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2013-04-30 China's LED lighting market demand to reach $10B in 2015
Factors such as China's domestic economic growth and the rise in the country's LED lighting penetration rate will enable demand value to reach $22 billion in 2020, noted LEDinside.
2007-02-14 China's HB-LED industry eyes mainstream lighting apps
China's LED production is estimated to increase 30 percent in 2007, as more makers raise their capacities to meet growing demand
2012-09-03 China LED market to gain from subsidy policies
According to LEDinside, the winning bidders' product cost and price are much lower than those of the last bidding process, which indicates Chinese LED lighting products are improving.
2013-07-16 China LED lighting market to grow 36% this year
TrendForce indicated that residential lighting market is the major growth momentum with a growth of 96 per cent in 2013 to become the second largest general lighting applications market
2008-08-07 China Display tapped to work on power LED standards
China Display Technologies Inc. has formed a technical team to work in conjunction with the Guangdong Flat Panel Industry Association, a semi-governmental institution involved in drafting the standards for the high power LED lighting industry in China.
2006-05-31 Celsia, Lighting Science team up for LED lighting
Celsia and Lighting Science announced a sales and development agreement
2015-01-13 Busting the big LED lighting myth
Consumers may have yet to experience the touted primary benefit of LED, which is long operational life. This article explains why LED lighting fails earlier than we might expect.
2005-09-01 Brighter LEDs drive automotive lighting
LEDs undergo further in innovations as the industry embraces this technology to meet car requirements.
2009-10-27 Bright future awaits LED market
Experts at the LED 2009 Conference in painted a bright picture for LEDs as a growth market, but stressed technical challenges in reliability and efficiency
2012-01-13 Board mounted LED drivers feature 5, 7, 14, 20W
The LDU series of PCB mount DC input constant current LED drivers tout typical efficiency of 93 percent for the 5-14W models and 95 percent for 20W devices
2002-01-21 Bivar LED light pipe assembly lights up display panels up to 100m
Claimed to provide 1200 viewing angle and extend LED lighting to display panels of up to 100m, the FLP-O light pipe assembly series is geared towards miniature display requirements of CompactPCI applications.
2009-04-01 Avnet, HKPC drive LED lighting in Hong Kong
Avnet Electronics Marketing and the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) have partnered in an energy efficient lighting initiative that aims to stimulate the design and development of a new generation of LED lighting products.
2008-08-11 Avnet makes buildings 'green' with LED
As advances in LED technology push it into the commercial realm, component distributors are retooling their operations to help rewire buildings to take advantage of its energy-saving capabilities
2014-02-11 Atomic-level deposition to benefit PV cells, LED lighting
Researchers at Tyndall National Institute, Ireland, are claiming to have produced the first atom-by-atom simulation of nanoscale film growth by atomic layer deposition.
2011-10-26 Asian LED markets glow bright
LED penetration rate in Japan will go as high as 70 percent while Korea will see LEDs account for 30 percent of lighting sales.
2004-04-01 Artistic Licence, Super Vision ink LED development pact
Artistic Licence and Super Vision Int. Inc. have entered into a joint development agreement for LED lighting and control systems.
2013-04-22 Analyst: LED apps to boost global lighting market
According to NPD DisplaySearch, LED lighting applications will double the market from 16 million units in 2012 to a forecasted 33 million in 2013, and will nearly triple by 2016.
2014-01-28 Analyst: Emerging tech to define LED lighting market in 2014
An analyst at Yole Developpement said that this year, general lighting will no longer be 'at the corner' for the LED industry, and that the industry will have to undergo some major transformations.
2010-04-23 Analysis: What's behind TSMC's LED venture
TSMC's foray to the LED market leaves some to wonder if the foundry giant is just looking for new market or making a huge strategic shift by taking a step as an IDM
2015-06-01 Advantages of LED power supply
In this article, we consider the advantages of an LED power supply compared with standard ITE power supplies
2014-01-24 Advanced indoor lighting systems maximise energy-efficient LEDs
The new generation of indoor lighting systems that have been recently introduced into the market offer control and monitoring capabilities to address lighting challenges and maximise the full potential of energy-efficient lighting units, such as LEDs
2013-04-03 AC/DC isolated offline LED controller chip
Toshiba's latest IC is an isolated flyback LED power controller that was developed to support triac dimming, reach high PFC and run fewer external parts and not use opto-couplers and detectors
2012-11-21 AC LED module claims to cut energy use by half
The Acrich2 from Seoul Semiconductor incorporates DC dimming interface and promises Power Factor improvement to as high as 0.99.
2012-06-04 A look at environmentally-aware lighting
The coming wave of cognitive lighting will demand independent smart sensors that are environmentally aware to provide data on the surrounding environment and save energy
2012-08-17 75W single-stage driver geared for LED lighting
Power Integrations' combined PFC/CC converter chip raises efficiency of LED high-bay, parking-lot and street lamp drivers to more than 92 percent
2011-07-21 40V LED driver IC operates at 98% efficiency
ZMDI has announced the release of ZLED7320, a 40V LED Driver IC which operates at up to 98 percent efficiency
2006-03-16 28V boost converter powers 12 LED backlights, flash
Semtech's high-efficiency DC/DC boost converter drives up to 12 LEDs for both backlighting the LCDs in cellphones and PDAs as well as providing the power for camera flash.
2006-07-17 1W lighting system has four white LEDs
JKL Component's PL-0604-02 lighting modules consist of four high-brightness white-LEDs that are spaced 4 inches apart
2010-05-19 12W LED displaces 60W standard bulb
Royal Philips Electronics has unveiled its 12W EnduraLED light bulb, claimed to be the first LED replacement for a 60W incandescent light bulb
2008-10-13 Smart lighting' efforts ease congestion in RF bands
A 'smart lighting' initiative being funded by the government seeks to piggyback wireless communications capabilities into future LED lighting installations to offer more broadband access points.
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