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2003-05-23 Maxim device translates CML, LVPECL, and LVDS to LVDS
Maxim Integrated Products' MAX9174 and MAX9175 single 1:2 LVDS splitters are suitable for apps where low jitter is critical for signal integrity.
2005-02-25 Maxim clock generator with 8kHz reference-clock input
Maxim released a cost-effective, low-jitter, high-performance clock generator with an 8kHz reference-clock input.
2006-03-20 LVDS buffer features on-chip termination
National Semiconductor introduced a very small, low-jitter signal integrity buffer to its portfolio of LVDS products.
2010-06-24 LatticeSC PURESPEED I/O adaptive input logic user's guide
Today's high speed synchronous interfaces pose challenges to the designer in maintaining clock-to-data relationships, managing data-to-data skew and sustaining jitter tolerance.
2014-12-08 JESD204B clock device targets LTE, GSM base stations
The AD9528 from ADI offers a low-power, multi-output, clock distribution function with low-jitter performance, along with an on-chip, two-stage PLL and VCO, to tackle GSPS data converter applications.
2014-10-16 How to improve FPGA comms interface clock jitters
Know how external phase locked loops can be used to resolve problems faced when dealing with clock jitter in FPGA-based high-speed communications interfaces such as SerDes.
2011-01-27 How to apply 1.8-V signals to 3.3-V CDCLVC11xx fanout clock buffer
Find out how to implement an RC network and dimension its discrete components, without affecting the specifications of additive jitter and rise and fall times.
2006-10-03 High-speed AWG produces 'real-life' waveforms
Tektronix said its new AWG series is the only one that can produce high-speed 'real-life' waveforms with imperfections, including noise, jitter, pre/de-emphasis and multilevel signalling up to 10Gbps.
2005-02-24 Fairchild's dual analog switch exceeds USB 2.0 bandwidth specs
The wide bandwidth of Fairchild's FSUSB22 switch allows passage of 3rd harmonic frequencies that are critical for maintaining maximum signal integrity with minimal distortion, jitter and phase noise.
2002-05-27 Exar multifunction, multichannel PHY interface chips debut
Exar Corp. has launched four single-chip PHY ICs that combine an LIU with a desynchronizer and a jitter attenuator, and four additional LIU ICs with just the jitter attenuator.
2003-01-31 Exar clock synthesizer touts low power dissipation
Exar Corp.'s XRT8010 350MHz clock synthesizer offers LVDS interface and an accumulated jitter performance of 6ps rms.
2005-07-08 Epson's new high frequency clock oscillator suits consumer apps
The new XG-1000 device from Epson is the first in a series of ultra-low jitter high frequency clock oscillators especially designed for consumer applications
2007-04-02 Efficient 8X oversampling asynchronous serial data recovery using IDELAY
Xilinx Virtex-4 and Virtex-5 devices a have high-precision programmable delay element associated with every input pin. These delay elements, called IDELAY, can be used to implement an oversampler that uses very few FPGA logic resources and, more importantly, just a single DCM and two global clock resources to do 8X oversampling. This solution provides better jitter tolerance than techniques that use multiple DCMs.
2008-11-07 Digital audio receiver includes sample-rate converter
Cirrus Logic Inc. has introduced the CS8422, a 24bit, 192kHz digital audio receiver with a low-jitter PLL and integrated asynchronous sample rate converter.
2006-05-16 Devices extend cable, backplane reach of serial data transmission
National Semiconductor introduced four new current-mode logic signal-conditioning buffers and multiplexers with 25ps of jitter.
2011-11-24 DC/DC converters boast 2.7-40V input
Linear Tech's LTC3115-1 provides a continuous, jitter-free transition between buck and boost modes, making it ideal for RF applications.
2008-09-05 Crystal oscillators upgrade functionality of bus interfaces
Epson Toyocom has created two new CSL output SAW oscillators that feature low jitter and low phase noise. The oscillators are suitable for PCIe and FB-DIMM applications.
2013-11-19 Crystal oscillators support up to 700MHz frequency
The devices from Epson feature a frequency tolerance of ±20 x 10-6 and low phase jitter of 270fs, boasting outstanding accuracy, stability and a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +85°C).
2009-09-28 Crystal oscillators deliver 50ppm frequency stability
The modules provide ultralow jitter and phase noise LVDS and LVPECL differential outputs for networking equipment.
2006-09-20 CPRI Serdes delivers 800ps delay calibration accuracy
National said its new CPRI Serdes is the first to guarantee 800ps delay calibration measurement accuracy and exceed all CPRI interface signal voltage and jitter requirements.
1999-04-08 Converting wide, parallel data buses to high speed serial links
This paper looks at the benefits of converting parallel buses to high speed serial links and uses the Cypress HOTLink chipset in an ATM switch application as an example. Layout techniques and design considerations are covered including error detection and correction, performance of various cable media, maximum cable length, handling jitter and clock and data recovery (CDR) circuits.
2007-02-27 Clocking High-Speed A/D Converters
Extremely high-speed ADCs demand a low-jitter sample clock in order to preserve SNR. These 8bit and 10bit converters have best-case noise floors set by quantization noise. In this article, we look at the strategy for optimizing the performance of the sample clock based on PLL/VCO characteristics. This means minimizing overall integrated phase noise, which minimizes clock jitter.
2005-10-20 Clock synthesizers cut costs
Micrel rolled out two precision, low-jitter clock system-on-chip synthesizers that are said to provide an extremely high level of integration for system timing generation.
2009-01-06 Clock multiplier IC supports 10G line encoding rates
Silicon Laboratories Inc. has introduced an expansion of its Any-Rate Precision Clock family with the Si5315, a jitter-attenuating clock multiplier IC that meets or exceeds the performance, integration, frequency and jitter requirements for the 1G and 10G Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) market.
2016-04-27 Clock line-up targets 100G/400G optical transceivers
Silicon Labs' Si534xH coherent optical clocks replace discrete timing solutions that rely on expensive, large-footprint VCSOs to provide low-jitter reference timing for data converters.
2006-08-21 Clock generators target data comms, base station apps
Maxim said its new low-jitter, high-performance clock generators ensure reliability in the system and target SONET and SDH data communications systems and base station applications.
2008-09-02 Clock generator eliminates input frequency selection pins
Silego Technology Inc. is offering the SLG4421 low power, low jitter EMI reduction spread spectrum clock generator faturing FrequencyAware, a proprietary technology that automatically determines the input frequency.
2007-12-13 Clock dividers feature fail-safe input protection
Micrel has expanded its clock divider family with the introduction of LVPECL/LVDS, ultralow-jitter clock dividers with fail-safe input protection and internal termination.
2012-09-27 Choosing the right timing device (Part 1)
Learn about the key parameters affecting oscillator performance, including frequency, frequency stability, signal mode, jitter and reliability.
2005-05-17 C-MAC TCVCXOs with 1.5ppm stability at 622MHz and above
C-MAC MicroTechnology launched a range of low-jitter high-frequency TCVCXOs for use in TDM switching systems for optical fiber backbone infrastructure
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