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2009-04-03 Virtex-5 FPGA interface for Fujitsu digital-to-analog converters with LVDS inputs
This application note describes how to interface a Fujitsu MB86064 DAC with parallel LVDS inputs to a Virtex-5 FPGA utilizing the dedicated I/O functions of the FPGA family.
2006-08-14 TI offers 'first' SAR ADC with LVDS interface
Texas Instruments has unveiled a 16bit, 2MSps SAR ADC family, said to be the industry's first to offer a serial LVDS interface.
2004-05-06 SiRES chip integrates VCSEL driver, LVDS interface
Targeted at VSR apps, the single-chip integrated optical transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) from SiRES Labs functions at 3.125Gbps per channel.
2007-04-02 SFI-4.1 16-channel SDR interface with bus alignment
This application note describes an SFI-4.1 interface, a 16-channel, source-synchronous LVDS interface operating at single data rate (SDR). The transmitter (TX) requires 16 LVDS pairs for data and one LVDS pair for the forwarded clock. The transmitter operates at 4:1 serialization on each of the 16 data channels. The receiver (RX) also requires 16 LVDS pairs for data and one LVDS pair for the source-synchronous clock input. The receiver operates at 1:4 deserialization on each of the 16 data channels. The timing of the receiver is described in depth and characterized in hardware.
2007-07-27 Samsung claims 'first' LCD with DisplayPort interface
Samsung Electronics has developed what it claims is the industry's first LCD panel with a DisplayPort interface that processes 2,560 x 1,600 pixels of graphics data at up to 10bits of color depth
2006-02-02 New LVDS transceivers from National
National introduced five new extended temperature single and dual transmitters and receivers to the company's family of low-voltage differential signaling products.
2007-06-28 LVDS offers robust video interface for automotive apps
In automotive video applications, one way to minimize video interference is to use digital instead of analog signals.
2008-11-11 Interfacing LVDS devices to QuickLogic Eclipse and Eclipse-II FPGAs
This application note discusses software implementation and board level issues when interfacing LVDS devices with QuickLogic Eclipse FPGAs
2000-12-06 Interfacing between LVDS and ECL
This application note is intended to show the interfacing between the LVPECL and LVDS signal levels. It also gives interface suggestions to and from 5V supplied PECL devices or negative supplied ECL.
2013-01-22 Interface-converter bridge LSI aimed at LCDs
Toshiba's TC358774XBG and TC358775XBG claim to significantly cut power use by using a 1.8V LVDS operating system and support panel resolutions up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200 x 24bit @ 60fps
2006-05-16 Interface controller enables high-reliability monitors
The ALR-1400 interface controller from Digital View is designed to be a PC, DVI and video interface controller for TFT LCD panels
2009-02-12 Implementing Bus LVDS interface in Cyclone III, Stratix III, and Stratix IV devices
This application note describes how to implement BLVDS interface in Cyclone III, Stratix III, and Stratix IV devices for high-performance multipoint application
2011-01-11 IBIS Data for CML, PECL, LVDS interface ICs
Read about the interpretation and limitations of I/O Buffer Information Specification (IBIS) data in fiber circuit interfaces.
2013-07-10 Designing with ADC, FPGA interface
Know the design considerations for avoiding timing errors during high-speed ADC, LVDS data interface with FPGA.
2008-09-12 Design kit eases signal interface between DACs, amps
TI has launched a support tool that helps designers to evaluate signal chain performance for test and measurement, industrial and communications applications, including arbitrary waveform and signal generators.
2005-02-11 Controller IC compatible with wide range of LVDS interfaces
The new AL-1280 display interface controller from Digital View is a compact, multi-sync interface for analog RGB connection to a wide range of LVDS-interface TFT type LCD panels.
2009-04-02 An interface for Texas Instruments analog to digital converters with serial LVDS outputs
This application note describes how to interface a Texas Instruments ADC with serial LVDS outputs to Virtex-4 or Virtex-5 FPGAs, utilizing the dedicated deserializer functions of both FPGA families.
2007-04-19 Video converter boards connect standard graphics interface to TFT LCDs
The new PRISMA II series of RGB/DVI/Video converter boards from Apollo Display Technologies provides a range of cost-effective solutions with analog control for connecting TFT LCDs to standard graphics and/or video interfaces.
2003-03-17 Using FPGAs for high-speed serial interface design
FPGA provides the bandwidth and flexibility for industry leading high-speed interfaces. Its True-LVDS technology was designed to support the strict timing requirement of up to four high-speed differential I/O protocols
2006-09-18 Use LVDS to overcome impedance discontinuities
High-speed interfaces across backplanes require impedance control along the entire signal path. Using simple LVDS buffers to isolate impedance discontinuities or to shorten interconnect lengths can reduce system costs and enhance the interface performance by eliminating the need for expensive high-frequency connectors.
2007-08-30 Transmitting I?S audio streams in automotive applications using the MAX9205/MAX9206 LVDS Serdes
This application note describes how to transmit I?S audio data streams between two audio components across a single, shielded twisted-pair (STP) wire using the MAX9205 10bit LVDS serializer and the MAX9206 10bit LVDS deserializer
2003-10-17 Toshiba IC incorporates Rambus interface
vToshiba Corp. has released its ASIC evaluation chip that that incorporates Rambus Inc.'s Redwood parallel logic interface
2002-12-05 TI LVDS translators tout jitter, power performance
Texas Instruments has announced the availability of LVDS translators that feature lower jitter and power consumption
2007-02-07 TI claims 'first' multipoint-LVDS receivers
Texas Instruments has introduced dedicated multipoint-LVDS receivers, said to be the first such products
2008-01-02 Tap AC-coupling for LVDS signals
Using capacitors to AC-couple an LVDS data link provides many benefits, such as level shifting, removing common-mode errors, and protecting against input-voltage fault conditions. This article will help designers select the proper capacitor and the termination topology for this design approach. Common troubleshooting issues are also discussed
2008-05-13 Stratix III FPGAs support SGMII on LVDS I/Os
Altera has rolled out its Stratix III FPGAs support Serial Gigabit Media Independent Interface on its LVDS I/Os.
2010-11-10 ST affirms iDP-LVDS 'bridge chips' support for cinema mode format
ST launched its iDP-LVDS 'bridge chips,' parts STiDP888 and STi880, which fully support the Cinema Mode display standard. These bridge chips are said to be the industry's first internal DisplayPort to high-speed Dual LVDS/Quad LVDS converter chipset compliant with the VESA iDP standard
2006-06-20 Serial interface decoder targets tiny cameras
STMicroelectronics introduced the first video de-serializer interface for use with MIPI CSI-1 and SMIA CCP2 class 0 serial interfaces
2006-03-22 PoE controller integrates power interface port
National Semiconductor introduced its single-chip power-over-Ethernet controller for higher-power PoE applications.
2008-04-18 PMC modules interface I/O signals to Virtex-5 FPGAs
Acromag's PMC-VSX modules feature a DSP-optimized Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA that is reconfigurable for high-performance I/O processing and user-developed algorithmic computation.
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