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2002-06-20 Toshiba Ku-band FET produces 18W
The TIM1414-18L GaAs FET from Toshiba Corp. produces an output power of 18W in the 14GHz to 14.5GHz range, and is targeted for use in solid-state power amplifiers for Ku-band satellite transmitters and VSATs.
2008-05-27 Mitsubishi offers Ku band low-noise GaAs HEMT
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has developed a full-mold package low noise Ku1 band GaAs high electron mobility transistor (HEMT), the MGF4935AM that is highly suitable for low-noise amplifiers in Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) reception systems and Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) systems.
2004-05-03 Ku-band 3-stage driver packaged amplifier
This app note discusses the circuit features and parameters of the Triquint TGA2507-EPU-SM chip, which is a Ku-band driver amplifier.
2007-11-01 HEMT transistor handles Ku band
Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a GaAs HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) MGF4941AL that is mainly intended for use in the Ku band.
2007-10-12 GaN Power FET achieves 65.4W in Ku-band
Toshiba has developed a GaN power FET for the Ku-band frequency range that achieves an output power of 65.4W at 14.5GHz, said to be the highest at this frequency band today.
2008-06-24 GaN HEMT devices available for Ku-band, X-band
Toshiba America Electronic Components has added two gallium nitride semiconductor high electron mobility transistors to its power amplifier product family.
2007-06-22 Chips suit Ku-band digital video broadcast
NXP Semiconductors introduces the industry's first fully integrated down converter for Ku-band digital video broadcasting satellite low noise block
2009-09-18 Spectrum analyzers handle up to 20GHz
Tektronix Inc.'s new spectrum analyzer extends all of the capabilities of the company's RSA6000 series.
2008-01-18 Simulators eliminate need for 'paid' satellite time
Tampa Microwave's new satellite simulator products eliminate the need for live 'paid' satellite time, saving time and expense for system users and product developers.
2007-08-16 RF IC aims at DVB-S receivers
NXP Semiconductors has introduced what it claims as the industry's first fully integrated downconverter for Ku-band DVB-S low-noise block.
2003-05-02 High efficiency modulations for satellite TV
Satellite transmission efficiency may be improved as a result of higher definition constellations, coupled with advanced error correcting algorithms.
2007-06-25 Toshiba launches GaAs FETs, RF devices
TAEC featured an array of C-, X- and Ku-band gallium arsenide (GaAs) FETs developed by Toshiba Corp. as well as a broad line-up of RF and small signal devices at this year's IEEE MTT-S event.
2005-06-03 ISL6424 dual LNB controller with I2C interface for advanced STB designs
This app note discusses communication satellites operate within two frequency bands for TV/broadband service broadcast signals, C Band and Ku Band.
2005-06-03 ISL6421A single LNB controller with I2C interface for advanced satellite STB designs
This app note discusses communication satellites operate within two frequency bands for TV/broadband service broadcast signals, C Band and Ku Band
2005-06-03 ISL6421, ISL6425 single LNB controllers with I2C interface for advanced satellite STB designs
This app note discusses communication satellites that operate within two frequency bands for TV/broadband service broadcast signals, C Band and Ku Band.
2003-12-30 Gospell Digital connector has 0.7dB noise figure
The company has released its GKF-D22T universal twin Ku-Band LNBF device that features input frequency ranges of 10.70GHz to 11.70GHz and 11.70GHz to 12.75GHz.
2010-06-11 GaAs FET power amps rated for 18W, 30W
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. (TAEC) has expanded its Ku-Band GaAs FET lineup with two higher output power devices rated for 18- and 30W.
2002-04-16 Celeritek VSAT power amp provides 34.5dB gain
Designed for transmit subsystem functions in the Ku-band of VSAT applications, the CMM1430-KU 1W power amplifier offers a 34.5dB linear gain and 32dBm of saturated output power.
2013-09-19 1W SPDT switches tout 1-20GHz frequency band operation
Richardson RFPD introduced the switches from Wavelex that targets S- to Ku-band applications including satellite communications, broadcast, RF bench test and mobile base stations.
2010-09-28 Wireless-in-the-Sky soon to take off
AP Avionx bagged production orders from Row 44 for server management units and modem data units for an in-flight broadband system that can provide wireless connectivity and other services to airline passengers.
2013-01-16 Using CXA X-Series signal analyser
Here's an example of a LNBF test configuration using a CXA X-Series signal analyser.
2005-03-15 TriQuint deals with bandwidth needs
TriQuint released three low-cost ultrawideband MMICs and four packaged MMICs designed to address demanding bandwidth needs.
2004-12-16 Smart antennas arrive for in-vehicle systems
Receiving satellite TV signals in automobiles can now be made possible as smart antennas proliferate in modern luxury vehicles.
2015-05-06 Satellite demodulator promises more efficient bandwidth use
The STiD135 promises higher throughput in satellite Internet provisioning when deployed with transponders aimed at using the higher frequency bands to send data via Ka-band communication satellites.
2007-02-14 RFIC switch features single-voltage control
NEC has released its UPB1514TU SiGe RFIC switch that features a single control voltage design that helps simplify circuitry by eliminating the need for a second control line.
2010-05-07 Radar detector packs location-aware features
Without specialty ASICs, but with beautiful RF engineering, the Escort 9500ix seems to own the top spot in radar/laser detectors for now.
2007-01-16 Protect satellite antenna from lightning
The LNB is remotely powered from the satellite receiver STB. The same coaxial cable that carries an IF signal from the LNB to the receiver carries power from the receiver to the LNB.
2006-02-03 Minimize lightning damage on satellite antennae
A dedicated IC, an LNB voltage regulator can be damaged by a lightning strike on the coaxial cable or antenna that generates a high current, high voltage surge at the voltage regulator. Here's how to protect without restricting data transmission performance.
2004-02-03 Gospell Digital device has 0.6dB noise figure
Gospell Digital Technology Co. Ltd has released its GKF-D21A device that offers low-phase noise for digital receivers.
2008-06-24 Alcatel-Lucent-SpeedCast to collaborate on hosted DVB-H mobile TV
Alcatel-Lucent and SpeedCast Ltd have announced plans to jointly market, deploy and operate a shared, hosted DVB-H platform for mobile TV operators in Asia.
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