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What does TFT-LCD stand for?
TFT-LCD stands for thin-film transistor - liquid crystal display. A TFT is a special kind of field effect transistor made by depositing thin films for the metallic contacts, semiconductor active layer and dielectric layer.
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2004-11-11 Samsung announces 4-inch LCDs for PMP devices
South Korea-based electronics maker Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd announced that it has developed 4-inch screen digital interface LCDs that are suitable for portable media players (PMP).
2010-11-14 Sales of large LCDs slow down in Q3 after oversupply
DisplaySearch reveals decline in sales of large-area TFT LCDs
2005-09-02 Regulator delivers the boost to bias LCDs
Allegro MicroSystems' A8483 is a 1.2MHz step-up regulator chip suited for general purpose battery-powered work as well as bias/backlighting supplies for plasma and liquid-crystal displays.
2005-06-20 Quanta targets shipment of 14M TFT-LCDs this year
Quanta Display Inc. is targeting to achieve a total shipment of 14 million TFT-LCD panels this year.
2008-01-17 Putting small color LCDs in handhelds
There are a number of factors that need to be considered when incorporating a small color LCD into a design to achieve the right balance of cost, performance and battery lifetime in a handheld product.
2011-05-09 Powering LED-backlit LCDs using DC-DC topology (Part 2)
Know the approaches and tradeoffs in supply topologies and configurations when powering LED arrays.
2011-05-09 Powering LED-backlit LCDs using DC-DC topology (Part 1)
Learn about the approaches and tradeoffs in supply topologies and configurations, when powering LED arrays.
2008-03-26 Power converter targets small-, medium-sized TFT LCDs
Linear Technology has announced an integrated BIAS and white LED power converter solution for small- to medium-sized (3 inches to 7 inches) TFT LCD panels.
2010-01-07 PMIC with EEPROM saves costs in notebook LCDs
The PMIC features two boost regulators to deliver output voltage and generate the GON voltage.
2010-10-05 Passive matrix LCDs tout Advanced Black Nematic technology
Advanced Black Nematic technology creates true blacks, high contrast ratio, wider viewing angles
2005-05-02 Op amp tailored for TFT LCDs
A high-performance step-up regulator with two high-current operational amplifiers for active-matrix, thin-film transistor (TFT) LCDs in notebook and automotive applications was unveiled by Maxim Integrated Products
2005-06-27 New system LED drivers tailored for compact LCDs in mobile apps
Rohm developed new system LED drivers targeted for the backlight LEDs used in compact LCDs in mobile equipment such as PDAs, DSCs, DVCs and can also be used as supplementary light as a flash in mobile phone cameras.
2006-07-05 New power inductors eye notebook PCs, LCDs
The new surface-mount power inductors from Trio Technology feature an inductance range from 0.1 H to 8.2H,, and impedance range from 0.6 milliohm to 40 milliohms.
2005-10-20 New LCDs achieve 100% coverage of NTSC color gamut
Sanyo Epson announced three new high-resolution LCDs featuring Photo Fine Chromarich technology that achieves more than 100 percent coverage of the National Television System Committee color gamut.
2009-06-11 New CCFL power supply expands automotive applications for backlit LCDs
New backlight inverter features pioneered by Microsemi are solving major problems in automotive LCD backlighting applications. The problems and their solutions, along with actual laboratory data, are presented in this application note.
2005-04-19 NEC TFT LCDs eye medical apps
NEC LCD Technologies announced sample shipments of two kinds of its new 21.3-inch (54cm diagonal), UXGA, amorphous silicon TFT LCDs that are particularly suited for use in the medical field.
2003-12-08 NEC launches QXGA, UXGA TFT-LCDs
NEC Electronics America Inc. and NEC LCD Technologies Ltd have announced that samples for color and monochrome models of the company's 21.3-inch QXGA TFT-LCD modules began shipping in October.
2002-04-02 Motorola Flash MCU enables direct connection to LCDs
The 68HC908LJ12 8-bit Flash microcontroller features an advanced LCD driver architecture enabling the device to be directly connected to LCD panels.
2005-05-09 Mobile phones boost demand for TFT-LCDs, says iSuppli
Research firm iSuppli says that declining prices of TFT-LCDs boosted demand from the mobile phone sector this year.
2002-12-10 Mitsubishi TFT-LCDs use Lumileds LED technology
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has developed three TFT-LCD modules that utilize Lumileds Lighting's Luxeon LEDs.
2002-11-04 Maxim power supply ICs power TFT-LCDs
Maxim's MAX1997 and MAX1998 power supply ICs operate from a 2.7V to 5.5V input and provide voltages necessary for active-matrix, TFT-LCDs.
2004-11-26 Maxim DC/DC converter tailored for TFT LCDs
Maxim Integrated Products introduced a triple-output DC/DC converter packaged in a low-profile TSSOP.
2005-11-10 Maxim DC/DC converter tailored for active-matrix TFT LCDs
Maxim Integrated Products unveiled a new fully integrated, step-up DC/DC converter for active-matrix TFT LCDs
2002-07-10 Local vendors find insufficient market for small LCDs
An analysis from iSuppli Corp./Stanford Resources reveals that, nearly two years after making a strategic shift to small-sized LCDs, Japan flat-panel suppliers are finding limited opportunity for such displays.
2008-10-22 LEDs deliver improved backlight in large-screen LCDs
Osram Opto Semiconductors has released the new Advanced Power TOPLED Plus, claimed to deliver the brightest color LED, providing 15 percent more light for direct display backlighting than standard Advanced Power TOPLEDs.
2009-08-13 LED-backlit LCDs equipped with heat management
Sharp has introduced two new displays in its successful range of LCDs with LED background lighting.
2008-05-23 LED driver boards eye industrial, medical LCDs
Endicott Research Group has released two high-efficiency, low-profile Smart Force LED driver boards as standard products for a wide range of industrial and medical LCDs.
2005-06-17 LED backlights unlikely to be adopted for large-size LCDs 'til 2007
LED backlights will not likely be adopted in large-sized LCDs until 2007 when the price gap between LEDs and CCFLs lowers, according to LED manufacturer Lite-On Technology Corp.
2005-02-07 LCDs: Is it deja vu all over again?
Big money is being spent in the flat-panel display industry, with capital investment having grown annually at a mammoth 70 percent per year over the past seven years, seven times the rate of the semiconductor industry.
2003-10-06 LCDs, desktop monitor shipments increase; CRTs down in Q2 '03
DisplaySearch revealed in its latest Quarterly Desktop Monitor Shipment and Forecast Report that desktop monitor shipments rose 5 percent Y/Y while falling 2 percent Q/Q to 28M units.
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