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2006-05-30 JAM opens Singapore operations
Fabless digital audio specialist JAM Technologies opened facilities in Singapore last week which the company said would better position it to serve customers in the consumer electronics industry.
2005-12-22 JAM expands to Singapore
JAM Technologies has opened a new headquarters here in a move that CEO Mike Holt said positions the company to better supply one of its key markets.
2014-09-23 Future memory devices: 10 technologies to keep in mind
While current memory types are smarter and built with higher density, the succeeding memory technologies will integrate new types of materials, as well as smarter algorithms that make storage a hierarchy off-chip in a way that cache memory is hierarchical on-chip
2005-09-12 Why Class D amplifiers may test well but often sound terrible
Class D amplifiers are fundamentally different from analog amplifiers, not only in their circuitry, but more importantly in the way they operate
2006-08-11 Digital audio amplification: a new approach
Now that virtually all audio source data is digital, we are compelled to re-examine the basic principals behind conventional amplification to see if it is adequate for today's digital source material.
2007-01-16 Design all-digital audio for HDTVs
The digital lifestyle explosion is driving A/V system integration. Architecture digitization is driving decreasing system cost for CE products.
2006-01-13 Class D amps tout true fidelity
JAM Technologies is setting its sights on digital TVs with its latest True Fidelity digital-input stereo amplifiers.
2006-08-10 Avago develops optocouplers in SSO6 packages
Avago Technologies announced it has developed two gate drive optocouplers in SSO6 packages for AC and DC brushless motors used in home appliances and industrial applications
2004-09-03 Agilent optocoupler ships in SO-8 package
Agilent introduced a new version of its industry-standard HCPL-3700 voltage/current-sensing optocoupler.
2009-02-12 In-car info display boosts safe driving
The BMW 7 series features a range of high-end electronic equipments, including its instrument cluster. In this article, BMW designers provide an insight into the technologies used in the central display section
2013-03-12 Packaged telematics suit tough automotive apps
Telematics applications are becoming standard features in cars and trucks, thus the demand is growing for robust RF components qualified to AEC-Q200.
2006-11-17 Digital optocouplers suit hybrid electric vehicles
Avago said its new ACPL-M61T is the only high-speed digital optocoupler available to support the requirements of various networking, communication and system management applications within hybrid electric vehicles.
2007-12-27 Consumer confusion hikes HDTV return rate
Behind the robust growth, glitzy new high-end displays and marketing frenzy lurks the dirty little secret of HDTV: An unsettling number of sets are returned to the retail outlets where they are purchased.
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