth and 6.9?s latency on standard TCP/IP flows.
2012-02-29 Why I don't buy Eyal's 40G story
Although the latest chips can handle Infiniband or Ethernet, Mellanox admits 90 percent of its sales are for use in Infiniband networks that are typically deployed in large clusters of high-performance systems for specialized apps.
2003-11-13 Tomen backs Fujitsu supercomputer project
Tomen Corp. announced that the company has received an order from Fujitsu Ltd to deliver a high-speed computer interconnect system conforming to InfiniBand.
2010-08-09 System accelerates LS-DYNA car crash simulation
A record performance was achieved on a Dell PowerEdge M610 with Intel Xeon X5670 chips and Intel Cluster Ready architecture networked by Mellanox ConnectX-2 InfiniBand adapters and switch.
2007-09-19 PLX, Mellanox field Express Gen2 chips
PLX Technology debuted its first family of Express 2.0 switches, and Mellanox Technologies announced Infiniband and 10GbE adapter cards using the interconnect onSept. 17.
2003-11-19 NEC, Topspin forge strategic alliance
NEC Corp. has selected Topspin Communications as its InfiniBand supplier for computing solutions.
2002-07-29 Microsemi CPW photodiodes feature impedance of 50 ohms
Two families of CPW photodiode ICs from Microsemi Corp. are designed for use in 1/10 GbE, Fibre Channel, Infiniband, VCSEL, and OC-48 and OC-192 SONET/SDH systems.
2002-08-26 Methode rolls out SFP to HSSDC-2 converter
dataMate Products has introduced its SFP to HSSDC-2 converter for use with Fibre Channel, GbE, Infiniband, and other applications where an MSA-compliant SFP is used.
2014-03-31 GPU clusters change the game in visual computing
Nvidia developed an approach to cluster GPUs, where they are linked and communicate with each other through PCIe or InfiniBand , allowing high-resolution visualisation of big data.
2005-08-09 EMI cage performs double duty
dataMate introduced its rugged, dual port, SFP EMI cage with dual transceiver hosting and EMI protection for both copper and optical SFP transceivers for Fiber Channel, Gigabit Ethernet and Infiniband apps.
2010-09-22 World's first integrated middleware machine targets cloud apps
Oracle says machine offers complete cloud application infrastructure for most demanding applications
2010-09-28 Which chip company will Oracle buy?
Just months after Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems, CEO Larry Ellison announced that the company is considering to buy a chip manufacturer. There are varied forecasts on which the likely candidates are.
2014-09-02 What's switching: Nine takeaways from Hot Interconnects
The event sizzled with announcements and discussionsFacebook introduced its high-profile switch, critics attacked Ethernet's shortfalls, experts scrutinised Wi-Fi, and silicon photonics took centre stage.
2005-10-21 VXS board packs dual 2.2GS/s A/D channels
The new Quixilica Neptune 2 VXS from TEK Microsystems combines field programmable gate arrays with dual 2.2GS/s data conversion channels.
2008-01-30 VME/VXS board does high-performance DSP, DAQ
Pentek has launched a VME/VXS board for high-performance DSP and DAQ systems. The board employs Freescale's MPC8641D Dual Core PowerPC AltiVec Processor and a Xilinx Inc. Virtex-4 FX Series FPGA.
2008-04-16 Virtualization: The Swiss Army knife of networking?
Startup Neterion Inc. has rolled out a chip that lets systems split one 10GbE link into as many as 16 virtual connections.
2009-02-17 Unbalanced twisted pairs can give you the jitters!
This application note proposes a new test method for predicting jitter contribution for imbalance (asymmetry) in serial digital-video differential cables. It exposes myths about intrapair skew as a quality indicator and about the misleading relationship between intrapair skew measurement and jitter.
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