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2003-07-17 Xinya D-connectors offered in keystone-shaped shell
The 139 series of D-connectors from Ningbo Xinya Electron Co. Ltd has a keystone-shaped shell that assures proper polarization and standard contact terminations.
2013-06-07 TI rolls out KeyStone based SoC for PoE+, pico deployments
TI's new TCI6630K2L SoC uses a dual ARM Cortex-A15 RISC processors and four of TI's fixed- and floating-point TMS320C66x digital signal processor (DSP) generation cores.
2012-08-02 TI adds multicore EVMs to KeyStone DSPs roster
TI extends range of low-power, high-performance processors with C665x EVMs.
2012-03-23 Packet processing software for KeyStone II
6WIND's 6WINDGate software solution supports TI's scalable 28nm multicore processors targeting networking platforms for mobile and cloud infrastructure applications.
2012-08-10 KeyStone multicore DSPs for enterprise gateways
TI's TMS320C665x claims to offer enterprise gateway developers a highly dense and scalable solution, including development software and TI's Code Composer Studio IDE, for improved density and scalability.
2013-04-17 KeyStone multi-core DSPs implement H.265
Aimed to deliver differentiated real-time video infrastructure solutions, TI's C6678 touts eight 1.25GHz DSP cores that offer 320 GMACs and 160 GFLOPs of combined fixed and floating-point performance.
2014-09-11 Initialising KeyStone I DDR3
This document provides an introduction to the DDR3 physical interface concept called leveling. A basic understanding of this technology will help programmers understand the required configuration steps.
2004-05-24 InFocus corrects keystone effect in projectors with iMEMS
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) disclosed that its iMEMS (integrated microelectrical mechanical system) technology has been selected by InFocus Corp. to implement digital keystone correction in two of their new projectors.
2014-09-10 DDR3 design requirements for KeyStone DSP
Read this article to gain key insight into specific differences that will have a positive impact as customers migrate from a DDR2 to a DDR3 platform.
2004-07-12 Advanced Tech keystone jacks have 0.17dB attenuation
The new unshielded keystone jacks from Advanced Tech feature an attenuation of 0.17dB and return loss of 30dB.
2004-07-09 Advanced Tech Cat.5e keystone jacks offer 30dB return loss
The new ATC5KJ001 device from Advanced Tech is an unshielded Cat.5e keystone jack that features an attenuation of 0.17dB and return loss of 30dB.
2013-03-11 TI, Sub10 offer backhaul sol'n for small cell base stations
By using TI's KeyStone-based TMS320C6678 multi-core DSP in its Liberator V100, Sub10 Systems promises to more effectively meet operators' challenges of improving resilience in hostile radio conditions.
2015-04-24 TI bares FPGA alternative
The 66AK2L06 programmable system-on-chip offers efficient, direct connection to analogue front end (AFE) using Texas Instrument's integrated KeyStone technology and JESD204B-compliant standards.
2004-05-05 Tensilica patent claims voided
In an unusual result to an increasingly frequent procedure, a U.S. Patent Office examiner has re-examined and rejected all 104 claims in Tensilica Inc.'s keystone patent 6,477,683.
2007-11-26 Quick-fit terminals come in two mounting styles
Keystone Electronics Corp. has introduced a quick-fit female PCB terminal with direct vertical or horizontal mounting options that accepts 2.8 mm to 6.4mm male terminals.
2007-08-30 Blade fuse holder accepts standard, mini sizes
Keystone Electronics' high reliability and compact PC Auto Blade Fuse Holder accepts standard and low profile "mini-size fuses" and hold them in place after multiple insertions.
2005-03-16 Beyond pass/fail: Exploring device failures
DFT will soon be used for reliable device-failure analysis and become the keystone of rapid yield improvement
2010-11-11 3G/4G wireless base station SoC "doubles" performance
Texas Instruments creates new wireless base station SoC using KeyStone multicore architecture, programmable DSPs
2012-03-01 28nm multicore device rolls with integrated ARM A15
TI's KeyStone II architecture includes enhanced shared memory controller with 2.8Tb/s switching capability, and offers low latency access to shared internal and external memory.
2014-01-10 What you need to know when designing your PCB
Learn about the main aspects of a modern PCB that must be thoroughly considered.
2007-01-17 Video processing IC enables thin RPTVs
Silicon Optix has announced a video/graphics-geometry processing chip that makes possible a new class of low-cost, high-performance rear-projection TVs that are thin enough to hang on a wall.
2006-01-27 Video codec combines DSP, FPGA technology
Optelecom-NKF Inc. unveiled its new MPEG-4 video codec that features low bandwidth, DVD-quality video and a wide ambient operating temperature range.
2015-12-22 Top 10 innovative products of 2015
Many companies have introduced products in preparation for the growing IoT. There are also innovations in computing devices, where chips have not only become smaller but more powerful as well.
2011-10-27 Toolkit enhances medical imaging devices
TI's medical imaging software toolkit offers image processing kernels for applications such as diagnostic ultrasound and OCT.
2013-04-10 TI-powered Moonshot in the works, says HP
Texas Instruments joined several ARM and x86 vendors that eventually will find a place aboard HP's Project Moonshot systems, which currently ships only with Intel Atom SoCs.
2012-11-15 TI's SoCs prepped for purpose-built ARM servers
TI hopes to win sockets in systems designed to handle media processing, video analytics, industrial imaging and control and other high performance computing jobs suitable for its DSPs.
2013-11-14 TI's SDK aimed at low-power DSP + ARM devices
The firm's SDK on low-power OMAP processors offers developers reduced development time and scalability to TI's TMS320C6000 high-performance digital signal processors.
2013-11-01 TI unveils 20V DC/DC synchronous buck controller
The LM27403 is touted by the firm as the industry's first analogue DC/DC controller with dynamic temperature-compensated inductor current sensing.
2006-05-25 Tensilica claims victory in patent fight
A key patent for configurable processor design held by Tensilica has withstood an anonymous challenge without modification.
2011-03-01 Small cell base station platform eases 3G/4G BTS development
TI and Azcom's TMDXSCBP6616X base station platform focuses on 3G and 4G high speed data systems, supporting multicarrier HSPA+ systems as well as full-rate, 20MHz LTE systems.
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