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2003-02-17 ZMD LIN transceiver draws 14?A in sleep mode
The ZMD30010 LIN transceiver from ZMD AG draws 14?A during sleep mode and offers improved EMI immunity.
2011-03-28 Voltage regulator fits into compact LIN tranceiver
The TJA1028 LIN transceiver family released by NXP features integrated low-drop voltage regulator in a very small 3x3mm leadless package.
2003-03-03 Using the LIN bus in household applications
Utilizing the LIN bus saves money by abolishing the need for multiple program modules and multiple wires; testing and debugging can also be performed via the LIN bus, thereby saving even more money for the manufacturer and consumer.
2011-09-02 Using LIN alternator regulator devices
Read about the detailed description of LIN alternator regulator devices and its uses in practical applications.
2005-06-03 Ultrasonic vehicle parking assistant with LIN 2.0 interface
This application note describes a multi-channel, ultrasonic system for vehicle parking assistant applications.
2004-10-22 TI LIN transceiver provides 17kV, 12kV ESD protection
TI developed a stand-alone local interconnect network transceiver for automotive applications with best-in-class ESD protection of up to 17kV and 12kV.
2004-12-08 ST MCU with CAN, LIN interfaces in TQFP32 package
ST announced volume production of its ST72F561 8bit MCU, which integrates CAN and LIN bus interfaces, plus 60KB of flash memory.
2008-02-25 Smart sensor includes programmable MCU, LIN 2.0 interface
Micronas has announced the HAL 2810 smart sensor, said to be the first linear Hall-effect sensor to include programmable MCU and a LIN bus 2.0 interface.
2007-02-22 SiP with 8bit MCU, LIN transceiver rolls for automotive apps
Aimed at LIN applications, Atmel's ATA6602 and ATA6603 multichip modules combine an 8bit AVR MCU and a LIN SBC in an SiP without internal connections.
2010-10-25 SiP device supports automotive LIN networking
Atmel unveiled a new SiP solution for LIN automotive networking applications, the ATA6614.
2012-05-07 Single-chip drivers LIN-ready for BLDC motors, actuators
Melexis' new family of driver ICs claim highly efficient BLDC motor control from a single IC by combining the voltage regulator, LIN-transceiver, MCU, EEPROM, Flash, RAM and power FET pre-driver.
2004-12-14 Servo motor control application on a local interconnect network (LIN)
This app note shows one way to implement a closed-loop control position servo motor application which utilizes the local interconnect network (LIN) to allow a series of similar motors to be connected together and controlled from a central LIN master controller.
2005-12-20 Renesas MCU line touts LIN interface, on-chip oscillators
Renesas Technology America beefed-up its R8C/Tiny 16-bit MCUs with 36 new models, including some that offer low-voltage (2.2V to 5.5V) and wide-temperature-range operation.
2008-05-16 Physical layer is key in LIN designs
The Local Interconnection Network standard defines a low-cost, serial communication network for automotive distributed electronic systems. LIN is a complement to the other automotive multiplex networks, including CAN, but it targets applications that require networks that do not need excessive bandwidth, performance or extreme fault tolerance.
2004-02-03 Philips LIN I/0 slave expander suits in-vehicle apps
Royal Philips Electronics has introduced a local interconnect network (LIN) I/O slave expander that is designed for fail-safe in-vehicle LIN networks.
2004-02-03 ON Semicon, Melexis to promote LIN, CAN technologies
ON Semiconductor and Melexis will jointly promote LIN and CAN transceiver products using ON Semi's distribution channels and customer relationships in the automotive industry.
2008-12-19 NXP transceiver receives first LIN 2.1 stamp
NXP Semiconductors has announced that its TJA1021 transceiver is the first to be certified according to the recently established LIN 2.1 specification.
2007-01-18 NI offers USB modules for CAN, LIN testing
NI has announced its first USB modules for high-speed and low-speed/fault-tolerant CAN and LIN monitoring, logging and testing, combining the quality and performance of NI CAN software and hardware with the benefits of Hi-Speed USB.
2005-04-15 New LIN system basis chip from Atmel with 6kV ESD protection
Atmel announced the availability of its new Local Interface Network system basis chip, which provides an ESD protection of 6kV and low current consumption as required in automotive apps.
2002-12-30 Motorola rolls driver ICs for LIN systems
The company's Semiconductor Products Sector has announced the sample availability of a pair of intelligent distributed control drivers that are suitable for LIN system apps.
2002-12-27 Motorola MCUs speed LIN development
The company has announced the availability of a pair of 8-bit Flash MCUs that are designed to hasten the development of LIN systems in automobiles.
2003-09-15 Motorola MCU speeds up LIN bus development
Motorola Inc. Semiconductor Product Sector has expanded its 8-bit HC08 "Q-LIN" family with a LIN-slave device, the 68HC908QL4.
2011-09-01 Motor IC features LIN, PWM interface
The EC motor driver targets high-temperature environments and industrial applications such as radiator and blower fans and oil and water pumps.
2008-02-13 Micronas unveils 8bit MCU line for LIN bus apps
Micronas has unveiled its easyLIN product line of 8bit MCUs for LIN bus applications in cars and trucks.
2002-10-25 Microchip LIN transceiver features on-board voltage regulator
Microchip's MCP201 single-chip LIN bus interface transceiver features an on-board 5V voltage regulator that helps save board space.
2013-05-03 Microchip expands LIN 2.1/SAE J2602-2 devices
The firms released the LIN 2.1 and SAE J2602-2 compliant and low-power MCP2003A transceiver, MCP2021A, MCP2022A, MCP2025 and MCP2050 LIN SBCs, and PIC16F1829LIN SiP.
2008-09-18 LIN/SAE J2602 transceivers meet rigid car requirements
Microchip introduces the MCP2021 and MCP2022 (MCP202X) LIN/SAE
2004-11-10 LIN-controlled alternator-regulator targets next-gen vehicles
International Rectifier introduced a LIN-controlled alternator-regulator for next-generation vehicles.
2011-09-12 LIN transceivers tout smaller DFN packages
The company has released single- and dual-LIN transceivers in smaller packages and wettable flanks.
2010-05-21 LIN transceivers geared for harsh environments
Microchip launched the MCP2003/4 stand-alone LIN transceivers that feature ESD and EMC performance for reliable communication in extremely harsh environments.
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