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2007-11-26 Samsung ups LCD production for large-screen TVs
Samsung Electronics will invest about $2.2 billion to increase production of LCD panels to meet rising demand for large flat-screen TVs, according to an Associated Press report
2005-10-13 Samsung unveils world's largest LCD panel without color filter
Samsung revealed the development of the largest thin-film transistor, liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panel that does not require the use of color filter. The 32-inch LCD panel uses a sequential color processing method that rapidly determines accurate color tones based on how long red, green and blue (RGB) lights are from the LED backlight.
2007-05-18 Samsung unveils 8G LCD module prototype
Samsung has rolled out a prototype 52-inch LCD panel module that uses a glass substrate processed at the company's 8th-generation LCD fab.
2005-11-04 Samsung unveils 'most efficient' multi-channel DDI for LCD panels
Samsung Electronics Co. announced what it touts as the most efficient multi-channel DDI for high-resolution LCD panels
2006-06-12 Samsung unveils 'first' 1.98" LCD with VGA res
Samsung announced a 1.98-inch LCD panel with VGA resolution, touted to be the industry's first such product.
2007-01-08 Samsung touts 'first' truly double-sided LCD
Samsung says it has developed the first LCD panel that can produce independent images on each side of a mobile display.
2004-06-24 Samsung to supply Global Display with plasma, LCD panels
Global Display Ltd has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Samsung Electronics H.K. Co. Ltd under which Samsung will supply both plasma and LCD panels to Global Display
2007-04-13 Samsung to roll out LED-backlit LCD panels
Samsung disclosed it would begin producing a 24-inch LCD panel with an LED backlight that enables computer monitors to deliver color quality resembling that of today's high-quality TVs.
2004-12-17 Samsung to provide TFT LCD panels to Sony
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd will be producing 4.3-inch TFT-LCD panels for Sony Corp, which will utilize the small-sized panels for its Play Station Portable, a hand-held video game product
2010-05-18 Samsung to add LCD lines in Tangjeong Crystal Valley
Beyond its current four fab lines for LCD cells in Tangjeong Crystal Valley, Samsung Electronics makes no secret of its ambitious plan for several more
2011-04-05 Samsung starts production of transparent LCD panels
Samsung has begun mass production of transparent LCD panels that allow a person to look right through the panel like glass.
2006-08-23 Samsung rolls out 'first' 70-inch, full HD LCD panel
Samsung has developed a 70-inch LCD panel for use in the consumer TV market, claiming the product is the first of this size in the industry.
2003-12-01 Samsung releases 57-inch TFT-LCD panel for HDTVs
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has announced the development of what it claims is the world's largest 57-inch TFT-LCD panel for HDTVs.
2007-10-26 Samsung muses on 10G LCD line
A Samsung Electronics executive disclosed the company is considering investing in a 10th-generation production line for LCD panels, according to a report from
2012-02-14 Samsung mulls LCD unit spin-off
A spin-off will allow Samsung to focus more on OLED and broaden its LCD customer base to companies that have shunned Samsung because they are in direct competition with it in finished products
2004-06-22 Samsung moves LCD operations
Samsung Electronics Co. has shifted its LCD operations to its 7G fab in Tangjeong in the South Korea's Chungcheong province
2008-05-19 Samsung LCD panel touts 240Hz image framing rate
Samsung Electronics claims its 'Blue Phase' is the first LCD panel with an image framing rate of 240Hz, almost double that of today's TVs.
2007-05-18 Samsung LCD head cool to rare LG partnership
Samsung Electronics LCD's top honcho has sent out a lukewarm welcome to rival LG.Philips LCD on forming an alliance under the Korea Display Industry Association
2005-05-25 Samsung LCD chief predicts 100-inch TV screens
Taking his cue from Alvin Toffler, Samsung Electronics' LCD President and CEO Sang-Wan Lee boldly predicted a "third wave" of liquid-crystal display development that would propel annual flat-panel LCD TV sales to 100 million by 2010 and yield screen sizes exceeding 100 inches.
2005-08-04 Samsung invests $975 million in 46-inch LCD panel production
Samsung Electronics is delivering on its promise to standardize on 40- and 46-inch LCD panels for the mass TV market as it begins installing critical equipment this week at a new LCD production line for the larger displays
2009-12-16 Samsung dips $418M in LCD facility expansion
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has authorized an investment of 484.6 billion won ($418 million) for the expansion of an LCD line
2005-03-09 Samsung develops 82-inch TFT-LCD panel
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed an 82-inch thin-film-transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) TV panel, which the company claims is the largest produced to date.
2005-03-10 Samsung develops 82-in. TFT-LCD panel
Samsung Electronics has developed an 82-inch thin-film-transistor LCD TV panel, which the company claims is the largest produced to date.
2006-11-24 Samsung claims 'slimmest' mobile LCD screen
At 0.82mm, Samsung Electronics said its new LCD panel is no thicker than a credit card, and is 0.07mm thinner than the panel previously reported to be the world's slimmest.
2007-07-27 Samsung claims 'first' LCD with DisplayPort interface
Samsung Electronics has developed what it claims is the industry's first LCD panel with a DisplayPort interface that processes 2,560 x 1,600 pixels of graphics data at up to 10bits of color depth.
2008-05-13 Samsung claims 'brightest' LCD signage panel
Samsung Electronics has begun mass producing a 46-inch 'high bright' digital LCD signage panel for outdoor displays and tiled video walls.
2003-08-19 Samsung announces TFT-LCD panel technology advances
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed 1.8-inch, high-res, dual TFT-LCDs driven by a single driver IC and backlight.
2006-11-27 Sales of large TFT LCD panels to surge in 1H '07
Sales of large-sized TFT LCD panels in the first half of 2007 will post growth compared to sales in the second half of 2006, reported iSuppli Corp
2006-04-24 S-LCD to increase 7G TFT LCD panel production
S-LCD disclosed its decision on an additional investment of about $238 million for existing 7th generation production facility expansion. The investment will be funded by S-LCD itself
2005-11-24 S-LCD to add 25% to LCD production capacity
S-LCD Corp., a display making joint venture between Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Sony Corp., has announced plans to spend an additional $83 million to increase LCD panel production capacity at its plant by 25 percent.
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