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2003-01-07 Zygo receives extended contract from national lab
The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has extended its contract with Zygo Corp. on the supply of laser amplifier slabs, mirrors, and polarizers.
2002-09-03 Zygo telescopes to be installed in nuclear lab
Zygo Corp. has received a contract for 192 vacuum relay telescopes from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
2003-03-07 Zygo receives opto-mechanical orders from LLNL
Zygo Corp. has received an order for 94 units of opto-mechanical assemblies from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which is managed by the University of California.
2002-08-01 Supercomputer project sharpens climate simulations
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Department of Energy's National Energy Research Supercomputer Center have developed supercomputer that achieves a new level of climate simulation.
2015-11-10 Improve Li-ion battery performance using hydrogen
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists found that hydrogen-treated graphene nanofoam electrodes in the lithium ion batteries show higher capacity and faster transport.
2002-02-28 Fuel cell triples battery life
Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have developed a miniature thin-film fuel cell which could provide portable electrical power for a range of consumer electronics, including mobile phones.
2014-10-24 Graphene aerogels to boost electrical energy storage
Researchers at Lawrence Livermore found that graphene aerogel-based supercapacitor electrodes boast high surface area, good electrical conductivity, chemical inertness and long-term cycling stability
2015-04-17 US builds world's fastest supercomputer
The Collaboration of Oak Ridge, Argonne and Lawrence Livermore (CORAL) project financed by the U.S. Department of Energy aims to one-up the Chinese with up to 200petaflops systems by 2018
2011-07-04 New center promotes high-performance computing
The Lawrence Livermore lab has opened its doors to high-performance computing, welcoming collaborations from the government, research institutions and academia to promote innovation
2005-06-27 IBM, HP dominate world's fastest supercomputers
IBM's Blue Gene/L supercomputer, installed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, captured the number one position in the latest iteration of the Top 500 list of the world's fastest machines, released Wednesday at the 2005 International Supercomputing Conference in Heidelberg, Germany.
2015-11-18 China dominates top 500 list of supercomputers
China spent huge money at its MilkyWay-2 housed by the National Super Computer Centre, using twice as many U.S.-made Intel Xeon and Xeon-Phi processors as its nearest competitor
2003-11-06 Startup crafts 58-Gflops computer
On the eve of the Supercomputing Conference 2003, to be held Nov. 15-21 in Phoenix, startup OctigaBay Systems Corp. will introduce a high-performance computer that melds off-the-shelf X86 processors with internally developed high-speed interconnect and reconfigurable-computing subsystems.
2012-06-19 Sequoia secures IBM's comeback in Top 500 computers
Sequoia consumes a whopping 7.89 MW of power, second only to the K Computer, which gulps 12.65 MW.
2007-11-14 India supercomputer makes top-10 'most powerful' list
India debuted for the first time as home to one of the most powerful systems in the latest ranking of the top 10 supercomputers released at the Supercomputing 2007 conference.
2008-06-20 IBM, Intel climb up Top 500 'most powerful' list
IBM Corp. and Intel Corp. share bragging rights in the latest release of the world's most powerful computers as Big Blue broke the petaflops barrier with its Roadrunner system while Intel snagged its biggest share of sockets ever in the Top 500 list.
2013-11-28 IBM's fluid dynamics simulation bags Gordon Bell Prize
This year's prestigious Gordon Bell Prize has gone to IBM and ETH Zurich in Switzerland, for their complex fluid dynamics simulation of cloud cavitation collapse.
2003-11-18 Darpa to overhaul supercomputing benchmarks by '06
Just as clusters of inexpensive systems are hitting new milestones in supercomputing, a group of 20 top researchers has kicked off a program to redefine the benchmarks used to measure high-performance systems.
2013-09-09 Carbon nanotubes amplify Raman spectroscope sensitivity
By boosting sensitivity by as much as 100,000-times, carbon nanotube enhanced Raman spectroscopes are approaching the goal of single-molecule detection in an inexpensive portable electronic nose.
2015-12-02 Carbon-reducing technologies target climate change
There is little doubt that the climate is heating up and that it is due to the production of greens-house gases, which have been steadily increasing since the maturation of the industrial revolution.
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