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2006-06-02 ISL41334EVAL1Z user's manual
The ISL41334 evaluation board is RoHS compliant, and provides a quick and easy method for evaluating this two-port dual protocol IC.
2005-03-22 Interface ICs simplify LNB supply design
The new LNB control voltage regulators and interface ICs from Intersil offer high integration, power efficiency and reliability.
2002-09-18 Hot-plug ICs claim better functionality
Intersil's Endura ISL6141, ISL6142, ISL6151, and ISL6152 offer programmability, improved monitoring and better protection to the company's datacom/telecom negative-voltage hot-plug power controller family.
1999-12-03 Guidelines for handling and processing moisture sensitive surface mount devices (SMDs)
This application note describes the undesirable moisture in processing moisture sensitive surface mount devices manifested through rapid heating. It also enumerates some guidelines in handling such devices.
2009-05-15 Ground loop considerations in long distance video transmission
When designing or installing the cables for a video transmission system, one assumption commonly made is that the local earth grounds of both ends of the cable are the same.
2005-06-29 Feedback amplifier combines high performance, low power
Designed to drive high-quality video, Intersil Corp.'s new ultra-wideband, low-power, four-channel current feedback amplifier features a slew rate of 5,000V/?s and 500MHz of gain bandwidth on all four channels
2002-11-19 Dual diode driver revs laser disk writes
Intersil Corp.'s dual, three-channel laser diode driver performs high-speed read (CD-R) and read/write (CD-R/W) operations for laser disk drives.
2005-09-21 Digital pots eliminate instability
A family of volatile, 32-tap digitally-controlled potentiometers from Intersil were designed to address the need for space-constrained apps that require ultra-low power.
2005-04-05 Device offers precise switching
The new dual analog switch from Intersil features less than 0.5 ohm on-resistance across the input signal range and very low on-resistance flatness.
2006-02-01 Designing optimized digital power control
Demand for controller functionalities and digital technology have pushed many to look at digital multiphase control.
2016-04-08 DC/DC controllers offer 0.5V to 5.5V output voltage
Intersil's ISL68200 with 4A MOSFET drivers can directly drive external MOSFETs, while the ISL68201 with PWM output can pair with a DrMOS power stage to create a complete voltage regulator solution.
2006-03-08 Crosspoint switch claims highest level of integration
Intersil announced the ISL59532 32 x 32 video crosspoint switch, which integrates four separate 16 x 16 crosspoint switches to create a 32 x 32 matrix (or two 32 x 16 switches).
2006-10-17 Core controller enhances GPUs for Intel Santa Rosa
Intersil has introduced a single-phase core controller said to reduce power consumption and enhance the performance of GPUs or graphics cores for Intel Santa Rosa computing products.
2007-03-05 Components take floor at 12th IIC-China
With more than 200 exhibitors spreading an array of leading-edge technologies in over 900 booths, the 12th International IC China Conference and Exhibition (IIC-China) is clearly China's largest IC event.
2001-05-25 Complementary code keying made simple
This application note explains the CCK (Complementary Code Keying) modulation scheme and describes an HFA3861A-based radio architecture that the design engineer can use to implement a high data rate packet-based transceiver utilizing CCK modulation.
2005-06-21 Charger IC targets portable apps
Accepting power inputs from the USB port or desktop cradle/AC adapter, the ISL6299 advanced high voltage dual-input battery charger IC from Intersil is designed for single-cell Li-ion/polymer apps.
2000-05-03 CCK, the new IEEE 802.11 standard for 2.4 GHz wireless LANs
The IEEE 802.11 committee to implement Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) has adopted a new modulation CCK for 11Mbps rates in the 2.4GHz ISM band. This paper discusses the new CCK modulation scheme and the considerations that led to the adoption of this technique for the standard.
2006-11-28 Buck regulator reduces number of external parts
Intersil's ISL65426 synchronous buck regulator switches at a fixed frequency of 1MHz and uses current-mode control with integrated compensation to minimize the size and number of external components and provide good transient response.
2006-03-10 Buck regulator powers GPUs in Intel Santa Rosa platforms
Intersil introduced the ISL6263 single-phase buck voltage regulator that powers GPUs or graphics cores used on Intel's Santa Rosa platforms.
2004-11-12 Buck regulator offer 100 percent duty cycle
Intersil has developed a 2A integrated FET synchronous buck regulator with internal compensation and 100 percent duty cycle.
2007-03-20 Buck regulator cuts noise, EMI filter requirements
Intersil has launched a 2.5A, wide input voltage synchronous buck regulator that reduces noise and EMI filter requirements through programmable switching frequency and external synchronization.
2002-01-28 Broadcom, Marvell show CMOS 802.11b chipsets
Broadcom Corp. and Marvell Semiconductor Inc. have each announced two-piece CMOS chipsets that support the IEEE 802.11b specification for WLANs.
2005-02-10 Authentication IC offers high security
Intersil announced what it bills as the industry's most cost-effective, fixed secret hash engine, authentication IC.
2002-10-28 As arrival of combo WLAN chips near, 802.11b spike is expected
Some chip and systems makers are reporting an uptick in the growth rate of 802.11b WLAN capability in notebook computers, just as a transition to next-generation WLAN products nears.
2005-11-23 Analog switch delivers ultra-low Ron
Intersil announced an ultra-low-resistance dual analog switch that features a less than 0.5 ohms of resistance over the full input signal range for lower signal loss and lower distortion of midi and voice signals.
2004-12-24 All-in-one regulator cuts costs to the core
Intersil bills its ISL6568 two-phase PWM controller IC as the industry's smallest all-in-one VID multiphase CPU core regulator.
2004-07-05 ADI rolls out ADC offerings with integrated 14-bit ADCs
As Intersil released their DACs with DACs, Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) also introduced its 14-bit dual ADCs that integrate two 14-bit ADCs on a single chip.
2007-01-01 Achieve optimum ADC performance
This article gives an overview of ADCs and recommendations on how to apply them successfully.
2001-05-28 A condensed review of spread spectrum techniques for ISM band systems
This application note provides an overview of several frequency hopping and direct sequence techniques used for wireless data transmission in the ISM band.
2015-09-15 80A encapsulated digital power module offers POL conversions
The ISL8273M from Intersil is a complete step-down regulated power supply that promises up to 80A output current and operates from industry standard 5V or 12V input power rails.
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