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2004-12-01 On-chip VCOs can be digitally tuned
One common approach to designing VCOs in CMOS is to build a ring oscillator using a cascaded set of inverters that feeds back into itself.
2007-03-02 NEC develops technology for design, quality inspection
NEC Corp. and NEC Electronics developed a technology that introduces signal jitter into an LSI's internal clock to accurately observe the internal operating margins of an LSI.
2002-12-18 MT9041A and MT9041B differences
This article compares the MT9041B functionality with that of the MT9041A.
2012-03-01 Modules for oscilloscopes support up to 100G Ethernet
The toolset from Tektronix is for the DSA8300 digital signal analyzer that provides a single mainframe solution for optical compliance test for Ethernet at speeds ò10G, 40G and 100G.
2009-06-02 Measuring skew margin on 4-channel deserializers
The skew margin of an LVDS deserializer is an indication of its jitter tolerance. This application note describes conditions that can limit skew margin, and it presents a procedure for measuring skew margin on 4-channel deserializers.
2005-01-03 Measuring quality of video-over-IP
Learn the challenges and parameters of determining quality video at the endpoint of streaming video-over-IP.
2007-09-10 LVDS crosspoint switch delivers 3.125Gbps
National Semiconductor's new LVDS 4 x 4 crosspoint switch delivers the what it claims to be the best jitter performance (10ps typical) at data transmission rates up to 3.125Gbps.
2005-01-17 Learn the DTA equation
The accuracy of the DTA equation relies on several factors: sample rate, measurement time and oscilloscope front-end.
2004-09-01 Isolating BER bursting in high-precision measurements
This article demonstrates how to use adjacent cycle-to-cycle waveform analysis to enhance one's ability to identify rare events to their root cause.
2006-12-07 Instrument tests clock circuits, PLLs, oscillators
Wavecrest is rolling out a family of instruments dubbed signal source analyzers for testing clock circuits, phase locked loops and oscillators.
1999-02-01 Improving the performance of an ADC
Several factors contribute to the corruption of the data output of a high performance ADC. Employing proper grounding techniques and selecting the right op amp to drive the ADC, among other solutions, can ensure a squeaky-clean ADC output.
2002-08-16 Hidden complexities of PLLs are revealed
Measuring PLLs in a quiet, low-noise environment can yield optimistic and misleading jitter results.
2001-04-01 Fast testing techniques for OC-192
Despite a lack of measurement standards, a few testing techniques are available to minimize jitter problems in high-speed optical communications.
2001-04-01 Fast testing techniques for OC-192
Despite a lack of measurement standards, a few testing techniques are available to minimize jitter problems in high-speed optical communications.
2004-01-16 Encoder quality test using digital oscilloscopes
Building a PC-based system with three NI 5102 oscilloscopes for PCI synchronized over the RTSI bus and controlled with LabVIEW answers the need to quantify and document the quality of encoders built into servo motors.
2011-10-26 Differential oscillators operate from 2.5-3.3V
SiTime's MEMS oscillators work at a commercial temperature range of -20C to 70C and target high performance telecom, storage and networking applications.
2009-12-09 CS8416 delivers performance gains over CS8413/14
This application note details how the CS8416 improves upon the performance of the CS8413/14. A summary of important functional differences and detailed jitter and audio performance measurements are included to clearly demonstrate the improvements that can be expected when transitioning to the CS8416.
2009-10-26 Converter clocking tech extends to high speed data clocks (Part II)
The jitter requirements for converter clocks are a nice fit for high speed data clocks of 10GHz and above.
2012-09-05 Clocking IC geared for wired comms systems
The LMK04906 from TI claims to reduce cost and enhance system performance with its low jitter and phase noise.
2011-03-24 Clock cleaner ICs offer low phase noise performance
A family of clock jitter cleaners from National Semiconductor claims lowest phase noise and rms jitter performance to enhance system performance in wireless and wired communications.
2010-06-18 Clock cleaner IC eliminates unwanted noise
The Si5317 pin-controlled jitter cleaning clock IC provides jitter filtering to remove unwanted noise and produces low jitter outputs for a wide range of applications.
2004-12-01 Analyzing high-speed serial links
Learn a new simulation/statistical technique that accurately analyzes Serdes performance in systems, delivering 3Gbps data rates and beyond.
2005-10-18 Agilent's latest serial BERT
Agilent recently announced what it claims as the industry's first high-performance serial bit error ratio tester with advanced jitter generation capabilities for jitter-tolerance testing of serial gigabit devices up to 12.5Gbps.
2007-01-30 Agilent intros new digital communications analysis tools
Agilent Technologies has introduced a phase noise application software and new options for the digital communications analyzer.
2005-07-18 Addressing signal integrity in backplane interconnects
Signal integrity is a basic requirement in deploying higher speed communications links and services
2013-08-27 Achieve successful timing closure
Find out how to derive design margins for successful timing closure.
2006-04-03 A better path to video-over-WLAN
Higher throughput, excess bandwidth, MIMO, channel bonding and advanced forward error correction are but some of the remedies for issues confronting video delivery over WLAN.
2004-04-12 Zarlink PLLs ensure reliable data transport
Zarlink has disclosed that its two digital PLLs deliver industry-leading jitter performance and superior features.
2013-09-24 Xilinx OTN solutions bridge gap between ASSP, ASIC
SmartCORE IP aims to deliver all programmable solutions needed to create intelligent 400G and Nx100G OTN solutions and OTN switching platforms with low latency, low jitter and high QoS requirements.
2011-07-15 Voltage controlled TCXO touts 0.5ppm stability
SiTime has launched what it hails as the industry's first MEMS voltage controlled TCXOs that support frequencies up to 220MHz and 500fs jitter.
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