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What does LED stand for?
Light emitting diode (LED) is a display or lighting technology used in electrical and electronic products. May also be used in multimode fibers, optical mice and laser-class printers.
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2005-02-11 Mason super-bright LEDs offer 0.4cd luminosity
Shenzhen Mason Technology announced the release of its 5mm super-bright LEDs that feature brightness ranging from 40mcd to 0.4cd.
2003-05-09 Lumileds white LEDs mimic fluorescent bulbs
The company's warm white version of its high-brightness Luxeon LEDs is capable of replicating the glow of an incandescent bulb.
2003-05-16 Lumex light guide fits SMT LEDs
Lumex Inc. has announced the availability of the LPF-C041304S right-angle quad LED fault indicator, which is touted for use with SMT LEDs.
2002-05-15 Lumex LEDs have narrow right-angle beam
2007-07-26 Low-profile, warm-white LEDs are easy to install
Available in one of the industry's thinnest packages, the ASMT-MY00 LEDs from Avago offer designers of solid-state lighting applications with a robust and reliable package that provides high brightness illumination and easy installation.
2007-08-09 Low-noise driver powers nine cellphone LEDs
Linear Technology's LTC3219 low noise LED driver for cellphone displays and lighting provides nine individually configurable current sources for main, sub- and RGB displays.
2007-01-01 Low-EMI charge pump drives six white LEDs
Allegro's A8434 touts a proprietary high-efficiency, low-EMI charge pump design, which provides a well regulated output for driving up to six white LEDs.
2005-02-07 Low cost LEDs deliver high quality in radial, SMT versions
A range of LEDs introduced by Dubilier are built to high quality standards and available at a cost effective price.
2006-06-29 LMUs drive up to 20 series-connected LEDs
National Semiconductor's new, highly integrated LMUs include a high-voltage boost converter and programmable constant-current driver to control up to 20 series-connected LEDs.
2005-10-24 Linear Tech's new DC/DC converter tailored for driving LEDs
Linear Technology rolled out a 36V, 2MHz step-down DC/DC converter designed to operate as a constant current LED driver.
2002-08-22 Linear Tech IC drives four white LEDs
The LT1937 white LED driver drives up to four white LEDs and operates at 84 percent efficiency while providing a shutdown current of <15A.
2004-04-01 Linear Tech dc/dc converter drives up to 20 LEDs
Linear Technology has released its LT3466 dual, full function, step-up dc/dc converter designed to drive up to 20 white LEDs from a Li-Ion battery.
2006-01-17 Linear Tech announces DC/DC converter for high-current LEDs
Linear Technology unveiled a synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter designed for driving a single, high-current, white LED at up to 1A from a single Li-ion battery input.
2009-12-04 Linear drivers enable low-cost 0.5W LEDs
Infineon rolls two new families of linear LED drivers designed for driving 0.5W LEDs with a typical current of 150mA to 200mA.
2011-04-14 Linear brightness controller for LEDs has 64 taps
Read about an IC with a digital potentiometer that aids an LED-driver IC in providing manual control of the LED brightness.
2012-02-22 Lenses geared for Cree's white LEDs
LEDiL released 33 lenses qualified for use with Cree's XLamp XT-E white LEDs that claim to deliver twice the lumens-per-dollar of other LEDs.
2014-06-02 LEDs: Big lights come in small packages
Light emitting diodes are used in an increasing number of applications because although they are tiny devices, LEDs are able to emit a large amount of light.
2005-05-13 LEDs withstand demanding temp
Dominant Semi's new SpiceLED LEDs come with two different package outlines, which are compatible with the industry-standard 0805 (M-Spice) and 0603 (S-Spice) package outline with the 0.6mm height.
2005-10-21 LEDs with 25,000mcd intensity
Lumex introduced a new family of surface-mount technology LEDs that includes some of the brightest SMT LEDs available in the industry with intensities as high as 25,000mcd.
2007-08-28 LEDs vs. CCFL
This application note describes and shows various application circuits to power white and blue LEDs using the MIC2142 and MIC2145.
2011-02-28 LEDs tout freedom from binning
Philips Lumileds boasts a breakthrough in Luxeon solution development that will eliminate color bin selection and simplify LED design process.
2010-06-10 LEDs to transmit data, too?
With enough advance work, new LED light fixtures could also be wired into the network backbone, accomplishing wireless communications to any device without burdening the crowded RF bands.
2010-02-08 LEDs to displace conventional light bulbs
The XLamp MPL EasyWhite LED offers the performance, color consistency and lumen density to displace conventional light sources, all in the industry's smallest package.
2009-08-04 LEDs to beat CCFL backlights by 2014
Penetration of LED backlights in LCD TVs will grow from less than 3 percent in 2009 to 40 percent in 2013.
2006-08-03 LEDs to account for 10% of auto market in '07
The use of LEDs in automotive applications, particularly in car taillights, is projected to account for 10 percent of the market in 2007, up from a projected 8 percent this year.
2009-08-04 LEDs target illumination apps
Philips Lumileds has added nine new emitters to its LUXEON Rebel family of LEDs, designed specifically for illumination solutions such as recessed lighting, street lamps and retrofit bulbs.
2012-01-27 LEDs target camera auxiliary flash
The ASMT-Fx70 LEDs provide a 14 degree viewing angle and are available in small 3.6 x 3.2 x 3.4mm surface-mount package.
2009-08-06 LEDs tailored for high ambient light conditions
The TopLED Black series with lens from Osram Opto Semiconductors offers a range of medium-power LEDs mounted in an industry standard package but in matte black material.
2011-07-27 LEDs support wavelength customization
ROHM Semiconductor's new LEDsbased on advanced phosphor technologyemit custom colors such as pink, blue green, white and pastels.
2007-12-11 LEDs support local-dimming LCD backlights
austriamicrosystems has launched high-precision LED drivers with optimal support for local-dimming LCD backlight technology.
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