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2006-03-16 Verifying mixed-signal designs
Each piece of a mixed-signal design presents difficult problems that can be solved only by producing a custom circuit that fits the requirements of its particular situation.
2005-11-16 Tokyo prof: All the world's a computer
2006-02-08 Sony touts Cell processor for real-time tasks
Real-time computing will bring a paradigm shift for both the PC and semiconductor industries, according to the president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment.
2007-04-30 Sony PlayStation inventor retires from executive post
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Sony Corp. announced that Ken Kutaragi, SCEI representative director, chairman and group CEO, will retire from his executive post effective June 19, 2007.
2006-05-16 Optimize power solutions for apps processors
A low-dropout regulator is the lowest-cost, smallest-size and lowest-noise power management solution for low-voltage microprocessors.
2006-02-16 Get beyond on/off fan control
On/off control sufficed for early product generations, but consumers are now demanding for products to be both capable and quiet.
2005-08-01 For PS3's creator, this isn't a game
Sony's Ken Kutaragi turns his vision into a reality as he sets a computer revolution in motion with the new Cell-powered PS3.
2006-04-03 CMOS MEMS allows designers to maximize tools, techs and processes
A breakthrough in monolithic devices, CMOS-based MEMS offers a cost-effective solution that goes from design to prototype in a matter of weeks.
2008-05-27 Super-Nyquist operation of the AD9912 yields a high RF output signal
This application note by Ken Gentile demonstrates how adequate band-pass filtering enables frequency synthesis at 1.615GHz and beyond for Analog Devices' AD9912 modulator.
2004-05-26 Sony's 300mm fab starts test production of Cell processor
Sony Corp.'s Nagasaki 300mm fab has begun test production of Cell processors, Ken Kutaragi, Sony's executive deputy president and COO, acknowledged this week. He declined to elaborate.
2005-06-08 Platform strategy fuels Wind River rebound
Ken Klein, who took over as chief executive officer of Wind River Systems Inc. 18 months ago, kicked off the company's users' conference here last month in slightly contrarian fashion
2009-10-28 Klein: Wind River is better than usual
Wind River president Ken Klein says the company is better than usual after the closing of its deal with to be a wholly owned subsidiary of processor giant Intel Corp.
2008-05-28 Driving a center-tapped transformer with a balanced current-output DAC
The goal of this application note by Ken Gentile for Analog Devices is two-fold: To provide an explanation of the functionality of a balanced output in the context of a current-output DAC; and to provide formulas that relate the transformer turns ratio (N), the transformer load (RL), the DAC load resistors (RO) and the maximum DAC output current (IMAX).
2008-05-28 Digital quadrature modulator gain
This application note by Ken Gentile for Analog Devices explains the basic building blocks of a digital quadrature modulator, along with an analysis of the gain through the modulator for three types of input signals.
2008-05-27 Digital pulse-shaping filter basics
This application note by Ken Gentile for Analog Devices describes the fundamentals of pulse shaping and the tradeoffs associated with the design of digital pulse-shaping filters.
2008-05-26 DDS-based clock jitter performance vs. DAC reconstruction filter performance
This application note by David Brandon and Ken Gentile from Analog Devices describes the results obtained from a filter layout experiment and discusses how layout and component selection impact stop-band rejection.
2012-11-09 Amkor's CEO resigns after 15 years of service
Ken Joyce, who was appointed CEO and named to Amkor's board of directors in October 2009, will exit the company at the end of 2013.
2004-01-26 Young Advanced cuts production in Kunshan
Young Advanced Ceramics Co. Ltd has reduced production at its offshore plant in Kunshan, mainland China.
2005-08-11 X-EMI readies chips to cut EMI by 20 dB
A startup with roots in the network-processor company SiTera Inc. has demonstrated a unique solution to electromagnetic interference problems at a vertical EMI show in Chicago.
2002-09-20 WLAN semiconductor market to see 29 percent growth
The worldwide WLAN semiconductor market will achieve a CAGR of 29 percent over the next five years, predicts market intelligence and advisory firm IDC.
2003-06-30 WLAN semiconductor market to hit $1.1B in '07
The worldwide WLAN semiconductor market will increase at a 13 percent CAGR from 2002 to 2007, reaching $1.1 billion in revenues by 2007.
2005-08-15 With FSA Spice checklist in place, is oversight needed?
The Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA)'s standardized mixed-signal/RF Spice model checklist has been finalized and published. All of the major foundries have pledged to deliver the completed checklist with all Spice models by the end of the year.
2008-01-09 Wireless: Ripe for global takeover
The PC era is all but over, replaced by a faster-growing market that places greater emphasis on equipment connectivity; ease of use; and data generation, distribution and processing.
2006-03-22 Wind River acquires middleware provider
Strengthening its ability to support Internet-based embedded applications, Wind River Systems Inc. announced early this week that it has acquired Interpeak AB.
2009-01-05 Will TV and Internet work together better at CES 2009?
TV is as important to our lives as ever, too, and we're about to enter a new era of TV. It will be interesting to see the progress of television coming to the Internet for a unifying, lasting and progressive marriage.
2009-03-13 Will Taiwan DRAM venture push through?
Is the proposed Taiwan memory venture already falling apart?
2004-11-01 Wanted: New class of engineering generalists for DFM
Symposium sees need for 'tall and fat' engineers to help 'reintegrate' IC production.
2014-02-06 Voltage reference fundamentals
Learn about the basic DC voltage source or a voltage reference, as well as some discrete designs.
2002-09-19 Vectronics to distribute OMM MEMS-based products
OMM Inc. has signed Israel-based Vectronics Ltd as the sole distributor for its products in the Israeli market.
2014-10-10 Uninterrupted supply chain: Streamlining for protection
Executives must insulate supply chains from unplanned events that could lead to disruption, which, in turn, translates to opportunities to engage more with sourcing partners to protect business.
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