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2010-12-28 SuperSpeed USB in 14M devices in 2010, says In-Stat
The first shipments of SuperSpeed USB came out in 2009, and since then, the interface has been incorporated into mobile PCs, desktop PCs, aftermarket cards, external hard disk drives, and USB flash drives.
2003-09-18 Smartphones, camera phones demand heats up, In-Stat says
Shipments of smartphones and camera phones have been further increasing over the recent quarters according to In-Stat/MDR.
2007-04-20 Outlook for IC revenue in '07 still bright, says In-Stat
In-Stat sees worldwide semiconductor revenue in 2007 growing 7.9 percent to $267.3 billion, a contradiction of the downscaled forecasts from other groups.
2005-07-26 MIPS-like Godson could raise IP issues, says In-Stat
The Chinese 64-bit processor known as Godson-2, or Dragon, follows an unauthorized, unlicensed variation of the MIPS architecture, perhaps creating an intellectual property (IP) controversy between the U.S. and China, according to market research company In-Stat.
2005-10-13 Interconnect standards set to flourish, says In-Stat
Three emerging chip-to-chip interconnect standardsHyperTransport, PCI Express, and RapidIOare being included in integrated circuits and systems at an increasing rate and their use will grow over the next several years according to market research company In-Stat.
2002-07-16 Intel wafer output not affected by increased die size, says In-Stat
Intel is assured to be ahead of its competitors with its considerable investment in new fabs and a ramp up in 300mm wafer production, despite a significant increase in the company's average die size, according to In-Stat/MDR.
2005-07-11 Indian electronics growth to outpace China's, says In-Stat
India's electronics market, valued at $11.50 billion in 2004, will be the fastest-growing electronics market the next few years, according to market research firm In-Stat.
2011-07-04 In-Stat: WLAN-enabled CE shipment to top 419M by 2015
According to In-Stat's report the growth of WLAN-enabled consumer electronics market is driven by the need to support IP-based video content.
2011-08-24 In-Stat: Wireless service leads small business spending
Small business telecommunications spending for wireless services will exceed wireline voice by 2012.
2007-05-30 In-Stat: Wi-Fi RFID tag market to double annually
In-Stat reported that there were 135,000 shipments of Wi-Fi RFID tags and the market is set to double each year until 2010. This would result to more than 2.1 million units in three years.
2007-05-10 In-Stat: Vista to drive PC-TV tuner market
Microsoft's introduction of Windows Vista for consumers this year is expected to help drive the PC-TV tuner market, a research firm In-Stat said.
2011-06-23 In-Stat: Tablets will overtake e-readers by 2012
In-Stat forecasts that tablet shipments are set to outpace e-reader shipments by 2012 because of the tablet's multimedia functionality, which is currently lacking in e-reader devices.
2007-07-25 In-Stat: Strong smart phone uptake noted in China
In-Stat reports 10.46 million smart phones have been shipped in China in 2006, doubling its 2005 total, an indication that the smart phone market is entering mass adoption stage.
2011-05-26 In-Stat: SMB-NAS sales revenues to reach $2B in 2015
The new In-Stat research survey reported that revenues from the worldwide sales of small-and-medium business (SMB) network-attached storage (NAS) are expected to reach $2 billion in 2015.
2011-06-06 In-Stat: SMB MSBG revenue to reach $1.1 billion in 2015
In-Stat has predicted that MSBG revenue in the SMB market will grow to $1.1 billion by 2015. This is due to the increasing demand of technologies by SMBs to compete with larger firms.
2011-05-03 In-Stat: Smartphone processor boom to continue until 2015
Forecasts from In-Stat say that smartphone processor revenue will have an estimated CAGR of 21 percent from 2009 to 2015.
2007-06-08 In-Stat: Portable connectivity spurs Wi-Fi chipset growth
Market research group In-Stat reported that portable connectivity applications are the primary growth driver for the global Wi-Fi chipset market.
2009-05-06 In-Stat: No more UWB by 2013
The UWB technology is effectively dead in consumer and computer markets, according to a new report from In-Stat.
2011-04-18 In-Stat: New Intel Atom falls short for mobile race
Intel launches its newest Atom processor, which offers further integration and availability of the x86 architecture to lower power applications.
2011-04-29 In-Stat: Networking node shipments surpass 40M in 2010
In-Stat reports that an increase in networked devices increased the need for non-Ethernet networking node, resulting to more than 40 million shipments in 2010.
2007-08-17 In-Stat: Mobile triple-play success hinges on femtocells
In-Stat sees the use of femtocells as crucial for the growth of the mobile triple-play market and analysts see subscriber figures exploding over the next couple of years.
2011-05-11 In-Stat: Mirrorless camera 2015 revenue to reach $825M
As the middle ground between expensive DSLRs and more affordable DSCs, mirrorless digital still camera revenue will reach $825 million in 2015, according to In-Stat.
2011-05-17 In-Stat: Internet tops most needed phone apps
In-Stat's latest study shows that the Internet was the most wanted cellphone application in 2010, overtaking GPS as the most desired mobile app.
2011-05-10 In-Stat: Intel takes industry lead with 3D transistors
In-Stat believes Intel has demonstrated its industry leadership as it introduces its next-generation 22nm process technology and 3D transistors.
2011-05-25 In-Stat: Global DAS revenue to exceed $13B by 2015
In-Stat projects that the total global revenue from distributed antenna systems (DAS) will exceed $13 billion in 2015.
2007-09-10 In-Stat: CMOS tops CCD in image sensors market
Contrary to an IC Insights report, a recent survey by market research firm In-Stat found that CMOS image sensors continue to dominate the market over CCD.
2011-05-19 In-Stat: 3D TV market to grow 500% this year
A new study from In-Stat reveals the possible growth of the 3D TV set market in 2011 and in the coming years. The research forecasts the 3D TV market is likely to grow 500 percent in 2011.
2004-01-29 In-Stat/MDR: WLAN, WAN PC card markets gain strength
In a recent survey, In-Stat/MDR found that, not only is the market for WLAN and WAN access growing, but so are its support markets.
2004-03-18 In-Stat/MDR sees softswitch market to post huge gains
As major service providers worldwide expand their VoIP networks, the softswitch market is anticipated to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 64.6 percent, between 2003 and 2008, resulting in revenues of $2.05 billion, according to In-Stat/MDR.
2004-04-29 In-Stat/MDR sees light in MEMS for optical networks
With the telecom industry apparently emerging from the abyss in which it has resided for the past couple of years, In-Stat/MDR is optimistic with regards to the market for MEMS-based components in optical networks.
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