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2006-12-01 Industry unites to prevent battery recall repeat
OEM companies in the United States are coordinating four efforts to attack the battery recall problem, while a government-led plan in Japan is addressing the issue with local vendors
2006-05-16 Industry trailblazer casts eye on China
As a graduate in chemical engineering in 1960, Wilf Corrigan had three job offersone in a gunpowder factory in Australia, another in Germany and the third from Transitron in Boston. The latter job paid twice as much as the other two, so the Liverpudlian packed for New England to embark on what would be a trailblazing career in the semiconductor industry
2011-04-06 Industry pushes TSV-based 3D chips development
Amid fears that IC scaling is becoming too costly for chipmakers, the IC industry is working to develop TSV-based 3D chips, and stack and connect devices in a 3D configuration using TSVs
2015-05-12 Industry preps for massive NFV rollout, Docomo takes lead
Docomo said it plans to virtualise its Evolved Packet Core by March 2016, which is one of the first public commitments from a carrier about taking the emerging NFV out of the lab and into a production network.
2006-10-16 Industry leader sees Asian business models evolve
Hein van der Zeeuw shares his insights on the evolution of the electronics business and how shifts in the EMS, ODM and OEM models are affecting the electronics supply chain.
2005-11-14 Industry group forms to consolidate Linux patents
A group of tech giants linked up on Thursday to promote Linux globally, with the unveiling of a new company called the Open Invention Network (OIN).
2015-02-26 Industry fast-tracks Bluetooth mesh spec
The Bluetooth SIG has finally formed a mesh working group to take on a rival IPv6-based standardisation effort. Expect the Bluetooth spec later this year.
2015-07-09 Industry 4.0 grants clear path towards smart manufacturing
Industry 4.0 blends embedded systems and the Internet of Things into an intelligent and automated network that can run an intercontinental manufacturing operation
2008-06-05 Inductorless, dual output LED flash drivers introduced
Leadis Technology Inc. has started sampling the LDS8620 and the LDS8621, a new family of inductorless 200mA, dual-output LED flash/lamp drivers, in low-profile (0.8mm), space-saving 3mm x 3mm TQFN packages
2003-06-13 IMS reveals possible trend for optoelectronics industry
The 'classic' optoelectronic components market has ever since been dominated by U.S.- and Japan-based corporations. However, over the last few years, hundreds of low-cost manufacturers have emerged mainly in the Greater China region.
2012-11-12 IMI upbeat about EMS industry future
EMS firm IMI reported more than doubled its net income for most of 2012 attributing its growth to its ability to adapt to emerging trends.
2013-09-05 Imec, Veeco team up for GaN-on-Si for power, LED apps
Imec's multi-partner GaN-on-Si R&D programme gathers the industry to jointly develop GaN LED and power devices on 200mm silicon substrates compatible with a 200mm CMOS-compatible infrastructure.
2013-06-11 IDTechEx: LED knocks out OLED
OLEDs won't be competitive against LEDs, but in areas where chic design features are the decisive factor, they have a good chance to prevail.
2014-08-11 IC industry posts record sales in June, says analyst
WSTS said global semiconductor industry sales in June increased 10.8 per cent, to $27.57 billion from $24.88 billion in June 2013, and 2.6 per cent from $26.86 billion in May
2007-11-08 IBM-led alliance ups investment in 32nm packaging
The Common Platform alliance led by IBM plans to increase its investment in semiconductor packaging technology to pave the way to 32nm devices
2009-02-27 How the portable gaming industry matured (Part 1
Remember the days of Game & Watch and Game Boy? Here's a look at how the portable gaming industry has advanced in 20-odd years
2013-01-17 High-efficacy LED downlight beams 1000 lumens of CRI light
The R6-10L's performance of 1000 lumens of 90+ CRI light while achieving 90 lumens per watt is achieved by combining Cree's TrueWhite Technology with an integrated driver.
2005-03-08 High brightness LED platform targets all types of auto apps
Agilent and Lumileds rolled out the first three products in their new Envisium mid-power family of LEDs for exterior and interior automotive apps.
2007-02-09 Green-LED flash aids auto-focus digicams in the dark
Avago has introduced a green, high-brightness auto focus auxiliary flash LED to assist the auto focusing function in digicams used in low ambient light conditions
2016-05-03 Grasp LED light intensity curves for grow light apps
In this article, we explain how LED light intensity curves can be used for grow light apps
2003-11-17 Gold Control relays provide optional LED indicator
Wuxi Gold Control Technology Co. Ltd has rolled out its SAP series of ac solid-state relays including SAP2405, SAP2410, SAP2415, and SAP2420.
2012-02-10 GaN-on-Si tech cuts HB-LED cost by 80
Plessey acquired CamGaN in order to use its proprietary 6in GaN-on-silicon technology that claims to cut scrap rate and batch time.
2009-06-10 Four-channel LED driver ensures uniform brightness
From Exar Corp. comes the XRP7620, a 4-channel, I?C-controlled LED driver with independent software adjustable channel current control
2005-08-11 Forge offers LED displays in dot matrix, seven segment types
The new white dot matrix displays from Forge Europa are available in 5-by-7 and 8-by-8 configurations in sizes from 18mm to 53mm offering the full ASCII character set.
2009-06-18 Firms ally to boost Singapore mobile comms industry
Mobile software companies in Singapore have joined forces to form the nation's first mobile software association, Mobile Alliance.
2007-10-10 Fairchild CEO: Energy efficiency is industry's next hurdle
The new challenge for the semiconductor industry is not to find the next "killer application," but to develop new energy-efficient chip and process technologies for a broad range of systems, said Mark Thompson, president and CEO of Fairchild Semiconductor
2003-09-30 Fairchild blue LED suits keypads, push-buttons backlighting
Suitable for keypad, push-button and LCD backlighting, the QTLP603C-EB blue LED from Fairchild Semiconductor offers a footprint of 1.6mm-by-0.8mm and height of 0.35mm that reduces package thickness by 42 percent compared to previous industry standard LED packaging.
2006-03-15 EZBright LED chip platform combines high brightness, die attach
Cree Inc. announced the release of its new EZBright LED chip platform. According to the press release, the EZBright LEDs feature Cree's highest brightness levels in a new, easy-to-die attach chip
2003-12-15 Exceed Perseverance LED consumes low power
Exceed Perseverance Electronic Ind. Co. Ltd has announced the release of its RL50-HO3YG439F, a 5mm bi-color LED that features wide viewing angle and low power consumption. The three-pin LED has a luminous intensity of 12mcd to 16mcd, peak wavelength of 630nm, forward voltage of 2Vdc, and forward current of 20mA
2003-08-06 Exceed LED emits multi-colored lights
The RL-F5620SABW 7-segment numeric LED display from Exceed Perseverance Electronic Industry Co. Ltd emits red, green, yellow, and orange colors.
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