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2010-05-18 LED controller kit handles dimming, color adjustment
Texas Instruments Inc. has just announced its new TMS320C2000 Piccolo microcontroller DC/DC LED Developer's Kit to allow designers to differentiate designs with advanced features such as dimming, color tone adjustment, power line communication and fault detection
2010-11-02 LED boasts 150 beam angle
OSRAM launches new member of the OSLON LED family with wide angle and small footprint
2006-04-04 LED block offers modular design
Offering a building-block approach to solid-state lighting, Bivar has introduced a 1W LED block series with optional configurations for power, lighting styles and mounting methods
2007-01-09 LED ballaster has 3000:1 dimming ability
Linear Technology touts its LT3003 as a cost-effective three-string LED ballaster with a current-matching accuracy of 3 percent and 3000:1 dimming capability
2008-02-22 Leadis ships samples of 6-channel LED driver
A charge-pump based 6-channel LED driver with an industry-standard I?C interface is available for sampling from Leadis Technology Inc
2010-03-10 iSuppli: LED shortage looms this year
The global supply of LED is facing a shortage this year and may end with an acute undersupply of the heavily in-demand devices unless production capacity is increased
2007-11-12 iSuppli: Backlights drive LED market leap
The backlighting of small-screen LCD displays and of keypads in mobile devices remains the single largest application market for LEDs, and will account for more than 25 percent of total LED market revenue in 2007.
2007-09-13 IRC, OPTEK offer LED lighting solutions
TT electronics' IRC Advanced Film Division and Optek Technology have developed an LED microsite, showcasing their broad range of solutions to solid-state lighting challenges
2005-09-12 Intematix, Edison Opto partner on phosphor for white LED
Material discovery and phosphor company, Intematix Corp. and Edison Opto of Taiwan have formed a supply partnership on phosphors for a variety of applications for the white LED and solid state lighting markets
2006-05-24 Intematix supplies phosphors to Taiwan LED packaging manufacturer
Intematix announced that it will provide its line of patent-backed phosphors to High Power Lighting Corp. of Taiwan.
2005-03-08 High brightness LED platform targets all types of auto apps
Agilent and Lumileds rolled out the first three products in their new Envisium mid-power family of LEDs for exterior and interior automotive apps.
2008-12-22 HB LED driver simplifies green lighting designs
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX16834, a current-mode, high-brightness (HB) LED driver for boost, buck-boost, SEPIC and high-side buck topologies
2008-10-24 HB LED driver enables green lighting for automotive apps
Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAX16826 programmable, four-string high-brightness (HB) LED driver for white, RGB, and RGB-plus-amber LED configurations
2009-09-09 HB LED driver cuts LCD TV backlighting costs
The highly-integrated driver implements a high-performance backlight driver for LCD TVs, monitors, car displays.
2009-06-10 Four-channel LED driver ensures uniform brightness
From Exar Corp. comes the XRP7620, a 4-channel, I?C-controlled LED driver with independent software adjustable channel current control
2003-09-30 Fairchild blue LED suits keypads, push-buttons backlighting
Suitable for keypad, push-button and LCD backlighting, the QTLP603C-EB blue LED from Fairchild Semiconductor offers a footprint of 1.6mm-by-0.8mm and height of 0.35mm that reduces package thickness by 42 percent compared to previous industry standard LED packaging.
2010-08-06 Facility provides customized precision testing for LED design
OPTEK Technology’s LED test facility provides OEMs 100 percent color temperature/intensity binning
2006-03-15 EZBright LED chip platform combines high brightness, die attach
Cree Inc. announced the release of its new EZBright LED chip platform. According to the press release, the EZBright LEDs feature Cree's highest brightness levels in a new, easy-to-die attach chip
2007-12-14 Drivers load up to 150mA to three HB LED strings
Maxim has introduced 3-channel HB-LED drivers that feature three 36V rated, open-drain, constant-current sink outputs capable of delivering up to 150mA to three separate strings of HB LEDs
2009-03-04 Display backlighting using high-brightness LEDs and SEPIC power modules
This article discusses the use of SEPIC power modules and the MAX16807/MAX16808 HB LED drivers to deliver a wide-dimming-ratio backlight solution
2008-10-16 Design LED drivers for mobile phones, PDAs
Here is a look at LED apps, white LED, and a discussion of the latest features and driver topology for LCD backlighting, fun lighting and indication, as well as camera phone"s flash.
2005-06-24 Cree LED chips mix high brightness, low power consumption
Cree announced the availability of its two new LED chipsthe MegaBright 290 Gen 2 and the RazerThin 230
2002-02-13 Cree LED boasts 10 times more brightness
The XBright 900 Power Chip LED offers 10 times more brightness compared to previous products and is targeted for applications such as white LEDs, automotive lighting, crosswalk signaling, backlighting and general lighting.
2007-08-13 Compact white LED shines up to 2,000mcd
Toshiba America Electronic Components TAEC has introduced compact high-efficiency white LEDs that delivers luminous intensity levels of 1,500mcd from a drive current of only 20mA.
2010-08-09 Compact linear LED drivers save space
Fairchild Semiconductor's linear LED drivers conserve space in portable backlighting applications up to 60 percent smaller than alternate solutions.
2004-06-23 Charge-pump for LED backlights touts 1 percent accuracy
Analog Devices says its ADM8845 charge pump achieves the most accurate current-matching in the industry.
2007-11-08 Charge pump LED drivers offer up to 95% efficiency
Leadis Technology has unveiled a new family of charge pump-based LED drivers featuring up to 95 percent efficiency using its PowerLite Current Regulator
2013-01-15 CES 2013: Rambus debuts LED lightbulb, mobile TV
Rambus showed off two technologies; a completely reinvented LED light bulb with an open top to allow for thermal dissipation, and a mobile TV platform combining visual search with social features
2006-10-26 Catalyst offers LED driver for Movie/Flash mode apps
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has announced the availability of a high power, 500mA inductive boost LED driver for Movie/Flash mode applications
2006-09-15 Catalyst LED driver extends cellphone battery life
Designed with the company's own Quad-Mode switching architecture, Catalyst's CAT3636 adaptive fractional charge pump is capable of driving up to six white/color LEDs typically used in most of today's high-end cellphones.
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