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2014-04-21 KAIST Wi-Power system transfers energy over a 5m range
The Dipole Coil Resonance System has two magnetic dipole coils, one induces a magnetic field and another receives electric power. It has a low Q factor of 100 and operates at a frequency of 100kHz.
2002-06-06 KAIST ties up with Microsoft for .NET academy center
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology's Industrial Engineering Faculty and Microsoft Corp. have agreed on establishing a .NET academy center to train IT experts through web-based .NET technology.
2015-06-23 KAIST team creates first flexible phase-change RAM
The research team developed a low-power non-volatile PRAM for flexible and wearable memories enabled by self-assembled BCP silica nanostructures and self-structured conductive filament nanoheater.
2014-11-24 KAIST students develop low-noise, low-cost 3D printer
The team received more than 100 pre-orders prior to the launch of their 3D printer, which the students managed to lower the cost by making use of self-developed components.
2013-10-10 KAIST builds shredder-bots to fend off jellyfish swarms
In an attempt to curb increasing jellyfish populations, the Korean Institute of Science and Technology has developed autonomous shredding robots that can funnel jellyfish into their drive propeller.
2016-02-10 Tricked-up drone aids firefighters
South Korea's research institute KAIST has built a drone that can navigate narrow spaces by flipping vertically to hug walls and can withstand fire up to 1,000C.
2013-11-26 Researchers develop ultra-low power 100Gb/s Ethernet IC
The research team from KAIST said that with the microchip, they can reduce the electric power consumption of data centers by one third of their current energy usage.
2014-11-28 Novel process takes flexible electronics to new heights
Researchers from KAIST developed an easier methodology to realise high performance flexible electronics by using the Inorganic-based Laser Lift-off (ILLO).
2014-05-20 Micro pattern introduces colour reflective display
The micro patterns are created by arranging glass beads in the same nano-structure as the opal, yielding photonic crystals that could the core material for a reflective display visible under sunlight.
2014-12-10 Metamaterial manipulates polarised light in broadband
KAIST researchers created a technology that can manipulate a polarised light in broadband operation, which can be used in broadband communication and displays.
2015-06-09 Korean robotics team wins $2M prize
The DARPA's Robotics Challenge promotes a competition of robot systems and software teams that seek to develop robots capable of assisting humans in responding to natural and man-made disasters.
2014-02-12 Korean researchers upgrade Google Glass
Researchers from KAIST leapfrogged Google's Project Glass with a custom chip geared to deliver augmented reality experiences on a heads-up display.
2007-04-13 Korean engineers tout power-saving tech for PDPs
A team of engineers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has developed a highly efficient, power-saving technology for light-emitting PDPs that are used in digital TVs.
2014-12-24 DNA binding protein allows novel nanoparticle cluster mfg
Using the zinc finger protein that specifically binds to target DNA sequence, the researchers developed an innovative manufacturing technique for size-controllable magnetic nanoparticle clusters.
2013-08-22 Korean researchers develop foldable, compact EV
The team at KAIST said the micro electric car can be used either as a personal car or part of the public transit system to connect major transportation routes within a city.
2008-01-31 South Korea partners with NASA on satellite R&D
The Ames Research Center of NASA has agreed to work with South Korea's Institute of Science and Technology to explore possibilities for collaboration on small satellite research and development.
2015-03-16 Smart glass uses winks for commands
The Korean-made smart glass, K-Glass 2, features a new user interface called the i-Mouse, which can track the user's gaze and connect the device to the Internet through blinking eyes.
2016-04-12 Selecting step-up/down voltage regulator for portable apps
In portable applications, the voltage regulator efficiency is of the utmost importance. In this article we will review the available options, compare their performance, and determine the most efficient solution.
2014-07-14 RAIST completes Thai Silicon Valley picture
The country's first research-focused science and technology university may get extended funding from PTT to support long-term operations expected to lead Thailand into an innovation-driven economy.
2016-02-29 New smart glasses offer virtual keyboard
The processor used for K-Glass 3 is composed of a pre-processing core to implement stereo vision, seven deep-learning cores to accelerate real-time scene recognition within 33ms.
2015-11-17 ISSCC to see advancements in vision processors, 3D chips
Samsung is set to unveil its 10nm process technology and enhancements in its SRAM, DRAM and flash technologies while Mediatek will showcase a 10-core CPU, featuring three ARMv8a CPU clusters.
2010-11-25 ISSCC highlights emerging technologies
The 2011 International Solid State Circuits Conference has accepted 211 papers, including a sleep monitoring system, a two-dimensional wideband antenna array for 3D imaging, and an AC power meter.
2014-02-24 HMD projects images that augment real world
The AR processor in the HMD works just like human vision. Implemented in the 65nm process, it duplicates the ability of human brain to process visual data.
2013-07-26 Embedded magnetometers enable mobile device stylus
A South Korean scientist developed a magnetically-driven pen interface that works both on and around mobile devices through embedded magnetometers.
2014-09-24 Circuits to harness speed of light with photonic diode
Fabricated using nitride semiconductor rods, the photonic diode yields distinct light intensities from opposite endsa property seen as useful for developing all-optical integrated circuits.
2014-07-21 China, South Korea fire up 5G work in Asia
The two countries have set up industrial research initiatives dedicated to developing a 5G standard. Such efforts have driven the formation of regional alliances, which are now reaching out to collaborate with Europe's 5GPPP.
2003-05-29 Augmenting Korea's non-memory semiconductor industry
Professor Kyung Jong-Min, a pioneer in the development of Korea's non-memory technology, said that an engineering profession is an honest and dignified livelihood.
2013-05-28 Annular electrodes as PCM solution (Part 2)
Learn about the possible advantages and limitations offered by nanotechnology and self-assembly techniques.
2013-05-24 Annular electrodes as PCM solution (Part 1)
Fine-tuning parameters such as electrode diameter and edge thickness help reduce current density.
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