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2002-02-11 Vishay single-package dc/dc converters cut down on mobile space
Vishay Intertechnology's FunctionPAKs for cell phones, notebook computers and digital cameras are complete synchronous dc/dc converters in a single 20-pin BGA/LGA package measuring 14.7-by-12mm with a 1.8mm-high profile.
2009-11-10 Land grid array (LGA) package rework
This application note describes rework considerations for the land grid array (LGA) style package. Freescale has introduced RF modules such as the MC1320x and MC1321x in LGA packages as an alternative package to BGA.
2009-05-12 Evaluating the integrity of LGA package, 2nd level interconnect for ?Module family of products
A good interconnect solution provides performance and cost benefits, ease of manufacturing, and meets or exceeds industry reliability requirements for any application. When the LGA component interconnect was introduced, board level makers were given the task of incorporating the new component interconnect with their existing process
2005-07-13 Actel makes LGA package available to RTAX-S FPGA offering
Actel disclosed that it has expanded its package selection to include a Land Grid Array option for its RTAX-S FPGA family
2006-06-20 LGA sockets target desktop, server MCUs
Tyco Electronics unveils its latest land grid array sockets targeted at desktop and server microprocessors.
2006-01-20 LGA coupler provides high directivity
AVX Corp. has developed a family of high directivity LGA termination couplers that delivers high-frequency performance in a small 0402 package.
2006-06-26 LGA capacitor offers very low ESL
AVX developed a land-grid array capacitor that offers extremely low equivalent series inductance.
2009-11-16 Considerations for the application of land grid array (LGA) style packages
This application note describes general considerations for application of the land grid array (LGA) style packages. Freescale has introduced RF modules such as the MC1320x and MC1321x in LGA packages as an alternative package to BGA.
2008-04-08 65mm LGA socket runs up to 60GHz
Ironwood Electronics has released the XG-LGA-7000 LGA socket for 0.65mm pitch LGA devices designed for a 12mm package size, and operates up to 40GHz with less than 1dB of insertion loss.
2007-03-30 Zigbee platform supports up to 20yrs battery life
Freescale's MC1322x Zigbee platform is engineered to support battery life of up to 20 years, doubling the expectations for current Zigbee solutions.
2007-10-19 Low-profile 8A DC/DC regulator saves space
A complete 8A DC/DC ?Module regulator system with on-board DC/DC controller, power switches, inductor compensation and input/output bypass capacitors has been introduced by Linear Technology Corp.
2005-04-21 Filter cleans low-voltage supplies
Picor's QPO-2 System-in-a-Package is an active power filter that reduces a supply's output ripple and noise by more than 30dB from 1kHz to 500kHz
2002-07-23 PPT Vision inspection system scans at 125mm/s
The PPT861-SH inspection system from PPT Vision Inc. achieves 2D and 3D inspection scanning speeds up to 125mm/s and examines 40mm-wide strips in a single scan.
2013-09-13 How to avoid PCB engineering change orders
Prevent engineering change orders in printed circuit board designs by paying attention to seven key areas where problems are likely to occur.
2013-06-13 Two-axis magnetic sensor operates from single 1.8V supply
MEMSIC's MMC246xMT Two-Axis Magnetic Sensor is provided in a miniature 2.0x2.0x1.0 mm. Land Grid Array (LGA) package and is capable of operating from a single 1.8 V supply.
2007-06-18 Single-chip Zigbee PiP boasts long battery life
Designed to support wireless applications, Freescale Semiconductor Inc.'s single-chip Zigbee platform-in-package (PiP) enables up to 20-year battery life and features up to 2Mbps TurboLink technology
2009-05-08 Powering complex FPGA-based systems using highly integrated DC/DC ?Module regulator systems (Part 2)
Delivering 60W of power in a compact space without efficient means to remove the heat from the power supply exacerbates the already difficult task of system heat management and cooling. The DC/DC ?Module family is designed with careful attention to the layout of its internal components, package type and electrical operation, which ease thermal management of a very dense power supply circuit
2005-10-19 Linear Tech ?Module simplifies power system development
The new ?Module (micro-module) from Linear Technology promises designers a complete 10A switching power supply in a tiny (15-by-15mm) footprint, low profile (2.8mm) land grid array package
2010-07-26 DC/DC regulator tips tracking, fixed frequency PLL
The 6A DC/DC regulator module includes the inductor, MOSFETs, DC/DC regulator, input and output bypass capacitors and supporting circuitry in a 2.3gram package
2009-03-10 DC/DC regulator is electromagnetic compliant
Linear Technology Corp. has expanded its family of ultralow noise ?Module regulators with the LTM8032 electromagnetic compliant complete DC/DC regulator system-in-package
2016-05-03 Compact, lightweight regulator powers QDR4, DDR/QDR SRAM
The LTM4632 Module regulator from Linear Tech integrates a triple-output DC/DC regulator, divide-by-two circuit, power switches, inductors and support components in its ultrathin package
2009-08-27 Compact DC/DC regulator handles three outputs
Linear rolls out the LTM4615 triple-output DC/DC ?Module regulator system containing two 4A switch mode regulators and one 1.5A LDO in a compact surface mount package
2008-04-18 Accelerometers fit for ultrasmall applications
STMicroelectronics has added two new accelerometers to its ultracompact portfolio of devices in 4mm x 4mm x 1.5mm LGA packages, with full-scale range selectable between 2g, or 6g for those super-small applications where high performance is required
2014-12-03 3A micromodule step-down regulator brags small footprint
The LTM4623 from Linear Tech is offered in a 6.25 x 6.25mm package, enabling it to be mounted on the backside of the PCB that frees up space on the topside for components such as memory and FPGAs
2010-09-21 15A DC/DC uModule regulator gives more power per mm2
Linear Technology introduced its LTM4627, a 15A DC/DC uModule regulator with onboard inductors, MOSFETs and supporting components in a 2.6g, 15 x 15mm and grid array (LGA) package.
2005-10-04 ST's latest acceleration sensors
STMicroelectronics extended its range of dual-axis acceleration sensors with the introduction of two new devices housed in the tiny, lead-free LGA (Land Grid Array) package measuring 5-by-5-by-1.5mm.
2003-12-05 Inphi logic ICs come in QFN plastic packages
Inphi Corp. has released a low-cost QFN plastic package version of its 13GHz high-speed digital logic devices with a 3mm? small form factor package
2008-06-17 3D sensor embeds click/double-click detection
STMicroelectronics has unveiled a 3D orientation sensor, its initial offering in a new family of MEMS functional sensors that consolidates multiple conventional sensor functions in an easy-to-use surface-mount package
2007-01-11 XYZ-axis accelerometers roll for mobile CE apps
Freescale Semiconductor has unveiled three XYZ-axis accelerometers that provide motion-sensing for CE devices that require fast response times, low current consumption, low-voltage operation and sleep mode in small-profile packages.
2007-04-25 WiMAX front-end module targets 4G applications
JMD has launched the M30001 WiMAX front-end module intended for 4G multimode, multiband applications.
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