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What is LDO?
LDO stands for low-dropout, which usually refers to a regulator that can operate with a very small input and output differential voltage.
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2007-04-12 WLED drivers for cameras feature built-in LDOs
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX8645X/MAX8645Y, said to be the smallest WLED drivers with two built-in LDOs for camera supply.
2008-04-24 WLED driver packs negative charge pump, two LDOs
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX8822, said to be the industry's only WLED driver to combine a highly efficient negative charge pump with two independent LDO regulators.
2008-03-12 WLED driver integrates audio amp, LDOs
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX8821, said to be the only WLED driver to combine a highly efficient, negative charge pump with a fully differential, bridged audio amplifier and two low-noise, LDO current regulators.
2007-12-13 WLED driver has two LDOs for portable systems
Advanced Analogic Technologies has released a highly integrated four-channel white LED driver for portable systems operating off a single-cell Li-ion/polymer battery.
2008-04-09 Using Microchip's micropower LDOs
Microchip Technology Inc.'s family of micropower LDOs utilizes low-voltage CMOS process technology.
2005-06-14 Understanding the load-transient response of LDOs
This app note discusses the low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs) that are commonly used to provide power to low-voltage digital circuits, where point-ofload regulation is important
2007-03-06 Ultralow-noise LDOs enable 3.9mm? solution size
Maxim's ultralow-noise, 150mA LDOs are available in a 1-by-1.5-by-0.8mm ?DFN package that enables a total solution size as small as 3.9mm?, including external components.
2005-06-29 TI rolls LDOs in chip scale package
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) announced a series of 200mA low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs) in a 1.5-by-1mm chip scale package, which is said to be 80 percent smaller than today's SOT-23 devices.
2007-04-23 TI intros 200mA LDOs for battery-run portables
TI introduced a family of dual, 200mA LDOs in a 2-by-2mm SON package for portable, battery-powered equipment.
2008-01-31 TI expands portfolio of battery fuel gauge with LDOs
TI has introduced two new battery fuel gauge devices with integrated LDOs for smart phones, mobile Internet devices and media players with embedded or removable batteries.
2003-09-23 Sipex LDOs offer low output noise
Sipex Corp. has introduced the SP6205 and the SP6203, two 500mA and 300mA low dropout linear regulators that offer low output noise.
2008-06-23 Single-supply LDOs guarantee performance boost
Micrel Inc. has rolled out the MIC6910x/15x/30x, a new family of very low voltage linear regulators.
2010-04-07 Power reference design for the TMS320C6472, 12Vin DC/DC controllers and LDOs (1x C6472)
This application note is intended for designers who wish to design a TMS320C6472 DSP into a system using a nominal input voltage of 12V, external FETs for design flexibility and low-dropout (LDO) regulators for the low-power rails.
2010-05-25 PMIC integrates converters, LDOs in compact form
Micrel Inc. is offering the MIC2829 highly integrated power management IC (PMIC) for 4G wireless applications.
2006-10-19 Micropower LDOs deliver up to 80V input voltage
Linear Technology has announced two micropower LDOs with input voltage capability up to 80V.
2006-05-12 Micrel's dual LDOs deliver low-dropout, high-PSRR edge
Micrel's new dual LDO regulator offers ultra low dropout voltage (35mV at 150mA), greater than 70db power supply ripple rejection, and ultra low output noise.
2011-02-25 Micrel LDOs target handheld instruments
Micrel Inc.'s MIC5373/83/74/84 series of LDOs feature three 200mA LDOs, an optional fourth LDO output for a real time clock (RTC), integrated power on reset, user-defined voltage monitoring capabilities, adjustable POR delay time and manual reset.
2007-09-19 LED driver with dual LDOs suits portable apps
Linear has introduced the LTC3230 integrated white LED driver with dual LDO regulators for driving Main and Sub LED displays and supplying low-voltage system rails in portable electronic devices.
2006-03-30 LDOs withstand up to 80V input
Linear Technology announced the LT3012B and LT3013B micropower low dropout regulator with input voltage capability up to 80V.
2005-06-01 LDOs with very low on-resistance
Ricoh announced the R1172x and R1173x low noise LDOs with a very low on-resistance level
2009-09-23 LDOs promise improved system stability
Diodes Inc. has developed a range of low drop out linear regulators (LDOs) designed to drive low ESR 1?F MLCC capacitors to improve control loop stability and transient response.
2007-11-27 LDOs promise 'outstanding' noise performance
austriamicrosystems has expanded its LDO portfolio with the AS1358/59/61/62 family, which promises noise performance of less than 9?Vrms and up to 92dB PSRR (@1kHz typ).
2003-08-18 LDOs power processor cores to 0.9V
Micrel Semiconductor has extended its family of low output voltage, high-current LDOs with the release of the MIC49300 device.
2008-08-21 LDOs pack low quiescent current, on-board protection
ON Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio of low dropout (LDO) linear voltage regulators for automotive electronics modules that require very low ignition-off currents.
2011-11-22 LDOs operate from 3.3-20V
ADI's low dropout regulators register power supply rejection ratio of 60dB at 10kHz in 3V operation.
2006-07-04 LDOs operate at 1.6V input voltage
Sipex Corp. has announced the newest additions to its family of precision low dropout linear regulators that operate at a very low 1.6V input voltage.
2008-10-28 LDOs meet power demands of portable apps
Micrel Inc. has launched the MIC5326/27/37 family of single output, low quiescent current LDO regulators designed for power-hungry battery-powered electronics.
2011-10-25 LDOs improve battery efficiency
NXP has released a new family of LD6806 LDO series that includes the LD6806CX4, which features low noise performance, low standby current, and an ultra-small wafer-level chip-scale package.
2006-11-27 LDOs handle digital, analog loads in battery-run apps
National Semiconductor has introduced three LDOs for both digital and analog loads in battery-powered systems.
2007-12-07 LDOs fit space-constrained, noise-sensitive apps
Maxim's low-noise 500mA MAX8902A/MAX8902B LDOs are suitable for noise-sensitive and space-constrained applications.
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