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2002-12-04 Intersil IC replaces three regulators
The ISL6411 triple LDO regulator IC from Intersil Corp. replaces three regulators, a reset function, and extensive circuit protections.
2003-02-19 Intersil hot-swap controllers operate in live backplanes
Intersil Corp. has introduced the Endura ISL6117 and ISL6120 low-voltage, hot-swap controllers that allow hot-swapping from live backplanes.
2005-04-13 Intersil highlights power-management solutions at IIC exhibit
Intersil Corp. has presented its series of power-management solutions at the recent IIC in Shenzhen, China.
2003-10-13 Intersil fixed-gain amps suit portable apps
Intersil Corp. has introduced two fixed-gain amplifiers that are capable of operating at gains of 1, -1, and 2.
2004-03-04 Intersil expert discusses high-speed amps at IIC-China
In one of the hot sessions at the 9th Annual IIC-China Exhibit, Intersil Corp.'s Richard Yin kept the fires of interest burning among engineers present as he discussed the company's paper.
2005-09-23 Intersil expands PWM controller portfolio with ISL6316
Intersil rolled out ISL6316, a high-performance CPU multiphase core controller for Intel-based voltage regulator down 10.X and enterprise voltage regulator down 10.X desktop, workstation and server motherboards.
2004-03-23 Intersil expands production relationship with IBM
Intersil Corp. has revealed plans to move all internal volume of its 0.6?m BiCMOS wafer processing to IBM's Burlington, Vermont manufacturing facility, as part of the foundry services agreement entered into between the two companies in September of last year.
2004-08-30 Intersil expands ISL60002 family
Intersil has unveiled new 1.25V and 2.5V additions to its line of ultra low power precision voltage references.
2004-01-09 Intersil expands distribution pact with Memec
Intersil Corp. has entered into an agreement that authorizes The Memec Group to distribute Intersil products in Japan.
2008-10-03 Intersil expands converter portfolio with new acquisition
Intersil has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Kenet, a fabless semiconductor company that specializes in the design and manufacture of high speed, extremely low power data converters.
2004-05-28 Intersil expands analog comms line with BitBlitz acquisition
Intersil Corp. will pay $2.5 million in cash for the serializer/deserializer (serdes), transponder product line and the intellectual property of privately-held BitBlitz Communications.
2002-12-26 Intersil establishes design center in Texas
Intersil Corp., a designer and manufacturer of analog and wireless networking solutions, has opened a new design center in Dallas, Texas.
2002-03-26 Intersil dual regulator targets video, graphics systems
The Endura ISL6529 dual regulator IC from Intersil Corp. includes a synchronous PWM controller and a linear regulator, providing power for GPU and SDRAM video memories, as well as driving N-channel MOSFETs.
2015-09-14 Intersil drives power MOSFET tech with Great Wall buyout
Intersil said that Great Wall's design team brings valuable experience in advanced design and process technology to enable power efficiency gains and footprint reduction in complex power systems.
2002-05-20 Intersil driver MOSFETs shrink to micro-leads
Three entries to Intersil Corp.'s Endura line of driver MOSFETs in MLFPs target designs in which board real estate and power dissipation are significant concerns.
2004-09-24 Intersil DPDT switch features 45nA leakage current
Intersil introduced a bi-directional, dual double-pole/double-throw analog switch that offers precise switching capability from a single 1.65V to 3.6V supply.
2003-06-10 Intersil DPDT analog switch consumes <3?W
The ISL43410 bi-directional analog switch from Intersil Corp. is configured as a DPDT switch and is designed to operate from a single 2V to 12V supply.
2005-11-08 Intersil digital controllers offer ATR
Intersil Corp. announced two new six-phase, digital controllers with I�C bus communication.
2003-09-29 Intersil device offers regulation for AMD processors
Designed for the AMD Athlon 64 processors used in notebook PCs, the Endura ISL6244 controller from Intersil Corp. is a multiphase synchronous-buck PWM controller that has a 5-bit VID.
2004-01-23 Intersil deploys Teradyne FLEX test system
Intersil Corp. has purchased Teradyne Inc.'s FLEX test system for CD and DVD writable drive device test.
2005-02-16 Intersil DCP with non-volatile memory for wiper position
Intersil's new low noise, low power, 256-tap DCP is designed for system applications requiring control, parameter adjustments or signal processing.
2003-10-07 Intersil dc-dc converter suits flat panel displays
Intersil Corp. has added a four-channel dc-dc converter to its Elantec family of ICs that are designed to suit LCD flat panels and PDA displays.
2003-11-10 Intersil data transceivers with reduced package size
Intersil Corp. has announced three LINEARLINK RS-485/422 serial data transceivers - the ISL8487, ISL81483 and ISL81487.
2002-04-18 Intersil DACs perform up to 210MSa/s
Intersil Corp. has shipped its ISL5X29 family of 3.3V dual DACs consisting of 8-, 10-, 12-, and 14-bit versions that perform either 130MSa/s or 210MSa/s and support baseband or high IF applications.
2004-07-02 Intersil converters each loaded with two DACs
Digital-to-analog converters with its own DACs are Intersil's latest offering.
2003-11-28 Intersil converter IC reduces system costs
Intersil Corp. has announced the Endura ISL6740 and ISL6741, two double-ended PWM controllers designed to reduce overall telecom system costs.
2002-10-10 Intersil combo controller operates up to 24V
Intersil's Endura ISL6226 synchronous buck PWM and LDO combo controller operates over 24V to power chipsets, memory, and audio apps.
2007-07-26 Intersil claims industry-first quad instrumentation amp
Intersil has developed a new suite of RRIO instrumentation amplifiers, including one that it said is an industry-first quad instrumentation amp.
2008-02-26 Intersil claims 'most' accurate real-time clocks
Intersil intros the world's first full-featured, AC-driven real time clock (RTC) devices, the ISL12030 and ISL12032, that have the broadest feature set of any RTCs in the market.
2002-06-20 Intersil chipset supports 802.11a/b/g
Intersil Corp. has introduced the PRISM Duette chipset that is positioned as an 802.11a and 802.11g WLAN solution capable of 54Mbps data transmission, while remaining backward-compatible to existing 802.11b systems.
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