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2006-02-27 Vietnam OKs Intel chip plant
Vietnam's Ministry of Investment and Planning has approved an investment license for based Intel Corp., which plans to build a $605 million plant in Ho Chi Minh City
2008-12-03 Report: AMD Phenom II chips echo Intel's i7
940 versus 940. That may be the confusing Intel-AMD processor model-number juxtaposing that consumers can look forward to next year
2011-11-28 Microserver chip features 1.2GHz clock speed
Intel's Pentium 350 has no integrated graphics component, but has a low thermal design power of 15W
2015-03-27 Micron, Intel tout 3D NAND flash chips
Micron and Intel developed their own 3D NAND flash chips, which will sell as chips and in solid-state drives. It will pack 256Gbits into vertical NAND chips using MLC and 384Gbits in TLC versions
2007-03-09 Intel unrolls low-cost UHF RFID reader chip
A startup nurtured as part of Intel Capital has announced a low-cost integrated RFID reader chip for the UHF band.
2011-05-09 Intel transistor uses 3D structure
Intel has released a 3D transistor design called Tri-Gate into high-volume manufacturing at the 22nm node in an Intel chip codenamed 'Ivy Bridge.'
2007-05-24 Intel processors to go 100% Pb-free
Intel said that its future processors, beginning with its entire family of 45nm, high-k and metal gate devices, are going 100-percent Pb-free
2004-07-19 Intel moves up debut of billion-transistor chip
Not only does Intel Corp., the world's largest chipmaker, believe Moore's Law is alive and well, it is aiming to deliver a billion-transistor chip in 2005, rather than the original target date of 2007.
2014-12-08 Intel makes strategic investment in its China factory
Intel has revealed its plan to invest $1.6 billion to upgrade its factory in the city of Chengdu in western China, and will also bring its most advanced chip-testing technology to the country.
2005-09-21 Intel launches low power 65nm process
Intel Corp. has announced that it is developing an ultra-low power derivative of its high-performance 65nm logic manufacturing process that will benefit mobile platforms and small-form factor devices
2006-01-09 Intel is planning Vietnamese chip plant, says report
Intel has applied for planning permission to build a chip plant close to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, according to an Associated Press report.
2005-10-18 Intel enters billion-transistor processor era
Intel Corp. has started sampling an Itanium-2, 64-bit microprocessor that was made by linking together 1.72 billion transistors. The processor, codenamed Montecito, was discussed as far back as August 2002, but it is now sampling to some Intel customers, a company spokesman said
2010-09-14 Intel Developer Forum kicks off
Intel gathers 5,000 developers at annual technology showcase
2008-02-14 Intel chip switches between Wi-Fi, WiMAX
Intel has demonstrated technology that could make it possible someday for a mobile Internet device to switch between a Wi-Fi and a WiMAX network without any disruption in service
2014-08-15 Intel acquires Avago Networking to improve servers
Adding the Axxia Networking Business capabilities to Intel's portfolio will help accelerate the company's strategy to become a leader in platform solutions for the network infrastructure
2005-02-24 IBM debuts server based on Intel's new 64bit chip
IBM is taking aim at rival Hewlett-Packard last week with the launch of a new dual-core-capable eServer powered by a mainframe-like architecture and chipset.
2007-01-19 EU to rule on Intel anti-competition probe
Antitrust investigators have recommended that European Union Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes formally charge Intel Corp. with illegally thwarting competition in the computer chip market.
2007-09-06 Delayed IC policy cost India an Intel plant
The India government's delayed announcement of its IC policy had prompted Intel to look for another plant site, particularly in China and Vietnam
2007-01-17 Chinese city vies for Intel chip plant
Officials in a northern China science park are stoking rumors that Intel Corp. wants to build an advanced chip plant in the area and will announce its intentions as early as March.
2007-09-14 ARC licenses configurable processor tech to Intel
Configurable processor provider ARC International and Intel Corp. have entered in anew multi-year, royalty bearing licensing agreement
2005-03-07 Ziebart positioning Infineon for chip revival
Wolfgang Ziebart, president and CEO of Infineon Technolgies AG, said in his first wide-ranging interview that the chip maker is positioning itself for the end of the chip recession as competitors cut profit expectations
2012-04-12 Xilinx, Intel aid EDA startup
The two companies have provided an unspecified financial backing to Oasys Design Systems to expand its research and development team, and further expand its worldwide support structure.
2008-05-27 Xilinx infuses connectivity to Intel in-vehicle infotainment design
Xilinx Inc. has announced the availability of an integrated Xilinx Automotive (XA) FPGA and IP solution that is included in the low-power Intel in-vehicle infotainment reference design targeting automotive head units
2010-09-20 Xilinx demos how Intel QPI integrates FPGAs
Intel's QuickPath Interconnect used to link Virtex FPGAs to Xeon processors
2012-03-02 WSTS membership pull out: A wrong move for Intel, AMD
Any industry, whether it's automobiles, semiconductor or veeblefetzers, will begin?once it stops collecting data within the industry?to lose a significant measure of its economic and political power in the greater world.
2014-10-03 Working 14nm chip on display
Analysts initially said getting the 16nm and 14nm processes ready will be met with some challenges, since this process node is the first to use 3D transistors, but Samsung already has on display a 14nm FinFET device decoding video streams.
2010-03-31 Winners, losers in 2009 chip vendor ranking
Qualcomm, Hynix and Advanced Micro Devices each inched up two places in the top ten ranking of chip vendors by 2009 revenue by Gartner Inc
2003-04-11 Winbond ships I/O chip for latest Intel offerings
Winbond Electronics has launched the W83627THF I/O chip that supports Intel's recently launched Springdale 865 and Canterwood 875 devices.
2003-03-10 Winbond rolls Intel-compliant DDR400 SDRAM
Winbond Electronics Corp. has introduced a 256Mb DDR400 SDRAM that supports Intel Corp.'s 865 chipsets
2008-06-23 Will Seagate buy Intel's stake in IM Flash
Seagate Technology could be a potential buyer of Intel Corp.'s stake in IM Flash Technologies LLC, the chip giant's joint NAND flash-memory venture with Micron Technology Inc., according to an analyst.
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