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2006-06-14 Tremor hits Japan, hardly damages local fabs
Elpida, Sony and Toshiba, which have semiconductor operations in the areas hit by a Japan earthquake, reported almost no damage to their operations.
2011-07-04 Supply chain to fully recover from Japan quake by Q3
The electronics industry supply chain is expected to fully recover from the Japan quake by the third quarter, with companies most affected scheduled to restore full shipments by early September
2011-10-24 Smart grid testing in Japan underway
Mitsubishi Electric's project focuses on the verification of smart grid performance in very severe weather conditions.
2011-03-23 MCU production thwarted by Japan quake
MCU production will be severely hampered because of the recent Japan earthquake and the resulting shutdown of damaged wafer fabs such as those of Renesas, TI and two other chipmakers.
2011-06-28 Japan: Land of the rising silence
Junko Yoshida describes how the Japanese, after the March 11 quake, are great at setting, communicating and achieving goals but are afraid to face the issues that require more complicated solutions.
2012-03-19 Japan's NAND flash rises in the wake of last year's earthquake
One factor was that although Toshiba accounted for 35 percent of global NAND capacity at the time of the disaster, its Yokkaichi facilities were far enough from the epicenter to avoid significant damage.
2012-05-25 Japan to bid TV manufacturing goodbye
One could surmise that slipping demand for flat TVs in 2011 virtually pushed the Japanese TV giants off the cliff.
2011-03-16 Japan quake raises concerns over electronics supply chain
According to analysts, the devastating earthquake that hit Japan, a key source of chips supporting CE devices, could lead to production decrease, phenomenal price swings and large near-term shortages.
2011-07-25 Japan prioritizes IC industry to accelerate recovery
Databeans believes that because of the growth rate on the semiconductor income for the global market, prioritizing rehabilitation of Japan's semiconductor plants will facilitate economic recovery
2011-03-16 Electronics companies affected by Japan quake, tsunami
An 8.9-magnitude earthquake and a powerful tsunami hit northeast Japan last Friday. The devastation is expected to severely hamper the operations of many electronics companies located in the area.
2004-10-28 Aftershocks from Japan earthquake keep fabs shut down
The strong earthquake that hit central Japan over the weekend has been followed by several strong aftershocks that have prevented several Japanese electronics manufacturers from resuming operations at plants located there.
2011-04-13 Aftershock stops production at several Japan fabs
Fujitsu, Renesas, Sony, Elpida, Toshiba, Nikon and Tokyo Electron were among the companies reported to have suspended operations following the 7.1-magnitude quake that shook Japan on April 7
2016-04-19 7.3 quake shakes Japan's IC, auto industries
Japanese manufacturing giants have suspended operations after two powerful earthquakes hit Kumamoto, Japan, last week, causing widespread damage and supply chain disruptions
2011-07-13 7.0 magnitude aftershock rocks Japan
The northeastern region of Japan experienced a 7.0 magnitude earthquake on July 10. The quake is believed to be an aftershock of the March 11 earthquake that devastated the region earlier this year.
2015-11-24 Will Japan sell Renesas to foreign companies
Many Japanese industry sources hold the nationalistic view that Renesas shouldn't fall into the hands of foreign companies since Renesas supplies key components to the Japanese automotive industry.
2011-12-09 Weighing in on Japan quake vs. Thai flood
HDD makers in Thailand could look into and learn disaster recovery strategies from NAND manufacturers in Japan, says IHS
2002-02-12 UMC seeks control of Japan joint-venture fab
United Microelectronics Corp. is seeking to gain management control of its 300mm wafer joint venture with Hitachi Ltd, UMC chairman and chief executive Robert Tsao said Friday (Feb. 8).
2012-08-24 UMC board votes to close Japan fab
Declining customer demand and bleak Japanese economy led to UMC's decision to shut down its fab in the country.
2011-03-17 TI Japan fabs down
Production at TI's earthquake-damaged Miho, Japan fab will be restarted in stages, beginning with several lines in May, with full production by July at the earliest.
2011-03-17 Most Japan fabs survive 8.9 quake
Although there are few reports of damages on production facilities due to the quake, power shortages may render some of the fabs off line as the country recovers from last week's tragedy.
2012-03-22 Japan's chip industry a year after the quake
As the leading chip manufacturing companies transition to sub-28nm manufacturing, Japan is facing the fact that it currently has no company capable of volume manufacturing using this advanced technology node
2011-04-29 Japan quake shakes Chinese outsourcing industry
A study conducted by IDC shows that Chinese service outsourcing industry may explore new markets due to Japan's earthquake.
2011-06-10 Japan quake delays Q1 SICAS report
The SICAS report on global IC manufacturing capacity for 1Q11 will be delayed and the exact release date is yet to be announced, according to SIA.
2014-03-25 Japan gov't subsidises battery storage purchases
With a million-dollar budget for the incentive programme, the Japanese METI will offer to pay individuals and entities of up to two-thirds of their purchase price of the battery storage system.
2011-10-12 Japan chip industry needs to 'refocus
In order to turn around the decline of Japan's semiconductor industry, an advisor suggests a manufacturing shift to MCUs, NAND flash and CMOS sensors
2011-11-25 Image gallery: Japan zooms in on the smart home
The Embedded Technology 2011 event showed that since the March 11 earthquake disaster, the Japanese electronics industry has shifted its focus to smart home technologies
2014-08-11 Freescale builds bridges with Japan carmakers, enters IoT
Towards meeting performance targets, Freescale Japan's David Uze says that it is forging relationships built on trust with local automotive firms and looking to establish an IoT city in Tokyo
2012-03-26 Excess inventory softens Japan quake impact on LCD panel vendors, market
Japan's limited presence in the global supply chaincombined with excess stockpiles in the channelhelped soften the blow of the manufacturing disruptions caused by the disaster
2004-12-29 Earthquake damage lands Sanyo in the red
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd estimated the cost of earthquake damage at its Niigata semiconductor fab last October at about ?87 billion, or $837 million, further eroding its financial performance in the current quarter
2012-10-22 Cosmic Rays offer potential aid to Japan's reactor cleanup
A method utilising cosmic rays to gather detailed information inside the damaged cores of Fukushima Daiichi reactors has been developed by researchers.
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