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2011-04-26 Toshiba-SanDisk overtake Intel-Micron in NAND process race
Outpacing the Intel-Micron duo, Toshiba and SanDisk have fabricated 2bit-per-cell, 64Gb NAND flash memory chips with 19nm process technology, thus enabling 8GB on a single chip.
2006-07-05 Nanosys expands collaboration with Intel, Micron
Nanosys announced that it has expanded its nanotechnology-enabled memory collaboration with Intel Corp. and Micron Technology Inc.
2010-02-02 Intel-Micron duo regains NAND lead with 25nm chip
Intel Corp. and Micron Technology Inc. have reclaimed the process technology lead in NAND flash by rolling out 25nm devices.
2009-08-13 Intel-Micron duo heats up x3 NAND race
Intel Corp. and Micron Technology Inc. have officially announced their initial offering in the 3-bit-per-cell (x3) NAND arena.
2011-04-19 Intel-Micron duo drives NAND to next node
The Intel-Micron 20nm process yields an 8GB MLC NAND flash device that enables 30-40 percent reduction in board space, thus putting the partnership way ahead of the pack.
2015-07-30 Intel, Micron unleash novel non-volatile memory
The executives said the memory is based on a fundamental discovery that has yielded a non-volatile memory that exhibits a "bulk material property change" at the cross-point of metal access lines.
2006-11-09 Intel, Micron tout advancements in NAND flash venture
Intel and Micron Technology announced they are ahead of schedule on the development of their NAND flash memory joint venture, IM Flash Technologies.
2006-11-08 Intel, Micron to build JV fab in Singapore
Intel and Micron Technology have agreed to site their fourth wafer fab for the production of NAND flash memories in Singapore.
2012-04-20 Intel, Micron talk memory tech
"As long as the insatiable thirst for memory exists, we will always continue to beat Moore's Law," said Ramin Ghodsi, Micron Technology Inc.'s senior director of NAND development.
2006-07-27 Intel, Micron start sampling 50nm NAND flash
Intel and Micron Technology are sampling a 4Gbit NAND flash memory fabricated in a 50nm process technology, disclosed Micron.
2007-04-27 Intel, Micron sample 50nm multilevel cell NAND flash
Intel Corp. and Micron Technology Inc. are now sampling 50nm multilevel cell (MLC) NAND flash memory manufactured by their joint venture, IM Flash Technologies.
2008-11-26 Intel, Micron roll 34nm NAND flash
Intel Corp. and Micron Technology Inc. have mass produced their jointly developed 34nm, 32Gbit multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory device.
2011-12-09 Intel, Micron outs 128Gb NAND device
The companies announced mass production of 64Gb 20nm NAND in addition to the 128Gb NAND targeted for small form factor devices.
2009-12-29 Intel, Micron moves to reclaim NAND process lead
Intel Corp. and Micron Technology Inc. are looking to regain the lead in the NAND process technology race.
2006-08-08 Intel, Micron JV preps new fab
IM Flash Technologies will shortly announce a new 300mm fab in an effort to keep pace with its rivals, according to analysts.
2011-06-22 Intel, Micron joint venture expands fab operations
IM Flash Technologies, the joint venture of Intel and Micron Technology, plans to add 200 more employees in 2012 while maintaining its current of more than 1400 employees.
2012-03-01 Intel, Micron expand NAND flash venture
The companies have updated their joint development program to include emerging memory technologies.
2008-06-02 Intel, Micron debut 34nm NAND flash
Intel Corp. and Micron Technology Inc. have leapfrogged the competition and claimed the technical lead in the NAND flash memory market.
2010-08-20 Intel, Micron codevelop 3bpc NAND flash
Intel Corp. and Micron Technology Inc. have produced a 3bit-per-cell (bpc) NAND flash memory using 25nm process technology.
2008-02-06 Intel, Micron co-develop 'fastest' NAND flash tech
Intel and Micron Technology have unveiled a high-speed NAND flash memory technology that is touted to enhance the access and transfer of data in devices that use silicon for storage.
2006-01-11 Intel, Micron close deal to form IM Flash
Micron announced that it had closed the deal to create IM Flash Technologies, a joint venture company formed with Intel to manufacture NAND flash memory chips at wafer fabs owned by Micron.
2005-11-22 Apple aids $5 billion Intel, Micron flash venture
Micron Technology Inc. and Intel Corp. have announced plans to create a joint venture to manufacture NAND flash memory for use in consumer electronics, removable storage and handheld communications devices, and in particular to manufacture for Apple Computer Inc.
2005-11-23 Analysis: Intel, Micron deal shows strategic shift
Shifts of ownership are starting to happen that are indicators of a major reshaping of the semiconductor industry's landscape. However, whether it will ultimately result in a reduction in the number of players, as has long been predicted would happen, is not clear because ironically what is still clear is that geographical and strategic interests, in a addition to purely commercial imperatives, are still potent in the industry.
2015-04-02 Toshiba flexes muscle in 3D NAND arena
The transition to 3D NAND is picking up speed as Toshiba announced in late March that it was shipping samples of its 48-layer 3D Bit Cost Scalable (BiCS) stacked cell structure flash.
2013-12-06 Strong memory market boosts semiconductor sales in 2013
IHS stated that following a 2.5 percent decline in 2012, the global semiconductor market has regained its footing in 2013 with revenue set to expand by nearly five percent.
2006-03-31 New bidding war brewing at Lexar?
Intel, Micron Technology and SanDisk were among the eleven companies that made a bid to acquire Lexar Media Inc.
2013-07-05 NAND flash scaling: 20nm node and below
Here are some of the fundamental cell design issues considered and addressed to arrive at this planar cell technology.
2006-11-17 NAND flash market to slow down in Q4, says iSuppli
Global revenue for the NAND flash market reached $3.1 billion, exceeding iSuppli's projection. However, disappointing sales of MP3 players has prompted a downgrade in fourth-quarter sales.
2003-09-26 Intel makes investment in Micron Technology
Intel Corp.'s strategic investment program, Intel Capital, has invested $450M in Micron Technology Inc.
2006-03-22 IM Flash is looking for fab site, says report
Intel and Micron Technology plan to invest in a wafer fab for their joint venture flash memory manufacturing company IM Flash Technologies Inc.
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