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2006-09-18 Vendors push for flash, HDD coexistence
HDD and NAND flash vendors have agreed on a peaceful coexistence, claiming that the two technologies are complementary and emphasizing the need to select the one most appropriate for a particular application
2008-08-18 Numonyx seeks flash memory supremacy
Looking into how Numonyx positions itself in the flash memory market and how it sees the competition with industry leader Samsung, Harrison said the company's strategy is to achieve profitability through the efficiency and cooperation between Intel and ST to lead in flash memory industry
2007-07-20 Intel-ST flash joint venture christened 'Numonyx
Intel, STMicroelectronics and Francisco Partners have unveiled a name for the flash memory joint venture formed by Intel and ST in May�Numonyx
2007-05-24 Intel, ST forge flash memory joint venture
An expected move by STMicroelectronics and Intel to create a flash memory joint venture has been announced with an assist from private equity firm Francisco Partners LP
2006-03-22 IM Flash is looking for fab site, says report
Intel and Micron Technology plan to invest in a wafer fab for their joint venture flash memory manufacturing company IM Flash Technologies Inc
2007-03-09 Despite NAND glut, IM Flash continues with expansion plans
Despite horrible market conditions that have decimated the ASPs of NAND flash memory chips over the past few months, IM Flash Technologies will push ahead with its aggressive capacity expansion plans
2006-11-14 Data I/O, Intel's flash group collaborate on integrated solutions
Data I/O has partnered with Intel's Flash Memory Group to offer integrated solutions, based on the companies' expertise in automated programming solutions and flash memory.
2008-02-11 Is Numonyx' delay behind Intel's late PCM rollout
The press release trumpets the delivery of samples of phase-change memory on Feb. 6 as a major success, but it begs the question: Why is Intel running more than six months late with its delivery of phase-change memory
2006-05-09 Intel reorg brings fabs in flash group
Intel disclosed that it will bring its NOR flash memory fabs and memory process technology development effort within the company's flash memory group
2002-04-18 Intel cuts flash memory I/O to 1.8V
Intel Corp.'s Flash memory group has unveiled a two-pronged strategy to reduce the operating voltages of its non-volatile devices to 1.8V and churn out more advanced packages
2007-06-04 Triumvirate heralds use of flash in PCs, works on standard
The use of flash in notebooks and desktops has received a boost with Dell, Intel and Microsoft collaborating on a standard for NAND flash module controllers
2005-06-02 Pair of serial flash memory devices supports Intel chipsets
Silicon Storage Technology is offering serial flash memory support for Intel's 82573E LAN and 945 Express chipset families
2015-07-30 Intel, Micron unleash novel non-volatile memory
The executives said the memory is based on a fundamental discovery that has yielded a non-volatile memory that exhibits a "bulk material property change" at the cross-point of metal access lines
2012-03-01 Intel, Micron expand NAND flash venture
The companies have updated their joint development program to include emerging memory technologies
2008-06-02 Intel, Micron debut 34nm NAND flash
Intel Corp. and Micron Technology Inc. have leapfrogged the competition and claimed the technical lead in the NAND flash memory market
2005-04-29 Intel's WiMAX basestation designs include fixed, mobile boards
Intel Corp. demonstrated a WiMAX basestation platform at the International Basestation Conference here this week and revealed it is developing a board for both the fixed and mobile versions of the high-speed access technology.
2007-01-19 Intel's Q4 revenue hits $9.7B
Intel Corp. recorded Q4 revenue of $9.7 billion representing a gross margin of 49.6 percent, up from Q3's 49.1 percent.
2016-04-21 Intel's post-PC plan to take a short-term hit
The semiconductor giant marks the beginning of the end for the PC era, and shifts its investments in microchips that power data centers and Internet connected devices.
2006-08-04 Intel rolls out NOR flash memory for low-cost handsets
Intel has introduced its first NOR flash memory products aimed at the emerging low-cost cellphone segment
2005-11-21 Intel launches 90nm NOR flash memory for handsets
Intel Corp. has launched what it claims as the industry's first 90nm multi-level cell NOR flash memory targeted at multimedia handsets
2005-04-11 Intel flash aimed at embedded systems
Intel Corp. has developed a line of NOR-type flash memory devices optimized for code storage in embedded systems
2004-03-12 Intel exec considers what comes after flash
Flash memory, in its EPROM tunnel oxide (ETOX) and NAND variants, still has more than five years as the key mainstream nonvolatile memory, but the race is on to find the memory technology that can scale to sub-45nm manufacturing processes, according to Stefan Lai, VP of the technology and manufacturing group at Intel Corp
2005-03-08 Intel debuts concept PCs, flash memories for cell phones
Banking on advances in broadband capabilities and applications, Intel Corp. on Wednesday (March 2) unwrapped a series of mobile "concept" PCs it believes will help drive its platforms and quench the market's thirst for on-the-go content.
2014-09-23 Future memory devices: 10 technologies to keep in mind
While current memory types are smarter and built with higher density, the succeeding memory technologies will integrate new types of materials, as well as smarter algorithms that make storage a hierarchy off-chip in a way that cache memory is hierarchical on-chip
2007-08-01 Flash price fall shakes HDD market
In the face of falling flash memory prices, HDD makers are retreating from what they thought would be new growth markets in mobile consumer systems
2006-06-15 Driving away Intel's blues
Intel, the world's largest semiconductor company, is plagued with problems in its many businesses. We've put together ways how Intel can start chipping away its problems.
2009-07-23 First' 34nm NAND flash SSDs debut
Intel Corp. has begun shipping what it claims to be the first NAND flash solid-state drives (SSDs) based on 34nm process technology
2012-04-20 Intel, Micron talk memory tech
As long as the insatiable thirst for memory exists, we will always continue to beat Moore's Law," said Ramin Ghodsi, Micron Technology Inc.'s senior director of NAND development
2006-11-13 Intel announces volume shipments of 65nm NOR flash IC
Intel announced during last week's Intel Developer Forum in South Korea what it touts as the industry's first volume shipments of 65nm NOR flash MLC chips, including a 65nm,1Gbit monolithic part for cellphones
2015-10-15 Data centre, flash buoy Intel revenue in Q3
Intel revealed Q3 revenue at $14.5 billion, a 10 per cent increase from 2Q15, while net profits were $3.1 billion up 15 per cent from the last quarter but down six per cent from the same quarter last year.
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