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2004-02-19 LG Electronics to launch Java phone with MIDP2.0
LG Electronics Ltd has signed an agreement for the supply of Esmertec's Jbed Java Virtual Machine (JVM) solution for mobile multimedia phones and embedded devices.
2004-06-07 LG Electronics to invest $25.3B in R&D
LG Electronics Inc. is set to invest $25.3 billion to strengthen its R&D. The company will be increasing its R&D investment annually.
2005-06-09 LG Electronics takes clear lead in CDMA market says report
South Korean vendor LG Electronics has opened a seven point market share gap in the North American CDMA market, said Strategy Analytics in its latest report, titled "North American Handset Market Q1'05"./
2002-02-18 LG Electronics signs five-year deal with Kazakh Telecom
LG Electronics Inc. has signed a five-year agreement with Kazakh Telecom. As part of the agreement, LG Electronics will provide CDMA WLL equipment worth $40 million to Kazakh Telecom.
2002-10-28 LG Electronics ships low-noise CD-RW drive
LG Electronics Inc. has introduced the GCE-8481B 48x CD-RW drive that uses the company's reverse-resonance design to minimize noise and thermal emission.
2003-01-21 LG Electronics ships 48x DVD-ROM combo drive
LG Electronics Inc. has introduced the GCC-4480B CD-R/W and DVD-ROM combo drive that measures 146-by-41.3-by-184.7mm.
2005-06-03 LG Electronics selects Genesis Microchip's video display controller
LG Electronics has designed Genesis Microchip Inc. integrated FLI8532 (Cortez) flat-panel TV controller into multiple LCD TV platforms to be distributed worldwide
2005-01-07 LG Electronics selects ARM Optimode DSP for HDTV
LG Electronics Inc. has licensed the Optimode digital signal processing technology from ARM Holdings plc, a licensor of processor designs, for use in video encoding and decoding product lines, ARM said Wednesday (Jan. 5).
2007-05-25 LG Electronics Q2 earnings to pick up
South Korea's LG Electronics Inc. predicts a sharp improvement in Q2 earnings and possible signs of a turnaround in its plasma screen business within months.
2005-03-31 LG Electronics outsources OEM for 17-inch LCD monitors
Manufacturer LG Electronics Inc. announced that it will be acquiring OEM services from its Taiwan affiliates for 17-inch LCD monitors this second quarter.
2005-01-19 LG Electronics mobile phone utilizes Tensilica processor
LG Electronics has used Tensilica Inc.'s Xtensa configurable processor core to deliver their first mobile phone capable of receiving digital broadcast signals.
2006-11-07 LG Electronics licenses multi-dimensional bar code tech from Vdata
Korea's LG Electronics entered in an agreement with Vdata LLC to license the latter's multi-dimensional bar code technology patented by Veritec Inc.
2005-07-28 LG Electronics joins 802.11 joint patent licensing program
Via Licensing Corp. has added LG Electronics as a licensor to its joint patent licensing program for IEEE 802.11 implementation patents.
2002-02-22 LG Electronics integrates Genesis Microchip controller into LCD monitors
LG Electronics has announced the integration of Genesis Microchip's gmZAN2 LCD controller into its L1510S and L510T LCD monitors.
2005-01-11 LG Electronics inks agreement with CableLabs
LG Electronics Inc. has entered into agreements with CableLabs that will allow LG to implement OpenCable application platform (OCAP)-compliant middleware on its interactive digital TVs (DTVs) and set-top boxes.
2002-01-16 LG Electronics high-definition recording device boasts 23GB memory capacity
The company has developed an optical A/V memory device, which is claimed to be the world's first high-definition (HD) digital video-disc recorder (VDR).
2005-11-10 LG Electronics handset uses Java OS
Korea-based LG Electronics has completed development of a handset that uses SavaJe Technologies' Java OS, and expects to begin mass producing the handset next year
2002-07-09 LG Electronics expands 15-inch TFT-LCD line
LG Electronics Inc. has expanded its 15-inch TFT-LCD monitor product line with the addition of the 568LT which receives TV and AV signals, and the L1510B which is designed as a folding TFT-LCD monitor.
2014-10-29 LG Electronics exits fading plasma TV business
The South Korea-based company said it will stop producing plasma TVs by end-November due to the weakened global demand, and will focus its efforts on developing LCD and OLED displays.
2002-05-29 LG Electronics establishes second optical storage factory
LG Electronics has completed construction of its second optical storage manufacturing facility in Huizhou, China.
2004-10-25 LG Electronics establishes new PDP line
PDP maker LG Electronics Inc. (LGE) is currently constructing A3, its fourth PDP line, at its Display Workplace in Gumi, South Korea, to strengthen its hold on the PDP market.
2002-02-08 LG Electronics establishes joint venture in China
LG Electronics Inc. has invested $15 million to establish a joint venture in China called Langchao LG Digital Mobile Communication Co.
2004-07-08 LG Electronics and Philips invest in CRT unit
LG Electronics Inc. and Philips Electronics NV will invest around $500 million in a joint venture devoted to the production of CRT displays.
2008-09-03 LG Display, Taiwan firm put up LCD fab JV
LCD display maker LG Display has established a joint venture to manufacture TVs with Taiwan's AmTran Technology, according to an AFP report.
2008-04-15 LG Display, Skyworth angle for China's LCD TV market
LG Display has forged a strategic alliance with TV manufacturer Skyworth Digital Holdings Ltd, to better position itself in the promising LCD TV market of China.
2009-02-09 LG Display, Cree ink LED agreement
LG Display has signed a supply agreement with Cree Inc. for LED chips to be used in LCD backlighting. Under the agreement, LG Display secures a stable supply of LED chips and receives technological support from Cree for LED packaging.
2006-05-12 LG display tech slices three panels in one glass substrate
LG Electronics said it will begin producing 50-inch plasma display panels this month using a technology that slices three panels from a single glass substrate.
2005-09-05 LG develops printing process for color LCD filters
South Korea-based chemical supplier LG Chem Ltd has developed a method to produce color filters used in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) that utilizes ink printing rather than photolithography, which the company claims reduces manufacturing cost and time.
2005-05-04 LG designs Genesis Microchip video display controllers into plasma TV
LG has designed Genesis Microchip Inc.'s integrated FLI8532 (Cortez) and FLI8125 (Hudson) flat-panel TV controllers into its new 42-inch plasma TV.
2003-08-28 LG designs Genesis controller into LCD monitor
LG Electronics Inc. has selected Genesis Microchip Inc.'s gmZAN3L XGA display controller to be integrated into its latest FLATRON L1515S LCD monitor.
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