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2013-12-26 Digital trigger system with low trigger jitter
Read about a digital trigger system in an oscilloscope that results in very low trigger jitter.
2014-11-12 Determine acceptable jitter level in embedded design
Learn about the nuances of clock jitter specifications, and know how to determine the acceptable level of jitter early on in the development cycle to prevent dire impact on end product release schedules.
2000-11-27 Designing for minimal jitter when using PI49FCT3805D/32805 clock buffers
This application note provides guidelines to minimize jitter when designing with Pericom's PI49FCT3805D/32805 clock buffers.
2015-09-03 Dealing with jitter vs power trade-off in clock trees
Advanced clock buffers eliminate that trade-off between lower-jitter buffers with a power penalty you can't afford versus lower-power units with inferior jitter specifications.
2008-05-26 DDS-based clock jitter performance vs. DAC reconstruction filter performance
This application note by David Brandon and Ken Gentile from Analog Devices describes the results obtained from a filter layout experiment and discusses how layout and component selection impact stop-band rejection.
2007-09-06 Crosspoint switch has 10ps jitter at 3.125Gbps
National says its LVDS 4 x 4 crosspoint switch delivers the best jitter performance at 10ps typical at data transmission rates of up to 3.125Gbps.
2015-02-23 Configurable clock synthesiser touts low phase noise jitter
The XR81411 from Exar is capable of generating any frequency in the range of 10MHz to 800MHz with four independent PLLs, using a highly flexible delta-sigma modulator and a wide ranging VCO.
2014-05-22 Clock translator provides jitter cleanup, synchronisation
Analog Devices' AD9554 generates an output clock synchronised to up to four external input references. The digital PLL allows for reduction of input time jitter or phase noise.
2014-11-21 Clock synthesiser delivers 86fs RMS phase jitter
The 10-output synthesiser's low phase jitter reduces bit error rates in 40GE and 100GE data communication systems.
2014-09-17 Clock multiplier, jitter attenuator ICs target comms apps
The ZL30252 and ZL30253 from Microsemi give communication equipment customers a timing solution that meets industry-leading jitter performance imposed by the latest 100Gb/s PHY devices.
2008-10-21 Clock multiplier with 5ps jitter targets consumer apps
ON Semiconductor has launched the NB3N3020 a high precision, low phase noise, programmable clock multiplier offering what it claims to be the best jitter performance.
2005-12-14 Clock multiplier features 60ps jitter
TI's new programmable clock multiplier features a low jitter of 60ps and in-system spread spectrum adjustment that improves performance, simplifies development and saves cost in consumer applications.
2015-09-10 Clock jitter attenuator boosts JESD204B serial interface
The HMC7044 offers a wide range of clock management and distribution features that make it possible for designers of base stations to build an entire clock design with a single device.
2007-09-03 Clock generators tout low jitter, low power
Texas Instruments has introduced a family of highly-programmable, one to four phase-locked loop clock generator devices that deliver very low jitter at 60ps typical for consumer applications.
2009-04-28 Clock generators achieves 500fs RMS jitter
Texas Instruments Inc. has unveiled three new precision clock generators that have a crystal input, replacing up to four discrete high-frequency crystal oscillators with a single device.
2006-04-05 Clock chips exceed Sonet jitter specs
Analog Devices expanded its clock and data recovery offering with four chips that tout outstanding jitter performance to simplify optical network designs.
2003-03-17 Buffers minimize jitter in clock distribution
In communications designs, high-performance clock buffers are often used for duplication, distribution and fanout of clock signals. Here, sensitivity to long-term jitter is a critical concern.
2005-03-16 Buffers blend low jitter, low power
Texas Instruments introduced eight new high gain output oscillator buffers measuring 2-by-2-by-0.55mm, which minimize jitter and power consumption.
2002-04-02 Broadcom mux/demux chipsets offer 2mUI jitter
Broadcom Corp. has announced the availability of the BCM8124/8125 and BCM8128/8129 multi-rate 10Gbps mux/demux chipsets that feature a jitter of 2mUI(rms).
2007-03-09 Audio receiver offers low jitter performance
TI has introduced a 24bit, 96kHz digital audio interface receiver that provides jitter performance as low as 50ps RMS.
2013-03-18 Assessing audio DAC jitter sensitivity
Know how sampling clock jitter affects the performance of delta-sigma digital-to-analogue converters.
2011-12-28 Analyzing jitter, timing in the presence of crosstalk
Here's a new approach to jitter separation in the presence of crosstalk, a growing problem as the number of lanes increases to boost computing system throughput.
2008-06-13 Analyzing jitter using a spectrum approach
This applications note includes an explanation of jitter and its components; jitter component separation using a spectrum approach; and bit error ratio estimation.
2005-02-23 Agilent rolls two jitter analysis toolsets for its realtime scopes
Agilent has two new jitter analysis software packages for its previously released Infiniium DSO80000 series 10GHz, 12GHz, and 13GHz realtime oscilloscopes.
2002-07-09 Agere clock modulator driver provides 2ps jitter
Agere Systems' TCMD0110G clock modulator driver chip provides 2ps of typical rms jitter performance.
2006-10-19 ADI unrolls clock generator with under 1ps jitter
Analog Devices says its AD9516 series is the industry's first low-phase-noise, 14-channel clock generator with jitter below 1ps.
2013-06-11 Address jitter, noise with DDR4 (Part 2)
Learn about the DDR4 eye mask and how it can be used to improve designs.
2013-06-05 Address jitter, noise with DDR4 (Part 1)
DDR4 specification provides a way for designers to allocate the system timing and noise budget between the controller, memory interconnect and the DRAM that is difficult, if not impossible to accomplish with other high-speed interfaces.
2001-09-10 AC hysteresis motor jitter variations
This application note explains the cogging and facet flatness variations, which contribute to jitter, in an ac hysteresis motor polygon assembly.
2010-04-20 A/V clock generator delivers 40ps jitter
National Semiconductor has released a triple-rate audio/video clock generator that eliminates the need for external clock conditioning in professional and broadcast video equipment.
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