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2012-08-09 Ultracapacitor module for small form factor designs
Ioxus introduced the THiNCAP iMOD modules for power conditioning and automated guided vehicle (AGV) applications.
2013-06-12 iCAP Series Ultracapacitor boasts 2.7V working voltage
The 1200F cell from Ioxus is a high-powered energy solution that optimises the performance of lead acid, AGM and Lithium Ion batteries, enabling improved start/stop technology performance.
2010-01-29 Ultracapacitors pack low ESR, high power density
Ioxus Inc. has rolled out a new family of large-cell prismatic electrochemical double-layer capacitors which is targeting transportation and utility applications
2011-08-15 Hybrid ultracapacitors key to longer battery life
Ioxus' hybrid ultracapacitors promise more efficient battery life by enabling distributed storage architectures that work better than traditional technology alone.
2012-03-14 Benefits of ultracapacitor for EV energy storage
Find out why ultracapacitors are the best choice for electric vehicle energy storage.
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