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2006-07-27 LG.Philips LCD wins patent dispute against Taiwan's CPT
LG.Philips LCD said that an arbitration panel in New York decided in its favor, in a dispute over technology ownership with Chunghwa Picture Tubes.
2008-02-14 LG.Philips LCD updates name to suit new biz model
Expanding its business model beyond LCDs, LG.Philips LCD Co. is seeking to change its name to reflect its broadened scope.
2006-01-17 LG.Philips LCD unit reports 8-fold profit jump
LG.Philips LCD's Q4 2005 net income jumped to $336.8 million, an eight-fold jump over the same period of 2004. The increase was due mainly to strong demand for high-end LCD TV sets and notebook computers.
2004-12-03 LG.Philips LCD to invest $5 billion in Korean plant
LG.Philips LCD Co. said Tuesday (Nov. 30) its Board of Directors has approved plans to invest KRW5.3 trillion ($5 billion) in its liquid crystal display manufacturing plant in Paju, north of Seoul, according to a
2005-08-29 LG.Philips LCD to invest $1.2B for flat screens
Display maker LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd is said to have earmarked a $1.2billion investment in two new flat screen factories at Kobierzyce, Poland.
2007-02-13 LG.Philips LCD to increase Korean fab capacity
To meet market demands and to strengthen its presence in the global LCD market, LG.Philips LCD will increase the design capacity of its seventh generation TFT-LCD plant (P7) located in Paju, Korea.
2005-02-28 LG.Philips LCD to enter AMOLED mass production
LG.Philips LCD will be mass-producing active matrix OLED as the company completes equipment acquisition and installment at its facilities.
2003-03-27 LG.Philips LCD ramps up second 5G fab
LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd has announced that its new "P5" facility, a fifth-generation (5G) TFT-LCD fabrication plant, has commenced volume production, following the successful ramping at its "P4".
2006-03-23 LG.Philips LCD lowers Q1 guidance
LG.Philips LCD expects area shipments for the Q1 of 2006 to decline slightly compared to the Q4 of 2005, a change from previous guidance of a mid-single digit percentage increase.
2006-01-27 LG.Philips LCD launches mid-size display business
LG.Philips LCD has launched an Applications Business division to focus on the small to mid-size, TFT-LCD business.
2005-04-19 LG.Philips LCD gets additional funds for new plants
Panel maker LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd has recently announced that it is offering bonds valued at $400 million in zero coupon convertible bonds to mature in 2010.
2004-12-27 LG.Philips LCD cuts guidance as prices fall
LG.Philips LCD said Tuesday (Dec. 21) that higher than expected sequential pricing erosion would result in average panel price declines per square meter of glass for the fourth quarter to be reach 20 percent quarter-on-quarter, compared to the previous guidance of a 10 to 15 percent decline.
2006-05-17 LG.Philips LCD completes 7G plant
LG.Philips LCD announced that it has completed construction of its new 7G plant in Paju, South Korea.
2005-03-08 LG.Philips Displays to close U.K. TV tube factory
LG.Philips Displays said Wednesday (Mar. 2) that it would close its CRT plant in Durham, in the northeast of England, because of &quote;crippling price erosion,&quote; and a shift of demand from Europe to Asia-Pacific.
2003-05-27 LG.Philips Displays to close Newport, Southport plants
LG.Philips Displays has announced its plan to close plants in Newport, Wales and Southport, England.
2007-03-20 LG.Philips Displays to become LP Displays
LG.Philips Displays announced it will change its brand and name to LP Displays effective April 1.
2003-05-06 LG.Philips Displays rolls out 34-inch CPT
LG.Philips Displays has added a 34-inch Real Flat CPT to its Jumbo Product Line under the company's Cybertube+ product portfolio.
2006-02-02 LG.Philips Displays files for bankruptcy protection
LG.Philips Displays Holding B.V. announced that they have filed for insolvency protection.
2002-05-10 LG.Philips develops LCD interconnect technology
LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd has developed a copper-based interconnect technology in a bid to become the world's first display manufacturer to leverage copper-based interconnect technology in TFT-LCDs.
2003-09-10 LG.Philips develops Cybertube+ SuperSlim CRTs
LG.Philips Displays has developed a family of Cybertube+ SuperSlim television CRTs.
2002-12-12 LG.Philips develops 52-inch TFT-LCD prototype
LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd has announced that it has developed a 52-inch widescreen TFT-LCD prototype suitable for use in HDTVs.
2004-10-25 LG.Philips develops 20-inch OLED display
LG.Philips said it has developed the world's largest organic light-emitting diode display panel with its sister firm LG Electronics Inc.
2007-01-22 LG.Philips cuts losses in Q4
LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd announced that despite flat profit growth in the last quarter of 2006, the company has reduced its losses to $185.8 million.
2006-05-03 LG.Philips completes latest TFT-LCD plant
LG.Philips LCD marked the opening of its 7th generation plant for volume production of TFT LCD glass substrates on April 27.
2007-05-16 LG.Philips comes out with A4 color e-paper
LG.Philips LCD has introduced a color 14.1-inch e-paper display equivalent in size to an A4 sheet of paper.
2007-06-05 LG.Philips backtracks on 5.5 generation plan
LG.Philips has scrapped a plan to build an LCD plant for wide-format notebook panels in favor of newer, more popular models.
2006-06-14 LG. Philips updates forecast, reduces LCD production
LG.Philips LCD updated its Q2 2006 forecast and said it is reducing production to address inventory concerns.
2007-08-17 LG-Philips to open LCD facility in Guangzhou
LCD panel maker LG-Philips has announced it would move part of its LCD monitor facility in South Korea to Guangzhou, China.
2004-07-13 LG to establish chip unit for LG.Philips LCD
LG Corp. has announced its plan to set up an LCD driver chip unit for LG.Philips LCD Co.
2002-06-26 LG Philips venture to add fifth-generation LCD line
LG Philips LCD Co. Ltd said June 24 that it will spend over $1 billion to expand production capacity for LCDs by adding a fifth-generation manufacturing line to its facility in Seoul, South Korea.
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